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Bi-Monthly Newsletter 💙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-09-016376

Spot News
Hey T Fans, 🤗 August is over, and there is never a dull day with TECNO. Right, guys? We bring new activities, launches, teasers, and so much more daily. With such a happening TECNO spot, it becomes difficult to remember all the running contests, launches, and teasers. So, today let's catch up before stepping in September. Sounds good? Read ahead for the August recap!Issue No. 2News/AnnouncementsMake in India Recently, TECNO shared its secret of magical TECNO devices. With over 50,000 stores and a dominant position in the online industry thanks to Amazon, TECNO was able to succeed due to its go-to-market strategy. Each day, TECNO expands. Today, TECNO's 5 series has its users completely enthralled. Click here to read the entire article, and don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments. Google App Update As we are active on the TECNO Spot website, we didn't leave the app behind. TECNO has recently updated its google play app for its beloved users. So, if you don’t have the TECNO app already, this is the moment. Click for the direct barcode. Rajiv Makhni ReviewThe greatest Technician Rajiv Makhani recently reviewed the favourite Spark 9 TECNO phone, and he had some great things to say about the phone. Our readers thoroughly enjoyed guessing the TECNO device in the article. Don’t believe us? Watch the video & WinnersIndependence Day contest TECNO never stays behind. We recently hosted our personalised KBC on the occasion of Independence Day. While so many TECNO members actively participated in the contest, we have the winner here. The one who was the quickest and gave all the right answers. *Drumroll* Let’s hear it for Prince084! Clap, clap, clap for all the participants. Thank you so much for all your responses. Appreciate each one of you guys. World Photography Contest Photography is a passion that only grows with time. And our three winners have proved it right. Let’s hear it for the TECNO members whose pictures won over our hearts at first sight. Lights.Camera And Action! Camon 19 Pro Maze ContestWe will certainly locate the path that will lead us to the excellent TECNO Camon 19 device, even if it might feel like there is no way out of the turns and turns in our lives. Yes, the recently held maze tournament is what we're referring to. As a result, a lot of the players were able to flee, and one of them managed to grab Camon 19 Pro despite all the detours.Featured Contest EntriesJanmashtami Celebration Welcoming Kanha Ji is always exciting. For its community members, TECNO held a fun competition. Here are the top 3 images from the Janmashtami festival that stood out among the sea of images. World Photography Contest Wow, guys. We surely have some great photographers among us. After the #IntoTheNight contest, we had some great responses of pictures coming in. Here are some of the best pictures that were really breathtaking. Current & Upcoming Activities#IntoTheNight Contest & Winner AnnouncementThe winners have not yet been chosen, even though we have just posted the photographs. Guys, don’t hold your breath; the winners will be revealed soon. Just keep waiting. Along with announcing the winners, we will also be disseminating some fantastic photography advice. So pay attention. Ganesh Chaturthi Contest & Winner AnnouncementsGanpati Bappa Morya TECNO fam. Keep tabs on the TECNO app and website to make sure you don’t skip the contest winner announcements. Three Phone launches Ah, Ah! Don’t search for the names already. Good things come to those who wait. So, update to the latest version of TECNO spot on your phone and stay tuned for some great device launches. Once the wait is over, we will be eagerly waiting for your first view reviews on the new devices. So, the time is coming to fill the comment section. Monthly SurveyWe want to see your take on your TECNO spot and launches. We will soon be sharing a survey with you all. Don’t forget to pour your thoughts, reviews and comments there. We really value them.Upcoming Contests Yes, some great and interactive contests are coming your way. So, don’t lose hope, guys. Everyone will have the opportunity to win fantastic brownie points, TECNO gifts, and much more.Folks, that's all for today. Being informed and in the agreement does feel nice, right? Until then, TECNO enthusiasts. Stay informed, pay attention, and #StopAtNothing. See you all in September. 🤩 Read all >>

