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Get Ready To Run Anywhere & Anytime I Register for TECNO India Virtual Run Now

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-16212921

Hello, T-Fans! Working from home or studying has been fun for all of us, but won’t you agree that our health goals have taken a hit during this elongated period? With double the work and no motivation to get out and exercise, we have turned into couch potatoes. Well, not all of us (Exceptions are always there, right?) Giggles!But for all those who have been looking for a way to kick-start or get back to their fitness regime, worry not, we got you covered. TECNO is here with one of its kind ‘Virtual Run’ that will get you back on your feet, push you hard to tie your laces and get excited about fitness once again. We present to you…wait for it, one-of-its-kindTECNO India Virtual Run! Now run ANYWHERE & ANYTIME on 13th & 14th of March. Register NOW ( TECNO India Virtual Run is a flagship initiative by TECNO Mobiles to create fun-filled Fitness Experience for all. With this Run we aim to ride on the national wave of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT. The run is open to all – fitness enthusiasts, amateur runners, professional runners, and beginners. What is A Virtual Run you ask? Let us simplify it for you. A Virtual Run is a race you can run at any time, at any location, at your pace, outside, in the park or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. All you have to do is, keep your smartphone with you, download fitness tracking App & you are good to go. So get ready to run towards a healthier lifestyle! All you have to do is register online, follow the simple steps below and get ready to win exciting prizes! “So what are your plans for the second weekend of March?” Me: Pick Your Own Battle/ Challenge: 1. POVA Performance Walk – 2KM Walk If you are a beginner, new to running or haven’t been much active physically, you can pick a smaller goal for yourself. The best part? You can do it along with your family, friends or your squad for some wellness, chit-chat and get a dose of fresh air. After all, 2KM walk is almost like a cake walk. Ye to hum Indian Aese hi kr lete hai 2. POVA Speed Run – 5KM Run If you want to put your racing skills to test and also get ahead of your fitness goals, then this race format is for you! It is best to build your stamina to achieve bigger goals. Trust us, it’s fun to run. 3. POVA Power Run – 10KM Run The last but not the least is the ultimategoal of 10KM. If you are someone who loves a challenge, then pick this option and get ready to race! Get your running shoes ready and let’s play Thoda sa aage, sab Milkha Singh banke Bhaage. Here’s how you can participate: Step 1: Registration 1. Visit our online portal and choose the race category – 2KM, 5KM and 10KM run. 2. Enter registration details and make payment for registration fee. (please note: the amount is not refundable/ or reversed) 3. You will receive an email & SMS with details. Step 2: Download the App 1. Registered participants will receive an app download link (TECNO India Run App) on email and SMS, 7 days before the event. 2. Download the STRAVA app and link to the TECNO India Run App with a simple click 3. You can check out all the race notifications, leader board and personal details on the app itself. Step 3: Race Day! 1. Simply choose your own starting line, whether it's a treadmill or a neighbourhood street. 2. Record your activity on the STRAVA app and sync it on to the main TECNO India Run app. 3. The app will keep a tab on your data and will also show you the leadership board. What’s in for you? Once you complete the race, you will be notified about the exciting goodies that we have in store for you! Let us all race towards healthy, happy and fun run Stay Tuned to know more… Read all >>

Ultimate TECNO Days: New Prices for CAMON series out now!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-143381

