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Games You Should Try Your Hands on This Week in Your Leisure

jarose | 2021-01-25190

RainCity RainCity is an enjoyable point and click adventure game from CottonGame, the same developer behind the Isoland adventure series. In this release, it will be your job to hunt down your sister while talking to several in-game characters who have all sorts of amusing stories to share. Of course, like most adventure games, you'll solve puzzles to progress the story by hunting down clues. It's a simple setup that works well, and thanks to the game's excellent art and story, this is definitely a game to check out if you enjoy similar titles. Dadish 2 The original Dadish has found its way to many of my roundups over the last year, and that's simply because the platformer offers a fair bit of fun. So it makes sense that the developer would want to follow up that success quickly while the iron was still hot, and so Dadish 2 is here, and it's even better than the first game. This time around, you can expect to tool around in vehicles, with all new enemies in the mix along with new bosses to take down. Heck, the game even supports physical controllers. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this, so make sure to check this one out if you love platformers.Read all >>


santhi kumari | 2021-01-250131

Hello , Best apps introduced in TECNO device are Audio share, Phone master, X-shareand Hi dictionary. Audio share:- Audio share app is introduced by the Tecno mobile to share the Audio to three separate Bluetooth devices to single device to experience better audio for multiple persons at a time. Phone Master:- Phone master is one of the best app in Tecno devices which is used to clear the junk files and caches to save the storage to be filled and make a proper function of a device. Not only clearing junk files, it has several other features like phone boost, cpu cooler, Anti virus to protect phone and power saving mode to protect the charge from over usage , App lock to stop access apps for other users, Data manager to manage the mobile data usage to protect from over usage , Game mode to improve gaming experience by viewing game duration ,data consumed,Game assistant panel to slide the notifications, Game anti addiction to protect the user to save from the game addiction. X-share:- It is used to share the data of one device to another in a short span by simply clicking the files . It has a feature like video which is used to see videos for timepass for a while transfering files. Hi Dictionary:- It is used to convert the text of one language to another other by simply selecting the text .it has a many languages and make us capable to understand many other languages. Thank you. Read all >>

Does your smartphone have a Professional Video Mode?

Riserstud | 2021-01-260211

Hello Fellow T-Fans, What if you could have a professional video camera on your smartphone? Believe it or not, the CAMON 16 Premier comes with one! We often focus on the still pictures, but what about those moments when you want to capture the dancing waves on the beach or the sun setting in the mountains? Does your smartphone have a Professional Video Mode to shoot these beautiful moments in life? TECNO’s latest CAMON 16 Premier’s amazing Video mode can help you do that. Videography has been one of my favorite things to learn for a long time but I have never had a device that could support this passion. The CAMON 16 Premier is what I’ve been waiting for! Its Intelligent Anti-Shake with Super HIS allows you to capture Speedy Movements, Party People, Running Pets, all in a steady Footage. This smartphone brings both Electronic Image Stabilization and AI Image Stabilization together to create a Super Hybrid Image Stabilization. And guess what, it supports cinema IMAX-level 4K image quality and shoots fantastic High-Quality smooth videos. From what I have read about the product, I can safely say that its 1080P Polar Night Video Shoot will allows us to shoot clear videos even in the Dark Environments. Last but not the least this Professional Video Mode also comes with Short Video Mode and 4K Recording. This smartphone will be a great experience and a guide to the videography beginners. It is a smartphone revolution to the video mode. We are sure many of you owns the amazing CAMON 16 Premier. Experience the professional video mode on your phone and share it with us. The one’s who still doesn’t have it, get yours at a retail store near you.Read all >>

