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The Great Indian Festival X TECNO 🛍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-2152870

Hey TECNO Lovers, 💫 Amazon is our dear friend, always there for us in need, just a click away, and never lets our wishes go unfulfilled. The Great Indian Festival by Amazon is almost here, with so many amazing offers on electronics, clothes, and so much more. Looking for - Latest TECNO Smartphone? Amazon it. Trendy clothes? Amazon it. New movies? Amazon Prime!! Amazon Prime users have so many advantages, one-day delivery, amazing discounts, prime movies, and so much more. And with the Great Indian Festival just a day away from going live, Prime users have the upper hand here also. How? Read ahead. The great Indian Festival is live only for Prime Members exclusively for 22nd Sep as early deals. WOWWW!! So, get started, prime users and get your hands on the amazing Amazon products before anyone else. 💙 The great Indian Festival will be live for the world from 23.09.22 onwards, so the rest are not left behind; nothing to worry about, guys. Amazon has something for everyone. Go ahead, wishlistall your favourite products and buy them with great discounts and amazing deals. We know we made your day, and we are super happy that our TECNO community is happy after reading this great news. Oh, you are still here? Your friends have already switched apps to Amazon. Go, go; you guys go too. See you guys soon, till then stay safe, happy shopping and #StopAtNothing!! Read all >>

Unleashing Power Like Never Before 💪

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-20144516

Hey T Fans, 🤗 As promised,it's the second day of the week and we are here to UP the POWER for all of you. A thunderous new smartphone is all the talk that we plan to explore today with our fans. The speed edition from the TECNO POVA series followed by the last TECNO POVA 3 launch is here to surprise you. Experience the ultimate powerful newbie TECNO POVA NEO 5G packed with 5G processor that is equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 810 6nm Processor.Get ready to Unleash the Power ! TECNO POVA NEO 5G is coming soon to amaze you with its speedy performance. ⚡️ Stay tuned, Fam and keep watching this space as tomorrow we unveil something new again. Read all >>

Week of Surprises 😍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-19142647

Hey T Fans, 💙 We absolutely love giving our TECNO Spot members surprises, and we know you guys are always looking for more and more of them. While you guys are busy going around your day with major Monday blues, let's make your day a little better. As it is already mid of September, we all are incredibly busy preparing for all the forthcoming festivals. We are very excited to add fun to the greater celebrations. While we all prepare our homes for this season, TECNO will not be left out to make a bang for all of its community members. Eager to know what is coming? Hint: Something super big and exciting!! Is it a new device coming, or is it something bigger? Well we can tell you one thing that we are bringing something grand and it is happening for the first time in the TECNO community? All the answers will be revealed soon. UNTIL THEN GUESS YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. 💪 Stay tuned to know more. That's all for today, folks; we will see you all next time; stay safe and don’t let the Monday blues spoil your day. Read all >>

TECNO Shopping Days 🛍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-186457

Hey T Fans, 🤩 Amazon is our best friend when in need of clothes, books, smartphones, and so much more. Everything is online and just a click away. With this, as the word is going around, the Amazon Great Indian Festival’s first sale is now live, and we have some exciting news for you guys. Hold your breath and get ready to be amazed when the curtain rises! TECNO deal reveal is now LIVE on Amazon India; so enjoy heavy discounts and the best deals on your favourite TECNO Smartphones: Get amazing offers on: 👀 - TECNO Pop 5 LTE, - TECNO Spark 9 - 7GB, - TECNO Spark 9 - 11GB, - TECNO POVA 5G & - TECNO PHANTOM X Check out the link to know more about these amazing TECNO Deal Reveal: 💫 Grab any of these TECNO phones that have been meticulously designed to embrace your personality and up your style game. We are as excited as you are; tell us which phone you are thinking of buying in the comments below. 💙 Until next time guys, #StopAtNothing fam, jam! Happy shopping Read all >>

Let the Colours Do The Talking! ❤️💙💛

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-1726569

CAMON 19 Series
Hello TECNO Lovers, 😍 The sky is blue, flowers bloom, and the leaves flourish. There are colours everywhere we look, but how often do we tend not to notice a colour that is right in front of us just because we are too busy on our phones or in our lives? Quite often. And that is why we have something colourful planned for our TECNO Spot members today. With the launch of the limited edition phone TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian, today’s task is about being creative with the colours in it. Sounds easy, but hold on; there is more to this party. Here is what you have to do: 📝 - The art/creative piece should be in a grid form. - It should consist of the Mondrian colours - Red, Yellow and Blue. - After creating your art piece, take a picture. The art can be created by using anything colorful - flowers, rose petals, stones, paints, anything and everything. For references, check out the samples shown in the picture. A creative exercise for all our creative users. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and get creative, guys. We can’t wait to see your crazy ideas. Drop the picture in comments or Mail them to us on And grab the chance to win amazing points and goodies. We have combined this contest with all our social handles and you can send your entry there as well. MOST EXCITING REWARD: 1 TECNO CAMON 19 PRO MONDRIAN is up for grabs combining all entries from all our platforms. 📱 Until then, stay creative, and we are eagerly waiting for your participation!! Happy weekend everyone. Read all >>