Hey T-Fans, SALE! SALE! SALE! Yes, you read that right. Your favourite TECNO smartphones are now available at discounted prices. And for all the Photography lovers, we have just the treat for you. Thanks to the Ultimate TECNO Days, CAMON series is now here with new pocket-friendly prices. Check them out now: Let’s start with CAMON 16 The very first in its price segment, CAMON 16 comes with 64 MP Primary Lens, 2 MP Blurred Depth of Field Lens, 2 MP Macro Lens and an AI Lens with Penta Flash and Auto Eye Focus: a feature which has been restricted to DSLRs and very high-end smartphones so far. Now, isn’t that amazing! Not only that, the camera features include Night Portrait, Macro, Body-shaping, 10x Zoom, 120 frames Slow-motion, Video Bokeh, 2K QHD video recording and is also equipped TECNO's revolutionary TAIVOS™ technology. This enables you to click like a pro, anytime, anywhere! This perfect smartphone will be your perfect companion now at Rs Rs 11,499 only! As for those, who had CAMON 15 in their carts hoping that the prices would drop, this is your moment, T-Fans! Having rightly earned the position of ‘The Photography King’, it has a 16MP dot-In Selfie camera with dual front flash. On the rear, it has 48MP AI Quad camera setup with Quad flash, f1.79 aperture, big 1/2" sensor. Moreover, CAMON 15 smartphone resolve a critical issue of clicking pictures in low light conditions with its Super Night Lens powered by DSP AI chip. CAMON 15 pushes you to “Find the New You”. The phone has everything you have been looking for at a pocket-friendly price with premium features. Are you excited to know the new prices? Well, you can now get CAMON 15 at *Drum Rolls* Rs 9,999 only. Read all >>

TECNO Unstoppable Days: Get the new POVA at slashed prices!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-134944

Hey T-Fans, Did you hear the latest scoop in the T-SPOT universe? If not, T-Boy is here with the latest samachar. So get ready with your chai because this news is amazing. Your favourite TECNO smartphones are here with slashed prices in the Unstoppable TECNO days and if you are a gamer, it’s going to be so much more fun! TECNO POVA is here to up your smartphone game with its powerful MediaTek Helio G80 processor, 6000mAh battery, 18W Dual IC Flash Charge and 6.8 Dot-in Display and much more! TECNO POVA is all about upgrading your gaming skills with the amazing Helio G80 Gaming Processor, tailored to take your mobile gaming experience up a notch. With robust CPU and GPU configurations, you will definitely ace every level of your favourite games without worrying about the phone overheating. If this is what your heart desires, get TECNO POVA between February 11 and 15 to avail at a marvellous price of Rs.9,999/- on prepaid orders on Flipkart. Check it out now! We also have an amazing Valentine’s Day offer for you! You can now get the TECNO POVA with O Cost EMI, with 0 Down Payment and at 0 Processing Fee at retailers near you! So what are you waiting for! Get your gaming upgrade today! Read all >>

TECNOgrapher Challenge

RowdyBoy | 2021-02-116528

Tecno Gallery
comment and like friendsRead all >>

#Tecnographer Challenge The Final Show

vaibhavkadam914 | 2021-02-1042582

Tecno Gallery
Please comment Read all >>

TECNO celebrates 8Mn+ customers in India

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-25301965

Hello, T-Fans! With non-stop entertainment, engaging contests, information flow accompanied with warm smiles, every day at TECNO Spot Community feels like a festival. But today we have a very special reason to celebrate. It is a matter of great honour for us, as TECNO celebrates 8Mn+ customers in India. Join us in the celebration. With your immense support, we have achieved this milestone in less than 4 years of operations in India. It is a testimony of your trust and loyalty that we were able to go from 6 million to 8 million in just 4 months! Continuing our success story in 2021, we are thrilled to celebrate this remarkable achievement with our trusted partners. We at TECNO believes in ‘India first’ approach . We were able to anticipate your needs and stay ahead of the curve with our products. With three distinct series, each with its own super power, we were able to bring home global tech to you. Where the SPARK series touched the heart of India’s youth with its Big battery, Big screen, Big memory; CAMON series on the other hand fulfils very photographer’s dream. For gaming enthusiasts and multi-taskers, POVA series was able to offer higher performance solutions at an unimaginable price. Thank you, TECNO family, for helping us reach this milestone and for your unwavering support. Let’s keep moving towards Infinite opportunities, infinite possibilities, infinite smiles and infinite happiness. Read all >>