Wide Angle Groupfie Challenge | Think Wide with CAMON 16 Premier

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-2812852

Hey T-Fans, Remember the last time you went out with your entire group of friends or that family dinner at home with all your cousins? While there is no doubt that these moments were the best times of your life, fitting all your favourite people in one frame still remains a big problem. Well, T-Boy has solved this one for you as well with its ‘Think Wide with CAMON 16 Premier’ Activity. TECNO’s latest CAMON 16 Premier is equipped with an amazing 48+8MP AI Dual Dot-in Selfie Camera. This selfie camera makes our lives far easier with its Ultra Wide-angle lens. This lens captures clearer and better with its Auto Switch 105˚ Wide Angle Mode. Imagine all your 10 friends in that group picture at once! So, T-Fans, it’s time to get ready for a Selfie Challenge with CAMON 16 Premier. Click your ultra-clear selfie with your smartphone and post it in the comment section below. Show off your groupfie talent now! Read all >>

TECNO wishes you Happy Republic Day

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-259654

Hey T-Fans, Today, we are all 72 years old together - the youth and the elders. It is such an empowering time of the year where within the power of unity we are celebrating the Republic Day together. To mark this significant occasion, we’ve come up with a fun activity. India is an amalgamation of vibrant colors and diversity, it’s a potpourri of various cultures and communities. Yet there are a few things that unite us all, the little things that scream “Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani”. Be it our love for street food or the skill and will to bargain. These things make us Sau Pratishat Shuddh Desi. Let’s find out what are the things that make you a Sachcha Hindustani All you need to do is look at the puzzle and SPOT the first 3 words you see. Let’s see what truly makes you an Indian; don’t forget to write them in the comments below! With this, we wish you all a very happy Republic Day. Together, we are moving towards the digital age and we at TECNO strive to help you keep up with this new age with our cutting-edge smartphones crafted for the India of today. Read all >>

Vote for Your Favourite TECNOgrapher | Choose The Winner for Week 1

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-2213986

Hello, T-Fans! Photography contests are all about the love of capturing beautiful moments and creative competition. But when we talk about The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge, you already know there is going to be double the action and double the excitement. Now that we are done with Week 1 of the contest, it is finally time to announce the shortlisted entries that won our hearts. For the Theme of Week 1: Ultra-Wide-Angle Photography challenge, the selected entries are- thatBrokeArtist CYAN1DE vaibhavkadam914 Congratulations and thank you everyone for your overwhelming response. We are glad we could inspire your inner muse to click such stunners! Voting for Week 1 is now open and will go on from till 24th January 11:59 PM Stay tuned with us for the 2nd Week’s theme reveal. Winners from each round will receive a special gift from TECNO The ultimate winner of the Great TECNOgrapher challenge stands a chance to win a brand new TECNO smartphone. Are you pumped yet? Get voting, fam! Read all >>

Features Of HiOs 7

Rehan Sheikh | 2021-01-218731

As we all Know HiOs 7 was released Last Month. In this Article we will know about Features of HiOs 7. List of all Tecno HiOS 7 New Features. Social Turbo for WhatsApp Business app. Video Ringtone. Smart Scanner. YoParty 2.0 app. Inbuilt Image Compressor. Instant USSD codes on dialer app. Ear sensor call receiver. Gesture Flashlight turn on/off. WiFi share (android 10 native feature). Magic Button for gaming. 1. Social Turbo For WhatsApp Business App. If you’ve been a long time user of Tecno smartphones before now, social turbo shouldn’t sound anything new to you. But the only difference right now is, it now supports the WhatsApp Business app, formerly, it only supports the regular WhatsApp app. So what it does is pretty straight forward. It gives you all those extra features that you’d want to have. 2. Video Ringtone Now i wouldn’t say this one is all that new, because we already had something similar on the HiOS 6 version, called Video Call screen. And what it does is to let you select a different incoming call screen aside from the default one that came with your phone. 3. Smart Scanner Just as the name is pronounced, the Tecno Smart Scanner does everything from scanning QR codes, to scanning and translating over 40 different languages in real time. 4. YoParty 2.0 The YoParty is one fun app that has been neglected and hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves since its first inception on Tecno’s HiOS 5 version, due to lack of proper advertising, and the name as well. 5. Inbuilt Image Compressor For those who work with pictures either on their phones or on the web just as i do, or you’re just finding ways to save more storage spaces on your phone by compressing images, Tecno now provides a built-in image compressor that helps you achieve that, so you no longer have to download third party apps for it. 6. Instant USSD codes on Phone Dialer app. It works when using the dialer app on your phone, and what it does is; immediately you strike the “*” button your number pad, it brings out all the available USSD codes that you might possibly need, so you don’t have to cram them any longer. 7. Ear Sensor Call Receiver 8. Gesture Flashlight Turn On/Off From the name, you should already know what it does. It simply lets you turn on and off your phone’s flashlight, by drawing already specified gestures on the screen, even when the screen is off.Read all >>