Double Celebration Day 💗💜💙🤍

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-09-15122693

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T fans, September's Colourful day of double celebration is here! Our laughs have yet not stopped from the entries we received for our first time ever Meme Contest with the theme of #ColourChanging inspired by our brand new launched TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian. We are surprised to see all the talented entries that came our way. And now it is time to reveal who has won this contest. Congratulations Vanshiikaaaaa for topping the charts with your amazing witty yet on the point meme. The reactions in your entry are uncanny. And for this you have won a TECNO Goodie. Please share your details with us for sending the reward. A big thank you to all our participants. Keep up the energy fam as we are about to launch another contest very soon!! Until then, #StopAtNothing, guys. We will see you next time! Stay safe and cool. Read all >>

It’s the Color Changing for us! 💗💜💙🤍

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-09-1572662

CAMON 19 Series
Hey Fans, It's such a colourful day today. We were so amazed at all your wild guesses in the camera feature article. We knew you would guess the number right. Today we are here to blow your minds as D-Day is here!!! We are not kidding; today is the day!! Launching the most amazing, breathtaking and gorgeous TECNO phone ever seen - TECNO Camon 19 Pro Mondrian But what are the main features for it to become the best of the rest? Read ahead to find out. Camera like never before [*]Industry 1st 64MP RGBW + (G+P) with OIS + 50MP +2MP [*]32MP Super clear Selfie Camera [*]Laser Detection Auto Focus with OIS and EIS [*]50 mm Golden Focus Portrait PDAF F1.98 Aperture [*]2MP Depth lens [*]10 different camera modes Bigger and better display [*]0.98mm industry slimmest bezels [*]93.40% screen-to-body ratio [*]120Hz refresh rate [*]Ultra-smooth experience [*]240Hz touch sampling rate [*]Greater colour accuracy Never-ending memory [*]13GB* LPDDR4x RAM [*]128 UFS2.2 internal storage [*]512 GB Expandable Amazing battery life [*]33W flash charger [*]30% battery in 13 minutes [*]90% battery in 56 minutes [*]5000mAh [*]37 days long standby time Wow, right? So what are you waiting for? Head to amazon now and turn on your notification because, let us tell you, Mondrian is a limited edition phone, so let this opportunity pass. Pre Booking starts from 22nd Sept at a special launch price of Rs.17,999/- as an Amazon Special. Get notified- We are so excited for you guys to share the first look of the phone as soon as it launches, so we are eagerly waiting for you guys to come back and comment on your first look review in the comments. Till then, stay then; so much more is yet to come. Read all >>

The Best TECNO Camera! 🤩

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-14103350

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T fans, 🙂 What is a camera without the perfect color display? Hot pink to come as baby pink is not what we are looking for when buying the perfect camera phone. With this, let’s talk about the upcoming camera feature. But on which phone? Is this what you are thinking about? Why follow the rules? Let's play it differently this time. Now, we will tell you the camera features that make,soon to come, TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian amazing. Is this the teaser for a bigger, better and greater device? We can’t wait for you guys to find out. The upcoming #MondrianEdition smartphone comes with features like: [*]64 MP primary camera RGBW_(G+P)Sensor OIS & PDAF F1.65 Aperture [*]Laser Focus [*]50 mm Golden Focus Portrait PDAF F1.98 Aperture [*]2MP Dept lens Wow, right? Now comes the difficult part, you have to tell us how many cameras it will take for all these features to fit in. Tell us in the comments below. 🧐 We cannot wait to see your wild guess; until next time, guys! Only 1 day left to unveil the stylish tech plus art piece. Thank you for supporting us; we will see you next time. Stay safe and @StopAtNothing.. Read all >>

The Care You Deserve Is Here!