Ganpati Bappa Moriya!! 🎑

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-31162522

Hey T Fans, Hum sabke Vighna harta aagaye hai. A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi from us to you and your families. We pray all your wishes, aspirations, and dreams come true. May Bappa end all sorrows, sadness, and problems in everyone’s life. Today, as we all prepare to bring Bappa home, our houses are filled with love, flowers, artwork, positivity, and so much more. With this, here comes another fun contest. How To Participate: 🖍 To all the artists, we have a fun art contest for you today. Draw/Paint/Colour and Share a picture of your Ganesh Chaturthi artwork with us at Title Format: Ganesh Chaturthi artwork - (Your Full Name & Spot Username)Publishing Category: Photography Contest Rules: ☑️ [*]Submission duration - 31st August & 1st September [*]Be as creative as you wish to and share a clear picture of your entry [*]Comment below our contest article after emailing your entry [*]The subject of Email - Ganesh Chaturthi artwork - [*]Extra points for entries with TECNO stamp in pictures [*]Copy-pasting from the internet will be disqualified Reward: 🎁 We will be selecting a total of 3 winners. The winners will get exciting rewards and everyone who participates will get TECNO points. We wish all our TECNO members a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. And before you go, don’t forget to write Ganpati Bappa Moriya in the comments. That's all for today, folks. Stay tuned for more exciting tasks, contests, launches, and so much more in the upcoming month. And before we bid bye-bye to August, the Bi-Monthly newsletter Issue 2 will be out soon. So, stay updated, and we will see you next time. Read all >>

We are back with another contest - #IntoTheNight 🏙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-3018439

Hey, Hey T fans, How you doin’? We at TECNO had a great week planning some great launches, teasers, contests and whatnot. As the weekend is here and with great weather, we bring to you today’s contest. No, no, nothing difficult; while you enjoy today’s sunset with your friends and family, all you have to do is click one breathtaking picture of the night sky with your phone and describe your city in a few sentences. Easy, peasy, right? What you have to do: Click an evening/night picture with a glimpse of your town from your phone and publish it on spot along with a short description of the location. For eg. A picture of a famous street, market, monument, temple, etc. 🌉 Title Format: #IntoTheNight - (Your Full Name)Publishing Category: Photography How To Participate: 🔰 Once you have published your article, please confirm in the comments. Also it will be great if you share desktop link of your published entry on email with us at Contest Rules: ✅ [*]Submission duration - 30th August to 4th September 2022 [*]Picture should be clear [*]Description is mandatory [*]Comment below our contest article after publishing your entry and mail us DESKTOP LINK [*]Subject of Email - #IntoTheNight - [*]Extra points for entries with TECNO stamp in pictures [*]Copy pasting from the internet will be disqualified Reward: 🎁 We will be selecting a total of 3 winners. The best article matching the theme #IntoTheNight around your town will win TECNO Speaker. And the 2 runner-ups will be getting exciting TECNO Rewards. Let’s get to it, fam; if your plans for this week are not in order yet, this is the moment to call your friends and get ready for a fun evening. And don’t forget the amazing TECNO #IntoTheNight contest. We all will be waiting for your entries eagerly. 🧐 🤩 That's all for today, folks! See you next time! Until then, stay safe, enjoy your weekend and #StopAtNothing!! Read all >>

Welcome to the survey on users' WiFi usage habits

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-29175826

Hi T-Fans:It only takes 2 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Looking forward to your feedback.Users who answer carefully will have the opportunity to get exquisite prizes! Click the link: activity time:8/27-9/6 Read all >>

Spot Fan Feedback of TECNO Smartphones! ⭐

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-27432145

Spot Fan Reviews
Hey T Fans, 🤗 TECNO has launched many new devices in the last six weeks, and with such an amazing TECNO Spot family, the phones are always getting positive responses, love and gratitude. So, today, we would like to thank all our amazing community members and feature the most stunning responses. 1. Lucky Kumar’s first look feedback for TECNO CAMON 19 from the launch day. 2. Rahul (TECNO-Fan) & Santanu both have showered their love for TECNO CAMON 19 Pro 5G from the launch day. 3. AjijulhoqueAj12 has appreciated and praised our TECNO Spark 9T (Smartphone of dreamers) And we also appreciate and give a big round of applause to two of our fans who have shared lovely feedback for our TECNO brand. Read their comments. Thank you Roman Verma! Thank you AjijulhoqueAj12! Wow, guys, you all rock. Please share your details on email ( to claim your rewards. (We will be dispatching them with the next batch that is going out in the next 10-15 days) We encourage everyone else to join the clan, pour your reviews and write your thoughts about TECNO devices in the comments when we launch our next new smartphone. And you get a chance to win exciting prizes. 🎁 What are you waiting for? If you also have something to say, then go ahead and let us know your thoughts right now. We are eagerly waiting. Until then, #StopAtNothing fam. We will see you next time. Read all >>