Camera Lens Flare Effect | Camon 16 Premier Photography Hacks To Go Insta Viral!

SAMV | 2021-01-200228

Up Your Photography Game And Click Stunning Pictures Like A Pro We all love an aesthetic Instagram feed. From beautiful sun kissed photos to black and white portraits - our love for capturing moments with an artsy flare is endless. Be it experimenting with exciting filters or trying out new hacks, we also don’t shy away from trying out new things to keep our pictures hella fresh! And while we don’t have professional equipment to satisfy our inner artist, there is no reason we have to compromise on the quality of our glamorous feed. Enter the all new Camon 16 Premier, the first and only smartphone that comes with both 64MP Quad camera and 48MP+ 8MP Dual front selfie cameras. While this smartphone revolutionises the era of photography, let me give you a quick and easy hack for you to transform your insta feed! A hot trend among photographers is to capture the camera lens flare. For those who are not familiar with the trend, a flare is created when light shoots into your lens, creating a sunburst effect. This can be achieved with either natural light or a reflective surface. You can get this aesthetic result by following these easy steps: Use a CD to get that stunning lens flare:1.To achieve this effect all you have to do is hold a CD below your lens. The CD will act as a reflective surface and give you those artsy flares.2.Adjust the position of the CD to get different flares.3.Click when the flare meets your expectations. Use natural light for that insta viral lens flare:1.Another way to capture that beautiful lens flare effect is by holding your subject with his/her back to the light source.2.Use the subject to block the light source so you get just the right amount of the effect.3.You can even use your hand to block out some of the light. Try out these amazing hacks to capture the perfect lens flare and satisfy your inner muse. Talking about perfect, don’t forget to check out the new-gen smartphone, Camon 16 Premier, to help you click professional quality pictures on the go! Read all >>