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-09-1363335

Hello T-Fans, We have an announcement for all of you. All the services & support you need for your TECNO phone is right there on your Fingertips. Online Reservation is our new way to help you get priority and personalized repair assistance at our authorized service centers. Go on your play store now and download the Carlcare App. Log in to enjoy our fast & personalized after-sale service. Few of the top things that the Carlcare Service app meets are online reservations, repair status updates, warranty verification, and more. Get all the support you need from the comfort of your home without standing in a queue and waiting for your turn with the online reservation assistance and Live chat support. And if you still can’t find the Carlcare App then just scan the QR code in the picture to directly download and find your nearest TECNO service center from a total of 1500+ pan India after-sales service stores. Please note: - The link to make online reservation for your phone repair is : - 3 Months warranty is offered at selected spare parts in Out of Warranty phone Repairs at the Authorized Carlcare Service Center. T&C Apply - Avail discount of up to Rs 50 on your repair (Only if Repair Reservation done online) Read all >>

Discover the Unknown TECNO Device! 🇮🇳

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-1396260

The Beta Testing Programme
Hi T fans, 😃 The second time's the charm; we have something brand-new, thrilling, and completely novel in store for you. We won't keep you waiting any longer; TECNO Spot will soon be releasing a new product, and before it is made available to the public, we need T-Fans to volunteer to test it out and give their feedback because your opinion matters. This is your opportunity to hold the TECNO device, use it, and share your first-hand knowledge before anybody else. That sounds intriguing, right! Continue reading to find out how you can participate in this fantastic activity. Registration Process 📝 [*]Visit and fill out the form. [*] [*]Qualified candidates will be notified on the phone Norms ✅ [*]Accepting 200+ registrations [*] [*]Last date to register - 8th October’22 Sounds exciting, right? What are you waiting for, Fam? Register now and get the chance to win points and a trial phone as a reward. So, make sure you do not miss this amazing opportunity!! 📲 Until then, stay safe and #StopAtNothing! See you all next time. Read all >>

Silver Winner 🥈

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-1222380

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T fans, 🤩 We are not kidding; TECNO has been awarded a prestigious Design Award. For which phone? Hold your horses, guys; we are reaching there also. But first, it's time for a round of applause for all our TECNO members for supporting us, showering their love upon us and never leaving our side. And now, let's raise a toast for the phone that won the Muse design award 2022 silver winner….. Ready? Cheers to Camon 19 Pro Mondrian for taking the leap and honouring us with this beautiful trophy. Wow, right? You can see the certificate here and show it off in front of your friends for being a TECNO member. Wait, wait, guys, one more minute. Before you go, we have a task for you all. Tell us the place at which the award was given to TECNO in the comments. The hint is in a video posted on our social media Instagram handle on 5th September. Let’s see if you can correctly guess the location. 🧐 Hurry up, guys; the floor is now open for your guesses. Read all >>

#ColoursChanging MEME Contest Reminder 🤭

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-1193680

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T Fans, Happy weekend guys. Enjoying the sunny days before the winter clocks in? Yea, us too. Oh, did sunlight remind you of something? That was the plan. Yes, we are talking about the sunlight drawing #ColourChanging meme challenge announced a few days ago. In this modern world of social media, scrolling continuously on your page with funny memes is like a guilty pleasure for all of us. We believe when it comes to being funny, Indians are always in the lead, especially our Tecno Spot community. If you have not yet submitted your meme, then this calls for a panic moment; no, no, just kidding!! Today is the last day to submit your epic meme entries and win great and amazing goodies from your TECNO Community. Oh, you are still here? What are you waiting for? Go think outside the box and submit your memes today. 😆 While we enjoy the already submitted memes, we are eagerly waiting for yours. And don’t forget the best ones will also be featured on the TECNO spot community so we all can have a big laugh together. It's time, guys, to put your best foot forward. Until then, see you guys next time. Happy weekend!Stay safe and #StopAtNothing. Read all >>

Virtual Model Talent Hunt 🕺💃

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-109247

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T Fans, 😃 If you also dreamed of becoming India’s next leading model. This is the post for you. TECNO is on the ultimate style hunt! Last month, TECNO collaborated with the leading fashion icon. Who? Yes, you thought right, Cosmopolitan. And today, TECNO X Cosmopolitan has launched the Ultimate Style Hunt to take this journey of A Stylish Affair to the next step. Excited to know more? So, what are you waiting for? If you think you have what it takes to become the face of ‘The Stylish Affair’ This is your time. Write YES in the comment, and we will share the steps/guidelines to enter the contest. 😎 Until then, stay safe and fashionable. We will see you next time, fam, jam!! Read all >>

Chasing Colours In Sunlight! 💗💜💙🤍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-09133315