[Announcement] Version update reminder-

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-262627753

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: Please go to Google Play and search for "TECNO SPOT" to download the update. We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to theGoogle Play App Store. If you are still using old version, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team Read all >>

Winner Announcement of World Photography Week 🎁

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-25242697

Hey there T-fans, 😃 A BIG thank you to each & every one of you who participated in our Day and Night themed world photography week contest. We have received many creative entries throughout the contest duration & we are proud to say that we have such a talented bunch of shutterbugs! So without further ado, let's get on with the winner list. Drumroll, please!!! Winner #1 - Sani@SinghWinner #2 - ChinkiWinner #3 - Lk_ Wishing all the winners a heartfelt congratulations from our side. Your photo grid compilations were outstanding and we will feature them very soon on social media stories. Meanwhile, featuring the winners' photography below. 1st winner entry from Sani Singh is a beautiful picture from the Charbhag Railway station. 2nd winner entry from Chinki is lit up picture of Saraswati Mandir 3rd winner entry from Lk_ is directly from the city of Jaisalmer Winners are requested to mail his/ her full name, spot ID address with PIN, phone number, to before 31st August, 2022 to claim their prizes. Also share your instagram handle so that we can tag you while featuring your brilliant shots on social media stories. Please note: 📝To all the participants as promised we will reward T-Points respectivelyTo all the winners if you have previously shared your details with us, then no need to share them again. Stay tuned for more exciting community updates. Read all >>

Survey Time!! Your Opinions Matter To Us

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-2317656

Tecno Survey
Hello T-Fans, A wholehearted thank you to all for staying with us. Each and every one of you are making this place what it is today. We have had a couple of huge success on our hands with our latest contest . You participated and day by day winner bucket is filling with so many fan names. We are inviting you to participate in a new survey linked at the bottom of this message. Our main request is for you to share your genuine thoughts and opinions with us. We know how precious your time is and this survey will take approximately two minutes to finish. Form Link: Read all >>

The Magical Journey of TECNO! 🪄

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-23143962

Hey T Fans, 🇮🇳 The entire country contributes to the Make in India campaign, and TECNO too proudly stands by it. Today, let's unravel and discover the master plan that went beyond making the TECNO phones in India. Let’s begin!! Your favorite mobile brand was launched in 2017; TECNO was introduced in India with the “I series.” Yes, for Indians, by Indians. TECNO began its journey by introducing the Spark series in 2017 itself, and 2018 came with the launch of the Camon series; then, there was no end; in no time, more TECNO series were introduced for users to use and love. TECNO was all set to take on the world with its amazing features, camera, amazing price, and so much more to offer. As described by the CEO of TECNO, Mr. Arijeet Talapatra now let’s see how TECNO became what it is now. TECNO’s go-to-market strategy helped it reach the top with 50,000+ retailers and a strong hand in the online market with Amazon. TECNO keeps growing each day. TECNO today has its users wrapped around their 5 series. [*]Pop series [*]Spark series [*]Camon series [*]Pova Series [*]Phantom X But how does the magic behind the creation of the TECNO device happen? Let’s understand, read ahead. TECNO currently has 3+ factory outlets all over India,and each day they are working toward building the campaign Make in India. The TECNO factory revolves around assembling the displays, camera, production, packing, and computerizing other parts and delivering the best TECNO product to its customers. After the assembling, TECNO devices are checked on multiple levels to make sure no client is left unsatisfied with the TECNO phones. Did you know: More than 4 crore TECNO devices are manufactured throughout the year? Wow, right? TECNO is working with the aim to manufacture all its parts in India by the next 3- 5 years. While the world is busy manufacturing expensive, bare minimum feature phones, TECNO is giving its users the best experience with all the best features at a price like never before. Wow, minds blown right? Thought so. TECNO strives to give its users the best experience each day. So, what are you waiting for? Head to amazon or the store near you to get your hand on the latest and trendiest TECNO device that suits you the best. That’s all for today, folks. We will see you next time. Until then, stay safe and #StopAtNothing!! 😇 Read all >>