Vote for Your Favourite TECNOgrapher | Choose The Winner for Week 3 [CLOSED]

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-0671089

Tecno Gallery
Hi T-Fans! Here are some great night shots captured by our fellow TECNOgraphers in the 3rd week of the TECNOgrapher challenge! Have a look at the top 3 entries and help us decide who shot the best Night Mode Shot! Here is how our talented TECNOgraphers have captured India on their TECNO Smartphones. Vote for your favourite shot Now! 1. RowdyBoy 2. thatBrokeArtist3. CYAN1DE Read all >>

Valentine’s Activity: Love Letter to a Loved One [CLOSED]

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-0210716151

Dear T-Fans, ‘Sandese aate hein, humein tadpate hein, chitthi aati hai, wo pooche jaati hai, ki ghar kab aaoge?’ - the one song that has all of us reaching for tissues for years now. That’s the power of a letter.It connects us on a personal level ties our heartstrings. Nothing beats warmth more than a letter. Don’t you think that they are the most authentic and creative way of expression? If you do, this might be the perfect opportunity to switch on your creative bulb. As promised, T-Boy is here with a love-filled activity this Valentine’s Day. Introducing TECNO Love Letters. It’s simple - 1. Write a letter to your loved one. And by ‘loved one’ we mean anyone you love- your friends, family, partner or even yourself (Self Love is important, friends) 2. Publish your letter as a thread on T-SPOT under the Activities section and selecting the TECNO Love Letters theme. 3. Don’t forget to attach a picture of yourself with your loved one (or a selfie if you are your own valentine) with the Postbox watermark using the AI Gallery on your Tecno Smartphone 4. You can go to the edit tool of theAI gallery in your TECNO Phone and find this watermark And the best part is that you get to win Amaaaaazing prizes not just for yourself but also for your loved one. The most expressive letter wins TECNO’s brand new Spark 6 Go smartphone and wireless bluetooth speakers. So, pour out hearts to your loved ones and join us in spreading love in the community. And remember, Valentine’s Day or not, you are always our Valentine. Rules:1. Only threads posted under the Activities section using the TECNO Love Letters theme will be eligible.2. Every entry must contain a letter and a picture3. Only entries submitted before 18th February, 12PM will be eligible. Read all >>

Cross Polarization: What It Is and Why It Matters!

SAMV | 2021-01-300218

Hello T-fans, Cross polarization is a technique that uses two polarizing filters – one on the light source and on e on the camera lens – to get rid of unwanted specular reflections. So let’s have quick look at the science of it: light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, meaning that it consists of waves, oscillating perpendicular to its direction. But those waves are not aligned; some of them oscillate up and down, some move left and right, and still others all directions in between. That is, of course, unless we are looking at polarized light. Polarized light waves are all oscillating parallel to each other, meaning they all share one plane. To polarize unpolarized light, we can use a circular or linear polarizer, which only lets the light of one certain plane pass while light waves that are oscillating in a different direction we’ll be reflected. Two polarizers that are aligned perpendicular to each other don’t let any light pass. This is the same principle that variable ND (neutral density) filters use to block out varying amounts of light. Such filters consist of polarizing filters, one of which is stationary, while the other one can be rotated against it, which gradually blocks out more and more light until the two filters are aligned perpendicular to each other and effectively block out all light. This gets really interesting when we are directing our polarized light source onto our subject. As the polarized light hits the surface of that subject it becomes reflected and most of it turns into diffused, unpolarized light again except for the specular component of the reflection, which is still polarized and can therefore be canceled out by employing a second polarizer (CPL) filter in front of our lens.The result leaves us with a very clean looking image. You can try this out at home, even if you only have one CPL filter in your camera bag; due to the way that LCD displays work, they emit polarized light by their very nature, so all you need to do is to load an empty word document or a white wallpaper and you’ll be able to see the effect of cross-polarization right away. Even though this is a very useful technique to have in your toolbox, it isn’t the only interesting application of cross-polarization. It can also be employed to create images like this: In part two, we’ll discuss more about birefringence and how to create colorful images utilizing it. Read all >>

#ValentineIsComing, The Season Of Love!