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T fans, 😂 Happy & colourful September, everyone. Many of you might remember that last week we asked you to guess what new is next in line to roll out. And many of you guessed it right. TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian is finally coming soon in India. Exciting news right, fans! Let us tell you the best thing about this smartphone. It has a magical feature called #SunlightDrawing colour changing technology thanks to Industry first multi-color photochromic isomer technology. We will unveil more details in the coming week, keep watching this space. But now that we've told you about the main feature, we've got a fun contest for you today. With the world revolving around meme creation and meme sharing we all can agree it is an amazing way to communicate. So we thought, let's do something around meme-sharing. Yes, that's the plan, but what is the catch here? Patience, guys, patience. Today you have to create and SHARE MEMES around the THEME of #ColourChanging, just like our new technology. The contest duration is 9th September 2022 to 11th September 2022. You have some amazing rewards waiting for you. So, now let's get to work, create and share memes on the given theme. For a better understanding, here are some examples: Share your entries in the comments. We can’t wait to see your great imagination and creativity. Until then, #StopAtNothing, guys. We will see you next time! Stay safe and cool. Read all >>

It’s the Winner’s Day! 📣

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-07152990

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T fans, 😃 Today calls for a celebration. Why? Because we have the winners of the TECNO CAMON 19 #IntoTheNight photography contest. Can we have the drum roll, please!! The winners of the contest are 1st Place - Roman Verma - You have won TECNO Speaker 2nd Place - Yash - You have won TECNO Goodies 3rd Place - Lucky Kumar - You have won TECNO Goodies Congratulations, guys!! The pictures were amazing. Wow!! Your cities are so beautiful, and we all can agree that you guys have a great eye for just the perfect picture. So, good going, guys. 🎁 Please share your address details on along with your spot profile screenshot and your goodies will soon be coming your way. TECNO appreciates all the efforts, participation, love and gratitude coming toward Spot’s way. Thank you for everything, guys. Until next time, See you soon. #StopAtNothing fam, jam :) Read all >>

[Winner Announcement] Ganesh Chaturthi Art Contest 🎁

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-0616435

Hey, T-Artists!😃 How is your Ganesh Chaturthi celebration and visarjan going?We sure are having an amazing time seeing so many of you participate in our first time ever art contest. We did not know that we have many talented kalakaar in the house. Inspired by all our participants and your fabulous artwork.Thank you for sharing them with us. And now without any further ado, let’s see who among the T-Artists participants topped the contest! Congratulations TECNO-Fan, Lucky Kumar & Krish_88. You have impressed us with your artistic entry. You have won a TECNO goodie each. Please email us your address to send your reward. Email ID: (If you have previously shared it, then no need to reshare if the address is the same) Here is the amazing art work of our winners. And don’t forget to participate in our ongoing Teacher’s Day Contest. Read all >>

Masti Ki Pathshala Contest 🧑‍🏫

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-0524753

Hey T Fans, 🤓 As we grow in life, we have teachers/mentors everywhere, from our school days, graduation days to stepping into the professional days. And with every phase our mentors are always teaching us to be better human beings, helping us to learn and grow. Teachers help us to learn and understand every expectation of our life. Come let us thank all our teacher’s by wishing them today and remembering old days from our classrooms. On this special occasion we bring you a Masti Ki Pathshala Contest. Share your favourite teacher’s name and while remembering what they taught you (life lesson, subject or anything), comment below your favourite teacher’s most used dialogue in the class. 🏫 Let’s all bring back the epic and hilarious classroom moments with our teachers to celebrate this International Teacher’s day. Hurry up, we are very excited to read your dialogues and reward the most creative one as TECNO Goodies are up for grabs, Fam! Until then #StopAtNothing TECNO members. Read all >>

Last Day of the Contest - #IntoTheNight 🏙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-0452849