Camon 16 Premier Sale Is Live | Welcome To The Era Of Photography Revolution

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-15427550

Presenting The First & The Only Smartphone Sporting Both 64MP Quad Camera & 48MP+ 8MP Dual Front Selfie Cameras Hello, T-Fans! Call us the Transformers, because we are here to transform your smartphone photography and videography experience like never witnessed before! Introducing the all jazzed up CAMON 16 Premier. The much-awaited sale of this new-age smartphone is finally live! CAMON 16 Premier is the first and the only smartphone that comes with both 64MP Quad camera and 48MP+ 8MP Dual front selfie cameras. This brand-new launch is here to revolutionise the way you use smartphones by kick-starting an era of higher camera pixels, premium AI powered Ultra Night lens and pop-up cameras! It packs a mega 4500 mAh battery, premium 6.85 FHD+ display, a hardcore 2.0Ghz Octa-core Helio G90T processor and 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. All this and more at an unreal price of INR 16,999. Impressed? We think, yes! Let’s see how this premium device will rock your lives- 1. Premier 48MP + 8MP Dual Punch hole cameras like never seen before! First, let us click a selfie, T-Fan! The front camera of CAMON 16 Premier comes with segment-first 48MP primary selfie lens as well as an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens. It also intelligently switches to the 105˚ Wide Angle mode when it detects 3 or more faces. Perfect squad selfie, anyone? Sporting kickass features like Ultra Night Video, AI Video beauty, Video Portrait, Slow motion, AR Shot 3.0, it is certain to transform your photography experience! 2. 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera to capture moments like a pro The stunning blend of 64MP primary lens with Sony IMX 686 sensor makes CAMON 16 Premier the primary gadget for all your professional quality social-sharing needs of photography and videography on the go! It also comes with an 8MP lens for 119˚ Super Wide photos and Macro shots, a 2MP Polar Night Video sensor for shooting clear videos in the dark and a 2MP Bokeh Lens. 3. Revolutionary videography experience at 4K High-definition The exquisite video shooting functions of the all new CAMON 16 Premier stand witness to the power of technology and how! The Professional Video mode can capture IMAX level 4K images, record 4K Videos at 30fps and Super Slow-Motion videos at 960 fps. Insta reels, here we come! 4. Powerful processor for hardcore gaming experience The TECNO CAMON 16 Premier houses a powerful Mediatek G90T Processor with Hyper Engine Gaming Technology, providing for an incredible gaming experience. So, you can enjoy hang-free gaming sessions with your pals non-stop! 5. Magnificent 6.85 FHD+ display for max clarity CAMON 16 Premier features a big 6.85 FHD+ display with 90% screen-to-body ratio and HDR10+ to provide for an immersive viewing experience. Now you can watch your favourite movies on the CAMON 16 Premier smartphone with max clarity. How about FRIENDS reruns? 6. High Capacity 4500 mAh battery for non-stop action With a 4500 mAh battery, CAMON 16 Premier provides a standby time of 28 days, calling time of 42 hours and music playback of 140 hours. It has a USB Type C port with heat pipe cooling that prevents the smartphone from heating up and has a full charging time of 129 hours. So, back-to-back gaming sessions? Yes please! This new-age smartphone is here to ring in the era revolutionary videography experience. So, what are you waiting for? ‘CAMON’, now! Go, get yours by clicking on the link below: Read all >>

Flipkart Republic Day Sale | All The Exciting Offers On TECNO Smartphones That You Need To Know ...

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-1971225

Hello, T-Fans! With Republic Day just around the corner, we are already in the mood for celebration. On this momentous occasion of the year, it is only fair that we celebrate the day with something equally exciting. And what better way to celebrate than to save BIG on the purchase of your favourite TECNO smartphone? Ji haan, deviyon aur sajjanon, Flipkart Republic Day Sale is going live on the 20th of January and here are all the exciting offers on TECNO smartphones that you need to know about- 1. TECNO Camon 15 With premium features and thrilling offers, this smartphone is definitely a catch this sale season. This ‘Photography King’, sold at 10,499 INR, will be available at an unbelievable price of 9,999 INR. And you can also grab a 10% bank discount while shopping with Flipkart. Let’s go! Link: 2. TECNO Camon 16 Looks like this sale is a paradise for all the photography lovers because another dream of a smartphone with segment-first leading camera setup and unique features, AKA TECNO Camon 16 could be grabbed at a 10% bank discount on Flipkart. Link: 3. TECNO Spark 6 Go Get yourself some Big B ka swag with this premium smartphone and flaunt its bigger memory, giant screen and powerful battery like a boss. Seize the day with Flipkart’s 10% bank offer and 5% prepaid offer on Spark 6 Go! Link: 4. TECNO Spark Go 2020 Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab a 10% bank offer on Entertainment ke Badshah. Grab your Big-B of entertainment and immerse yourself in non-stop action with its huge battery, jumbo screen and stunning camera features! Link: 5. TECNO Spark Power 2 Air Get ready for Power Play Entertainment as TECNO Spark Power 2 Air goes on sale from its previously unbeatable price of 8,499 INR to an even more jaw-dropping price of 7,999 INR. And you can avail Flipkart’s 10% bank offer for bachat max. Link: Why are you still here? Hurry and grab your dream TECNO smartphone now and save BIG. Don’t forget the sale starts from January 20th and will go on till January 24th. Sale ke hain paanch din. Baaki hai bekaar din. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-18216796