Let’s Hear it From Rajiv Makhni 👂

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-21407598

Spark 9
Hey T Fans, Happy weekend everyone. We hope you guys had a great week and are not at all feeling the Monday blues already. Today let's have a little test; Rajiv Makhni, the tech expert, recently did a review of one of our latest TECNO devices. Today, we will tell you the features, and you must guess the TECNO device. Interesting right? Here Are the Hints [*]This TECNO device is India’s first 11GB smartphone with amazing memory, processor, and so much more that will attract anyone, anywhere. This phone can stay for 30 days on standby time without charging, and with a single charge offers either 26 hours of calling time or 25 hours of video time or 14 hours of game playing. [*]Enjoy the super night triple rear camera that comes with a 13MP AI dual rear camera, 8 MP selfie camera, auto-capture with smiles, 16 AI scene detection professional video shooting, and so many other amazing features. [*]This device comes with a 6.6” HD+ Dot-in Display, smoother with a 90Hz refresh rate, exceptional display visuals, 89.3% screen-to-body ratio, dual stereo speakers, and splash-resistant features. Okay, guys, enough hints given. It's your turn to guess the right TECNO device in the comments. What are you waiting for? Let the guessing begin. 🤔 Before you start guessing, don’t forget to check out the amazing video by Rajiv Makhni. We will see you next time, fam. Stay safe and #StopAtNothing! Read all >>

[Winner Announcement] Puzzle Wizard Is Here! 🧙‍♀‍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-2083430

Hey, T-Fans! 🤩 Long weekend calls for celebrations. We enjoyed going through all your participation entries and were amazed to see that so many of you got us with your correct answers to the maze. Yes we did give you two paths to reach the TECNO CAMON 19 Pro 5G. Congratulations “Artimallah1996c1ca” for being the last to guess the paths as well as mention the top feature of our phone.🤗 You have won a TECNO hamper box. Please email us your address to send your reward. Email ID: And don’t forget to participate in our ongoing World Photography Contest, only two days left till the contest ends. Read all >>

[Reminder] Explore the Unexplored TECNO Device! 🌏

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-2052171

The Beta Testing Programme
Hey TECNO Fans, Great response from so many fans so far! If you have not yet participated in our activity, read ahead to know more about it. TECNO is soon launching a new device where we need T-Fans to volunteer, test and experience the device before launching it for the world. This is your chance to get your hands on the TECNO device, explore it and share your experienced information before anyone else. Sounds interesting? Know how you can be a part of this amazing activity. Norms [*]Trial Periods: 7 - 8 Months [*]Users need to use the device as the main device [*]Minimum duration to use phone each day - 4 hours [*]You will have to find bugs and issues [*]Users also have to fill out questionnaires with the right and true information [*]The suitable current phone preference is of $300 Registration Process [*]Visit Transsion User Trial andfill out the form [*]Qualified candidates will be notified on the phone TECNO is looking for 13 T-Spot Fans, and the qualified candidates will get points from the global Trassion fans community by submitting bugs, meeting the standard of using time, and filling in the questionnaire. Finally, fans who get the top 80% of the accumulated points can receive a trial phone as a reward. Sounds exciting right? What are you waiting for Fam? Hurry & register now, get the chance to win points and a trial phone as a reward. The registration will close on 25.08.22!! So, make sure you do not miss this amazing opportunity!! Read all >>

Happy Janmashtami: Share A Pic! ✨

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-19233767

Hey T Fans, Janmashtami is the day we celebrate our little Krishna’s birthday, and we are sure Krishna Ji is ready to eat all the MAAKHAN you and your family have to offer. We too absolutely love celebrating Krishna’s birthday, sitting with our grandparents and listening to the birth story (Katha), every year. And the best part is after two year of lockdown this year we will get to decorate our homes with full access to going out and set his little swing as we get ready to celebrate his day. So, today, we ask you to share a pic of your home Janmashtami celebration on email with us, and we will feature the best ones in our newsletter. Email ID: That’s all for today, folks!! Happy Janmashtami. 🧈 Until then, #StopAtNothing Fam, jam!! Read all >>