SAMV | 2021-02-01231524

This post was last edited by SAMV at 2021-2-1 18:15 Hello T-fans, Your partner wants to be loved everyday not because #ValentinelsComing, what makes valentine special to you and your partner? Share your answer in the comment section. Read all >>

How to share live location with someone using Google Maps

Rehan Sheikh | 2021-02-011302

Ditching WhatsApp would mean giving up on its features too and one of the highly-used features of WhatsApp is live location sharing that allows users to share their real-time location with others for a specific time period. Thankfully, this feature is available on Google Maps too and since most of the smartphone users make use of Google Maps regularly, it makes sense to use the live location sharing feature on this app itself. Here is how you can share your real-time location with others using Google Maps: 1. Open Google Maps and sign in 2. Tap your profile picture on the top right corner 4. Tap the profile of the person you want to share your location with. 5. Alternatively, you can also tap Copy to clipboard after which a link to your location is copied. 6. Paste the link into a message in your text, email, or other messaging app and send it to the person you want to share your location with. 7. Choose how long you want to share your location. 8. Tap Share.Read all >>

Vote for Your Favourite TECNOgrapher | Choose The Winner for Week 2

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-302713

Tecno Gallery
Hey T-Fans, If there is one thing where our creativity collects moments of joys, it is photography. And what better way to do that than a jaw-dropping photography challenge! As you already know, The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge is in its week 2 and its theme, India in Portrait Mode, have us all excited to witness our culture through various lenses. The beauty of India through pictures is a dive into the diverse quirks of the country. Here is how are talented TECNOgraphers have captured India on their TECNO Smartphones. Vote for your favourite shot Now! For the Theme of Week 2: India in Portrait Mode, the selected entries are- TECNO Spot Username: CYNAIDE TECNO Spot Username: RowdyBoy TECNO Spot Username: atharva the Tecno lover TECNO Spot Username: Mom calls me Pandu Read all >>

Illuminate your life with CAMON 16 Premier

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-2991092

Hey thereT-Fans, As they say inthe realities of the world- the dark times are here chasing us into the nightsof the woods. And we need a warrior, a glimpse of light for a better world.Obviously, in this case, the dark times are a metaphor and the nights are justthe darkness spoiling the best of our times. Not to brag,but T-Boy might have just found that light in the astonishing camera of the newTECNO CAMON 16 Premier to make all your troubles go away. Priced at Rs.16,999, this magnificent smartphone has introduced a Super Night 2.0 feature and let us just tell you that these lightswill 100 per cent guide you home. The CAMON 16 Premier brings in the TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solutionalong with Intelligent AI Deep Learningthat ensures super bright pictures in low light. And that’s notall! The CAMON 16 Premier lights up not just your pictures, but also yourvideos with its Dedicated Professional1080P Polar Night Lens with 2.9 μm Large Pixels that detect light twice as well as normalsmartphone cameras! This featureputs the low lights to shame as their presence hardly impacts the awesomenessof your pictures as it ensures super bright pictures and videos even in lowlight conditions. So, what are you waiting for dear T-Fans, the spotlight isready, get this star home today! Check out now! Read all >>

Price and Performance Review of CAMON 16

Riserstud | 2020-12-1512637

Hello T-Fans, Here are some of the best review of performance and price of CAMON 16 . PERFORMANCE:- Tecno CAMON 16 boasts MediaTek Helio G70 SoC processor which is a Hyper Engine Fast AI performer that is great for gaming and daily robust usage. The gaming becomes very easy when you get such a powerful processor and we played some heavy games but we didn’t notice any performance issue or heat issues. You can do multi-tasking with CAMON 16 as we are really impressed with it’s performance during the testing. PRICE:- TECNO CAMON 16 comes only in 4GB + 64GB storage option and you can buy this phone in two colors Purist Blue and Cloud White. This smartphone has all the leading features that you get in high-end phones but the best thing about this phone is its affordability. CAMON 16 is priced at Rs. 10,999 and it's quite suitable if you evaluate its specifications, so you are getting a pretty good deal. Read all >>

