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It’s Bingo Time!! 🌟

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-10-29114945

Mental Health
Hey TECNO Fans, 🤩 The bingo game we started at the beginning of the month as the Self-care October month, as promised we are back with the reveal day. Remember, we had shared a BINGO Card and asked you to try some easy-peasy things to help you with building a positive space for your mental peace. And we are sure you guys did everything to have a good night's sleep, right? Now that October is almost over, it's time to share your BINGO cards in the comments. 🔥 Lost it? No worries, Take a screenshot of the image we have shared here. Before everyone shares their updated BINGO Cards, let us be the first one to begin the cycle. In the comments below the first entry you see is from the admin and we have circled our choice of things that worked for us. 🔔 🫶 🔔 Similarly fans we ask you to share your circled BINGO cards soon with all of us. We are so proud of all our TECNO members for keeping their mental health over everything else. It’s a known fact that people and things may come and go, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is good food and our minds being at peace. So, get to it, guys; we have some amazing tags, T-points, and so much more things coming your way. Stay tuned. We will see you guys soon. Read all >>

4th TECNO CARnival Dhamaka!! 📣

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-10-2775440

Heellooo TECNO members!! 🤩 We hope you guys had a great and safe Diwali and a brilliant festive long weekend. We know you guys are not happy with the weekend getting over, but guyssss, today is Thursday. And what happens on Thursday, you remember right? Yeah, you guessed it. It's yet another Mad Max Thursday. Yes, the second last week but the most amazing Diwali Festive CARnival Lucky draw Thursday. Let’s get to work now. Shall we? Congratulations to Suman Shrivas from Madhya Pradesh and Vijay Kumar from Rajasthan for winning the bumper bike reward. 🥁 And Kudos to all the 25 TECNO smartphone winners and 450 TECNO Smart Accessories winners. 🔥 You can check out the list of the weekly lucky draw winners here Thank you everyone for making this CARnival a great success, and for active participation. Hold on, hold on guys. Why is the Diwali Festive CARnival called CARnival? Because my friends, we have the biggest bumper lucky draw coming your way. So, stay tuned, we will announce the name of the CARnival winner next week. So, hold your horses guys. The CAR is coming your way. Till then, stay tuned, stay safe and we will see you soon!! Read all >>

A Chocolaty Bhaiya Dooj To All! 🍫

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-26255452

T-Fans, 🤗 On the lovely festival of Bhai Dooj, celebrate a special bond with your siblings like never before. Remember the times when your siblings were your best friends, personal diary, soul saver and most annoying the times when you fought with each other. They are the all-in-one combo, Right! However, one thing always remains unchanged, and that is unconditional sibling love. With this “Unbreakable Bond” between a brother & a sister, we have a special treat for this lovely festival. This Bhai Dooj, count the total chocolates on the plate in the picture. In the comment section guess the right count of chocolate wrappers and also tell us how many you will share with your siblings. Though we will wish that you say none/or zero coz we like to tease our siblings rather than sharing our share of chocolates. 👬💜😋 Also don’t forget to tag your siblings and ask them to participate as well. If they are not on Spot, then here is a great opportunity for you to invite them and make them a member of T-Family. 💃 The Top performers with the best answers have loads to grab from this special month prizes like tags, T-Points, feature as the top fan and one more surprise which we will reveal soon. 🔥 Read all >>

4th Week Mega Dhamaka! 🔔

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-25106010

Hey T fans,😁 The craziest 4th lucky draw is here and we cannot contain our excitement. We would like to congratulate all our previous winners. And to those still waiting for their names to come, don’t worry, guys, one last hope. We have a total of 477 gifts in the lucky draw that means 477 winners will be announced the day after tomorrow. 🔥🔥🔥 Now that we are in the last week of Diwali Festive CARnival, tell us how many total gifts have been given and how many are still left to be given? 🔥🔥🔥 Quickly tell us, guys, in the comment section and let’s see how many of you can guess the right number. Common guys, get to it now. We will see you soon with this week’s winners soon. Have a great day ahead, guys. Stay safe and #StopAtNothing. Enjoy! Read all >>

Kitnii Mithaiya Thi?? 🍡🍡🍫🍨🍨

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-24236749

Hey T Fans, 🌟 A very Happy Diwali to the TECNO family. We hope your house is filled with mithai, blessings, love, warmth and all your loved ones. Diwali is the day when our homes have all types of sweets, from soan papdi to laddoo, you name it, we have it all. While we all wait to start all our celebratory rituals like pooja, bursting crackers and having a gala time with our friends and family, let’s play a game. An easy one, okay? Presenting a crossword that has different types of Diwali sweets; all you have to do is find the most number of mithai names in the crossword puzzle. Quick and easy, right? All of our TECNO members are winners in the TECNO eyes, so find them without worrying and with mouth-watering thoughts of eating these mithais during the day. 💃 Take a screenshot of the crossword, circle the maximum mithais and send us your entries in the comment section or on the email at🪅 Get to it, guys; the time is running out. The members with the maximum number of finds will get T-points, virtual tags, and so much more. 💙 That’s all for today, guys. We will see you guys soon. Till then, Have a safe and glowing Diwali with your friends and family. Stay safe and #StopAtNothing. 🌌 Read all >>