Be a part of TECNO’s beta testing programme for its upcoming devices Hey T-Fans, A lot of you have been sharing a lot of valuable suggestions pertaining to our existing smartphones. You are the ones who has been using our products and are well versed with technical know-hows of TECNO devices. We know you love and enjoy using your TECNO Smartphones and its treasure trove of unique features. Now, we want you to help us out with your expertise to create a better TECNO smartphone for you and the entire TECNO community. Happy to announce that we’re here with a unique opportunity for you! We invite you with open arms to join us on our journey to perfection. We will be SOON starting a BETA TEST for our upcoming device. This is your chance to join the testing team and help us create a user experience like never before for TECNO users around the world. As a beta tester, you get to test our next smartphone before anyone else does. All you need to do is tell us what you like and dislike about the upcoming smartphone and provide us with suggestions on how to improve. • If you are excited for to have a hands-on experience of TECNO upcoming devices • If you have a keen eye for Bug hunting • If you can give meaningful feedback to improve overall smartphone user experience This program is for you. So dont wait up, join now! Beta program is an opportunity for us to listen to your feedback and refine or revise our product strategy based on that. It also helps us to find major bugs at an early stage and release more stable Open Beta builds. What is there in it for you? The Top 3 users with the best feedbacks and suggestions at the end of the beta testing period will be allowed to keep that smartphone as a thank you present. How amazing is that? Requirements for TECNO Beta testing - Must be an Indian resident - At least 18 years old - Must own a TECNO smartphone - Must have in depth knowledge of the TECNO smartphone features (OS, Camera, Apps) - Willing to provide Aadhar card or other form of identification proof - Willing to sign an NDA (infringement will trigger legal action) Timeline - Applications will be accepted from 19th January to 25th January 2021 - Successful applicants will be contacted via e-mail - Final list of Beta testers will be announced in this same thread on 26th January 2021 - Beta testing will commence from 10th February 2021 Mandatory Task You must create a thread on one of the following topics and share the link with us in the application form. - A detailed review of the top 2 features on your TECNO smartphone (Detailed processor features, camera features, gaming features etc) - TOP 5 features of HiOS and its usage and scope of improvement in HiOS 7.0 (HiOS translate, Social Turbo, Smart Panel etc.) - Top 3 apps of TECNO smartphones and suggestions for improvement in the UI The google form for applying to be a beta tester is shared below (Form closes on 25th Jan, 2021) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the list of our first batch of Beta Testers! Congratulations to all selected candidates! SerialNo.Name 1Amit dubey 2Sumit Kumar Verma 3Pankaj Verma 4Keshav Sharma 5Mohd Javed 6Manish Kumar 7POTHINA BHARAT 8Himali 9Rehan Sheikh 10Chirag monpara 11Nilanjan AlistairChakraborty 12Pritesh Premji Hirani 13Ankur saxena 14Narayan Gupta 15POTHINA ANIL KUMAR 16Santhi kumari 17Tanmay 18Prateek Bajpai 19Priyanshu Kumar 20Abhyudaya 21Sanah 22Rajat Saha 23Neelam Dogra 24Naman sharama 25Himanshu Talwar 26Shubhmeet Jaggi 27Chaitanya Sayi 28Devanshu 29Sameer Dsouza 30Ajithkumar S Read all >>

Your Most-Voted Photography Hack is here!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-162327