How to Connect WiFi calling

Riserstud | 2020-12-2911357

Do you know that all the latest smartphones from TECNO and Infinix come with the vo-WiFi feature, which allows you to make FREE calls through the Wi-Fi internet? Here's how to enable this feature • Open Settings, and tap on Network & Internet Open ' Mobile Network', and then select theSIM • Here, you'll see the option Wi-Fi Calling. • Enable the service. Alternatively, you can follow a much easier way: • You can simply dial *#*#4636#*#* • Choose Phone information. • Click " Phone Information" and Toggle VOLTE Provisioned. • Restart the phone and you are done. To enjoy Wi-Fi calling, you must have a SIM that supports Wi-Fi calling. In India, Only JIO and Airtel support this technology as of now. Once the Wi-Fi calling feature is ON, connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network and enjoy free calling anywhere in India. Read all >>

CAMON 16 premier...a unique smartphone

Roman Verma | 2021-01-143392

Hey dear T-fans .... WELCOME ON T-SPOT There is a another smartphone of TECNO. It's name is CAMON 16 premier. It's impress us very much. #Tecno Camon 16 Premier specifications:- Tecno Camon 16 Premier sports a 6.85-inch FHD+ display with 2,460 X 1,080 pixels resolution, a 90Hz refresh rate, an elongated punch-hole cutout for two selfie cameras, a 20.5:9 aspect ratio, and 480 nit brightness. It is powered by the MediaTek Helio G90T SoC paired with Multi-dimensional Liquid Cooling, Mali-G76 GPU, 8GB LPDDR4x RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 storage that is further expandable up to 256GB. The phone runs on Android 10-based HIOS v7.0 custom skin on top. Connectivity features include 4G LTE, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and GPS/ Glonass/ Galileo/ Beidou. There is a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for security. As for the cameras, the Tecno Camon 16 Premier features a quad-camera setup at the back with a 64MP Sony IMX686 sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a couple of 2MP sensors. Rear-cameras have support for slow-motion videos at 960 FPS, 4K recording at 30FPS, ultra night video, AI video beauty, ultra steady shots, 119-degree anti-distortion super wide-angle lens, 2.5CM macro mode, 10X hybrid zoom, super night 2.0, among others. On the front, it has a 48MP primary sensor and an 8MP secondary shooter. The front cameras have support for 4K recording at 30FPS, slow-motion, and 105-degree ultra-Wide angle lens. The phone packs a 4,500mAh battery and supports 18W fast-charging. #Tecno Camon 16 Premier price in India:- Tecno Camon 16 Premier price in India is set at Rs 16,999 and it comes in Glacier Silver colour option. The phone will be available via Flipkart and will go on sale from 16th Jan at 12 noon. The Tecno Camon 16 Premier will also be available across offline retail outlets. Read all >>

Now, you can record WhatsApp call too, know the trick here

Rehan Sheikh | 2021-01-240176

When you're talking to someone over a mobile phone, there are times when you record that call. However, you don't get this feature easily on WhatsApp calls. When you're making an audio call on WhatsApp and want to record a call, not many know how to record the call. Here we are going to tell you an easy trick to record your WhatsApp audio calls. Android and iPhone users require certain apps to record WhatsApp calls. Recording WhatsApp call When you're making an audio call on WhatsApp and want to record a call, not many know how to record the call. Here we are going to tell you an easy trick to record your WhatsApp audio calls. Android (Android) require certain devices to record WhatsApp calls. Android need to download an app or connect to a Mac device, respectively to enable recording of call. For Android users Android users need to download the Cube call recorder. After you open the app, go to WhatsApp and then call the person you want to talk to. If you're seeing a cube call widget, it means your call is being recorded. If you can see an error on your phone, once again open the Cube Call Recorder and go to App Settings and click Force Voip in the voice call.Read all >>