CAMON 19 Series
Hey TECNO fans, Happy weekend everyone. What are your plans? We have a lot of planning to do for our TECNO community. Excited? Us too! Today, let's test your memory. We started a contest for you all last week. Remember? Yes, we are referring to the photography competition for #IntoTheNight. Here are the guidelines once more in case you forgot. What you have to do: Click an evening/night picture with a glimpse of your town from your phone and publish it on the spot, along with a short description of the location. For example, A picture of a famous street, market, monument, temple, etc. 🌉 Title Format: #IntoTheNight - (Your Full Name) Publishing Category: Photography How To Participate: 🔰 Once you have published your article, please confirm in the comments. Also, it would be great if you share desktop link of your published entry by email with us at Contest Rules: ✅ [*]Last date to Submit - today (4.09.22) [*]The picture should be clear [*]Description is mandatory [*]Comment below our contest article after publishing your entry and mail us the DESKTOP LINK [*]Subject of Email - #IntoTheNight - [*]Extra points for entries with TECNO stamp in pictures [*]Copy-pasting from the internet will be disqualified Reward: 🎁 We will be selecting a total of 3 winners. The best article matching the theme #IntoTheNight around your town will win TECNO Speaker. And the 2 runner-ups will be getting exciting TECNO Rewards. Hold on, guys, we have a wild card opportunity for our members. Post your pictures in the comments and get a chance to get featured on the TECNO spot page and take the lead in the contest. Entries are pouring in, what are you waiting for, guys? If you still haven’t submitted your picture, this is the moment. Go ahead and submit yours now. 🤩 We will soon be announcing the winners, so stay tuned, and we will see you next time. Read all >>

Pink, Violet, Blue or White? 💗💜💙🤍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-03173447

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T fans, 🌞 Which is your favourite colour? Each season in India brings different colours, from summer colours to autumn looks and winter jackets. We are always surrounded by colours. Each day while going to school/college, we plan our outfits, spend hours in front of the mirrors and pick the best colour combination. (Yes, we agree that it is mostly girls), but boys are not far behind when it comes to colour coordination with belts and shoes. Why are we suddenly talking about colours? Is Holi coming early for TECNO? We rather not say. We will let our fans guess this time. Haha, sorry guys, enough with the riddles already; here is the fun part. Something big, exciting and colourful will soon knock on the doors of the TECNO community, and we cannot wait for you guys to join the party. What is it? What is it? Not so soon. Till then, here is your task for today's task: Check out the picture shared below, and tell us what might be coming. And remember, no wrong answers. Let the fun begin, fam. Pour your wildest guesses, and we will reveal the big “something” soon. 💭 Until then, have a great weekend ahead. See you soon!! Read all >>

Tips and Tricks of City Night Photography 🏙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-0252328

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T Lovers, 😃 How is your week going? We hope you’re getting a lot of pictures & creating memories in the first week of September. Let's begin with some great photography skills at hand so you always remember this September. Read ahead to learn some tips and tricks on how to take some breathtaking night city pictures and amaze us by sending your incredible contest entries. Photographers have long sought to capture this vibrant range of colour, contrast, and motion in their photos, which is why they find the city's dazzling lights and energetic activity at night to be so intriguing. However, the world after dark requires more thought than just a snapshot strategy and preset camera settings. In light of this, consider these five suggestions to make the most of urban settings in low light. Use Apps for Long ExposuresA long shutter speed will help you acquire the proper exposure while using a camera in low light. Is manipulating or imitating shutter speed on a smartphone possible? Apps! Try Manual Camera (Google Play); it allows you to regulate the amount of time the camera's shutter is open. Keep it stable The best way to prevent motion blur and get a razor-sharp image during a long exposure is to keep your camera stable. In this case, use a lightweight alternative, like the Glif stand or a portable tripod. Capture Motion Car lights are one item that comes into play at night, in order to capture a busy road with cars, set your phone to a long exposure. There are countless ways to depict this concept, including boats on a bay, vehicles crossing a bridge, and even airplanes soaring overhead. Dare to Be AbstractYou might be unable to capture the perfect photo in the dark. However, the lengthy exposures and stark contrasts actually present a fantastic opportunity to capture images that are abstract or surreal: Consider the darkness as a background against which you can isolate objects and colours; this will add mystery, weirdness, and beauty to your photographs. Get the Best From Your Phone’s FlashlightYou can always utilise more light on your subject while it's dark. Why not take advantage of the handy flash on your phone? There are a few techniques to adjust the flash because it will be fairly harsh and flat. To soften the light, try covering the flash with tissue or paper. You may also apply a colour filter to change the appearance of the light. Additionally, you may use your flash to brightly illuminate a nearby object, making it stand out but have a huge impact. Wow, these are some easy yet brilliant tips and tricks all of you can use & capture better & clear pictures. And if you have the new CAMON 19 then we suggest you go and try out the super night mode and it’s 6 different filters to get crystal clear night city photos of all your favourite places from your town. So, what are you waiting for? Take out your phone and start experimenting to get that winning shot for the #IntiTheNight around your town contest. The last date is 4th of September 2022. 🤩 See you next time, TECNO fam. Please click to know the #IntoTheNight contest rules: Read all >>
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