Wish To Know How To Win The Contest? 🧐

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-19194239

T-Fans, A very happy International Photography Day to everyone!Have you been busy with your smart camera? Looking everywhere for inspiration to be the winner of the T-Spot Photography Contest - Day and Night? Let us tell you it has been all along with you in your hands. Your TECNO phones are equipped with incredible features to make you stand out from the crowd. Here are the different modes of TECNO phone cameras to take a look at: [*]AI CAM Mode - For all kinds of intelligent recognition required to be captured in your shot use this mode [*]Portrait Mode - If you wish to have a gorgeous blurred background use this mode, just ensure to use the same in both day and night shots. [*]Super Night Mode - Perfect for your night shot of the contest as it ensures to stun everyone in a low light scene. [*]Magic Pixel Mode - Camon users this is a magic wand for your shots. Just swish and flick to see the magic happen for you. For our triple camera users, go ahead by experimenting with Telephoto Style- for distant scenes or the ultra-wide style, or for complete landscape scenes. And not only these, here are some tips to get the best mobile shots: [*]Clean the lens for a crystal clear finish [*]Set the focus to get a sharpness to your subject [*]Adjust exposure for perfect brightness [*]Keep your phone steady [*]Use HDR for evenly lit shots [*]To combine both shots use apps like Picsart or Photogrid To explore more checkout our global community Did this inspire you to participate and win the contest? Share with us how you feel. **Details of the contest have been shared earlier. To see it again click here Read all >>

[Winner Announcement] Kaun Banega Champion 😎

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-18153974

Hey, T-patriots! How was your Independence day long weekend? We sure did have an amazing time seeing so many of you participate in our KBC Contest. Many of you made us proud by giving all the correct answers. Before we announce the winners let us tell you what the right answers are: Q1 Who wrote the national anthem of India?A1 Rabindranath Tagore Q2 The official Independence Day celebration by the Indian government takes place at?A2 Red Fort Q3 What is the national motto of India?A3 Satyameva Jayate Q4 What is the exact colour of the Indian Flag?A4 Deep Saffron, White, Dark Green And now without any further ado, let’s see who among the participants won the contest! Congratulations “prince084” for being the champion of the first KBC. 🥳 You have won a TECNO goodie. Please email us your address to send your reward. Email ID: And don’t forget to participate in our ongoing World Photography Contest Read all >>

Bi-Monthly Newsletter 💙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-18194486

Spot News
Hey T Fans, 🤗 How was everybody’s rakhi and the much-awaited long weekend? TECNO members hope you had a lot of fun celebrating the start of the festive season. TECNO will forever be grateful for all the support, love, and gratitude shown towards all the launches, games and fun activities. With so much going on, it becomes hard to keep up with all the latest events and activities, and new TECNO members are also joining us all the time. So today, we are here to catch up with all the amazing events we witnessed so far in August. Issue No. 01 Product Launched & Sale Info TECNO launched its amazing and latest TECNO Camon 19 Pro 5G this month, and its sale started from 12th August onwards at a special launch price of 21,999/-, available only in the retail stores near you.Contest Winners We love hosting some great activities, and you all love to comment, share and tag all your dear and loved ones. We hosted some amazing featured contests, and here are the names of the winners. Featured Contest Entries Great memories come after some fun and crazy moments. Here are some stories that had us going into the aww and laughter moment simultaneously. Mr Rahul Tiwari: Your story made us go emotional and really go hug our friends also. You and your friend just showed the real meaning of a friend in need is a friend indeed. Read below the complete story. Mr Shantanu: This is what real friends do, distracting the teacher from avoiding submitting homework or avoiding a surprise test. We really hope you and your friend never get caught. Mr Kumar: Having each other’s back is the pact all friends follow. We are glad you have such a friend who saved you from a difficult position. Don’t forget to give your friend a treat and a tight hug. Upcoming ActivitiesTECNO has so much more in store for you; stay tuned to witness some amazing events like: [*]Independence Day Winners [*]World Photography Contest [*]TECNO CAMON 19 Pro 5G Maze Puzzle Winner Announcement [*]CAMON 19 series contest [*]Community Updates That's all for today, folks!! It does feel good to be updated and be on the same page, right? Until next time, TECNO fans. Stay updated, stay tuned and #StopAtNothing!! 🤩 Read all >>