Games You Should Try Your Hands on This Week in Your Leisure

jarose | 2021-01-251142

RainCity RainCity is an enjoyable point and click adventure game from CottonGame, the same developer behind the Isoland adventure series. In this release, it will be your job to hunt down your sister while talking to several in-game characters who have all sorts of amusing stories to share. Of course, like most adventure games, you'll solve puzzles to progress the story by hunting down clues. It's a simple setup that works well, and thanks to the game's excellent art and story, this is definitely a game to check out if you enjoy similar titles. Dadish 2 The original Dadish has found its way to many of my roundups over the last year, and that's simply because the platformer offers a fair bit of fun. So it makes sense that the developer would want to follow up that success quickly while the iron was still hot, and so Dadish 2 is here, and it's even better than the first game. This time around, you can expect to tool around in vehicles, with all new enemies in the mix along with new bosses to take down. Heck, the game even supports physical controllers. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this, so make sure to check this one out if you love platformers.Read all >>


santhi kumari | 2021-01-250189

Hello , Best apps introduced in TECNO device are Audio share, Phone master, X-shareand Hi dictionary. Audio share:- Audio share app is introduced by the Tecno mobile to share the Audio to three separate Bluetooth devices to single device to experience better audio for multiple persons at a time. Phone Master:- Phone master is one of the best app in Tecno devices which is used to clear the junk files and caches to save the storage to be filled and make a proper function of a device. Not only clearing junk files, it has several other features like phone boost, cpu cooler, Anti virus to protect phone and power saving mode to protect the charge from over usage , App lock to stop access apps for other users, Data manager to manage the mobile data usage to protect from over usage , Game mode to improve gaming experience by viewing game duration ,data consumed,Game assistant panel to slide the notifications, Game anti addiction to protect the user to save from the game addiction. X-share:- It is used to share the data of one device to another in a short span by simply clicking the files . It has a feature like video which is used to see videos for timepass for a while transfering files. Hi Dictionary:- It is used to convert the text of one language to another other by simply selecting the text .it has a many languages and make us capable to understand many other languages. Thank you. Read all >>

Does your smartphone have a Professional Video Mode?

Riserstud | 2021-01-260302

Hello Fellow T-Fans, What if you could have a professional video camera on your smartphone? Believe it or not, the CAMON 16 Premier comes with one! We often focus on the still pictures, but what about those moments when you want to capture the dancing waves on the beach or the sun setting in the mountains? Does your smartphone have a Professional Video Mode to shoot these beautiful moments in life? TECNO’s latest CAMON 16 Premier’s amazing Video mode can help you do that. Videography has been one of my favorite things to learn for a long time but I have never had a device that could support this passion. The CAMON 16 Premier is what I’ve been waiting for! Its Intelligent Anti-Shake with Super HIS allows you to capture Speedy Movements, Party People, Running Pets, all in a steady Footage. This smartphone brings both Electronic Image Stabilization and AI Image Stabilization together to create a Super Hybrid Image Stabilization. And guess what, it supports cinema IMAX-level 4K image quality and shoots fantastic High-Quality smooth videos. From what I have read about the product, I can safely say that its 1080P Polar Night Video Shoot will allows us to shoot clear videos even in the Dark Environments. Last but not the least this Professional Video Mode also comes with Short Video Mode and 4K Recording. This smartphone will be a great experience and a guide to the videography beginners. It is a smartphone revolution to the video mode. We are sure many of you owns the amazing CAMON 16 Premier. Experience the professional video mode on your phone and share it with us. The one’s who still doesn’t have it, get yours at a retail store near you.Read all >>
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