Hey T-Fans, Thanks to your votes and your love for photography, we know the hack that is going to turn all our pictures into professional ones. So the most voted winner of the photography hack poll is "passing of light through cups and creating elusive patterned images". T-Boy would like to congratulate all the T-Fans who’ve voted for this hack because now you get to learn from the Praveen Bhat, one of the best portfolio photographers in the country! Check out this great tutorial video created by him to help you master this photography hack using nothing but simple everyday objects, and the ultra Clear 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera of the all new CAMON 16 PREMIER! Now that you know how it’s done, use this hack to click amazing pictures with your TECNO smartphones and share them for everyone to appreciate on TECNO Spot! So get ready to sharpen your photography skills and click like a pro with the CAMON 16 Premier! Get it on Flipkart today for just Rs.16,999/-: Read all >>

thankyou tecno for this gift

CHINKI | 2021-01-124205

tooooo muucccchhh cuuuute Read all >>

Camon 16 received

CHINKI | 2021-01-095264

Today i got my prize of activity Tecno Xshare dhamakedar diwali activity. I am very happy and unable to share our happiness in words. Millions of thanks to Tecno who always fullfill their promise. lots of Love to Tecno. Note: Soon I will share our experiences with this smartphone.Read all >>

Photography With TECNO Spark Go Plus!

SAMV | 2021-01-122290

Hello T-fans! Read all >>

america vs india

shrefa rawbart | 2021-01-120122



gkp@ | 2021-01-120160


Do not download any CoWIN apps from Google Play Store right now; know why?

SAMV | 2021-01-050112

Hello T-fans, On Sunday the Indian drug regulators approved COVID-19 vaccines by Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India for restricted use in the country. To facilitate a smooth rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, the Centre has developed the digital platform CoWIN. For the vaccination process this app will have to be registered. However, do not download any apps from Google Play Store just now, as the official app has not yet been released, even as there are many apps on the play store called CoWIN. The Central government has introduced a new CoWIN app to roll out and scale up the mechanism for COVID-19 vaccine distribution system across the nation. The app is reported to be currently in its pre-production stage and hasn't gone live on Google Play or the App Store. There are at least 3 apps in the Play Store by the name of CoWIN. Many of these apps have been downloaded more than 10,000 times by the people and they are having troubles with them. Many of these apps which were made for Bluetooth and WiFi, are being downloaded thinking it to be the CoWIN app for vaccination. But there they are not getting any information regarding the vaccination process. Cyber ​​Expert Anuj Aggarwal has warned people that they should avoid this type of app, because there may be cases of misuse of data. He also warns people that no personal information of any kind should be given on these apps. CoWIN (COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network) is supposed to be a one-stop digital platform to make the phased-out vaccination process streamlined. IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad even announced a challenge asking developers to augment, scale and strengthen the CoWIN platform. As the central government readies to administer the vaccine to frontline workers, details of the app have now emerged. These details have been listed on the MeitY (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) site. As mentioned, users cannot currently download the CoWIN app from the app stores, nor can they register on the official website. Only few users have been given access to the platform right now. Read all >>

Guess The Feature: Unlock your inner Sherlock & solve the mystery

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-126193

Hello, T-Fans! People say life is a puzzle. Now we don’t know about life, but there is definitely a puzzle related to TECNO’s to be launched smartphone that we are here to challenge you to solve? Like every challenge, sure you can solve this in a jiffy. Need a clue?? It is that feature that manages every action thrown at it without a sweat. It makes every task as smooth as butter and as light as a feather. Check out this video for jumble codes that contain hints about this unique feature. If you are just like us, we know you won’t be able to have a good night’s sleep without figuring out this puzzle. So drop your answers in the comment section below. Bring out your inner-Sherlock and unlock this mystery. Read all >>

Knock knock, guess the feature!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-123185

Hey T-Fans, Is your newspaper reading limited to Sunday crosswords? And why not, the Sherlock in our hearts is in love with Solving puzzles! Guess what, T-Boy is here with another round of ‘Pehchaan Kounsa Feature’. So, sit up and get ready because this is the most important feature that keeps your smartphone alive! We are sure some of you must have already guessed. Don’t worry, for rest of you T-Boy has a few more hints for you. This feature will make sure that your love affair with your smartphone is eternal and not triangle including the switchboard. Also, this feature is the reason your phone is always ready to go within minutes. Put on your thinking caps, T-Fans. Your new TECNO smartphone has always got your back. So, let the comment box flow with the answers. Pro Tip: Check the video right now! Read all >>
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