[Contest Alert] International Photography Week 📸

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-17206618

Hey T-Fans, Did you know? Two days from now the entire world celebrates World Photography DayWe're calling all photo enthusiasts to take part in the T-Spot Photography Week Contest. CONTEST THEME: Day and Night Lighting plays an important role while clicking pics. It produces striking changes for all shots clicked on your TECNO Phones. In this challenge capture the same scene twice - one during daytime and the second during night time. Try to keep the frames as similar as possible. CONTEST RULES: [*]Submission duration - 17th August 2022 - 22nd August 2022 [*]Click both shots and combine to make one like shown above in the picture as reference. [*]Mail us your entries at, mention #Day&Night as subject [*]Both shots should be of the same scene [*]Mention your TECNO phone name/model if you've clicked from any TECNO smartphone [*]Copy pasting from the internet will be disqualified The best creative piece among all will be the top winner, along with two runner-ups. And what will you all get? PRIZES TO GRAB: [*]Winner to get TECNO smartphone and runner-ups TECNO Hampers [*]The top 3 to be featured on our official Instagram page @TecnoMobileIndia [*]The top 3 day and night shots will be featured on Spot [*]Top 10 winners will receive 50 T-points [*]Rest of the participants will receive 20 T-points for participation What are you waiting for!?Take out your TECNO smartphones and get on with your search for the perfect Day and Night Spot. Read all >>

What the Digital World has to say for Spark 8P? 🎙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-16145088

Spark 8P
Hey T Fans, 🤓 We hope you had a great weekend with your trendy TECNO devices. Today we have something new in store for all of you. We have brought you some of the amazing headlines from various digital platforms about our amazing SPARK 8P TECNO device. Read ahead to know more. *Verdict*- *TECNO SPARK 8P* is a revolutionary smartphone with an *excellent battery backup* and *impressive display and camera quality.* This smartphone would be ideal for people who want the *best performance, great camera and even better battery at a higher value proposition.* [*]TV 9 Hindi *Verdict*- *TECNO SPARK 8P* has a *powerfully striking built* and even better smartphone features. The presence of *HiOS 7.6 and Android 11* gives a seamless operation and switching between different applications. *The smartphone is ideal for everyday multitasking.* With a *5000mAh battery* and an *18W flash charger* the smartphone gives a superlative battery backup. Budget-friendly smartphone with good looks and amazing features, all at just *Rs.10,999*. [*]Live Hindustan *Verdict*- *TECNO SPARK 8P* has a good touch response and an adequate brightness level even outdoors. It comes with *7GB RAM & 50MP Triple Camera at just Rs.10,999.* The connectivity and volume output of the smartphone is said to be *super-efficient.* TECNO's new smartphone gives *good battery life* and a *massive video viewing time.* *TECNO SPARK 8P* fulfills all the boxes of value-proposition. [*]Amar Ujala Wow, right? So many amazing thoughts from the top-notch digital platforms in India. It's indeed a proud moment for all of us. So, if you are still thinking about buying a TECNO device, then this is the call for you, head to Amazon and buy the TECNO device that suits you the best. Now that you have heard it from the digital world don’t forget to share your reviews onTECNO Smartphones in the comments. 🎤 Go ahead! We will see you next time. Until then, #StopAtNothing fam. Stay Safe! Read all >>

KBC in the house - Day 2 🇮🇳

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-15324609

Hey, T-Fans! Wishing you and your family Happy 75 years of Independence! The flag is hoisted everywhere by now and The Prime Minister has also addressed the nation. It was indeed an inspirational morning for all of us, right? And for this occasion yesterday we brought you our version of KBC, Kaun Banega Champion. Kya aap mei hai wo baat? With two questions about our nation, we were really amazed to see so many of you have participated and got it right as well. Let’s keep up the momentum and here are the two questions for today. Question 3: Question 4: Please choose from the 4 options only and comment below with the right answer, to stand a chance to win TECNO rewards along with the title of KBC Champion of the month. The winner will be the lucky one who has correctly answered all 4 questions. Hurry up, the contest will close soon. Happy Guessing, Fam!!! Read all >>

KBC in the house - Day 1

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-08-14603970

Hey, T-Fans! This Independence day we bring you a new yet most liked game of all time. The name of our version of KBC is Kaun Banega Champion. Kya aap mei hai wo baat? Over the next two days we will be asking you 4 questions around Independence Day and all you have to do is quickly guess the right answer. So here comes the first question: This is an easy one right Fans! Here is the second question: Please choose from the 4 options only and comment below with the right answer and stand a chance to win TECNO rewards. The winner will be titled KBC Champion of this month. Hurry up, start guessing and let the games begin. And stay tuned for the next two questions that will be dropping in tomorrow. Read all >>
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