Naam mein hi jawab hai! 🤨

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-23135689

Hey T fans, 🔔 Let’s get to business already. For the festive week, here is the last riddle. Excited? Yes, us too!! Now that you guys have done such an amazing job in guessing the previous riddles, we are here with the most mind boggling one. Presenting the 4th riddle, guys! #TSPOTDIWALICELEBRATIONS Hint: (Check out today’s article title) SOOOO obvious, right? We thought so too. Drop in your guesses in the comment section.🌌That’s all for today, guys. We will see you again. Have a great weekend and a safe Choti Diwali. 🌟 Read all >>

HAPPY DHANTERAS to everyone! 🌟

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-23115585

Hey T fans, 🤩 A very happy dhanteras from us to you!! We hope you guys get to shop and grab all the things on your list with your friends and family. Let's play a game while our favorite meal is being cooked, diwali preps are in progress and plans to meet friends and family are being decided. Ready? In the list of items spell the right TECNO series, by filling in the blanks. Simple, dimple, right? Let’s go, then. Wow, this is sooo simple for our hearty TECNO lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the comment section and fill in the blanks and start guessing, and the right users will get T-points, virtual tags, and so much more. 💯🪅🫶💃 The TECNO team is on a close lookout for the right and active TECNO users, so stay updated because the most active and responsive users will get a shoutout in the community after the end of this month. That’s all for today, guys. We will see you soon. Have a great weekend and a safe Choti Diwali ahead. Read all >>

Seize the Day, my friend! 🔔

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-2252702

Hey TECNO lovers, 💙 Some are early buyers, and some like to buy things at the last moment and wait for the best offer. And today, we are here for all those CarpeDiem lovers. The last moment is here for all our TECNO users. For what? The Amazon Great Indian Festival powered by TECNO is coming to an end tomorrow, and we have been amazed at the response towards TECNO smartphones. We are so glad that TECNO was able to bring so many smiles to its users. So, adding to the fun, only 2 days more to grab great offers on TECNO phones. So, head to Amazon and buy your favorite phones at a price like never before. 🛍 On the occasion of the Diwali weekend,bring home the latest and most amazing gift with our smartphones and make your Diwali the best. Tell us which phone you plan to buy or have bought in the comments and why you think it's the best device for you. And also fam, the last and 4th lucky draw is coming up with double bumper rewards up for grabs. So buy earlier and increase your chances of winning in the TECNO Festive CARnival. That’s all for today, folks. Have a great and safe Choti Diwali, We will see you next time. Read all >>

Kya Yeh Aap Ki Bhi Favorite Mithai Hai? 🍡

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-2210352

Hey Fans, 🤩 How often do we forget the name of a special sweet that we would like to give to our friends and family? Quite often, right? And the moment it is known, we take a mini second to think how obvious that was. Right? You are not alone. Here is the third riddle. Ready? Let’s go. #TSPOTDIWALICELEBRATIONS Tell us your guesses in the comments section, and we hope you receive many boxes of this sweet at your place this year. 😋 The right guesses will get you extra T-Points, virtual tags, and the top performers will be featured in the community after the end of this month. So, get to it, guys. We will see you all soon. Read all >>

Naam mein kya rakha hai? 🤨

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-21136009

Hey T Fans, 😁 Do you believe in names and titles! And being Indians we all can say that naming is a very important tradition because most of the time it is said that a right name brings good luck. And when it comes to naming not just a person’s name, it is also about a company, a brand, or a festive celebration with community members. These days with the digital age, the beginning of a new conversation, the formation of a new friendship, the discovery of a new species, smallest of the moments are contained in a name, after all. Naam mein hi to sab kuch hai. It’s time for our second riddle. Ready? Here you go, guys #TSPOTDIWALICELEBRATIONS Tricky one, right? But we know our TECNO members are great thinkers. So, go on, start guessing the right answer in the comment section and let’s see who amongst us guessed it right. 🙋‍♀️We will soon share the name of the TECNO members who stand out in all our challenges and activities. We have virtual tags and T-points, and our top performers from the TECNO family will be featured in the community. So, stay tuned. We will see you next time with more fun challenges. Read all >>

3rd Mad Max Thursday! 🎉

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-2085555

Hey T fans, 😁 Third week is the charm, guys. Third Mad Max Thursday is here, and 426 of you just got lucky. Gear up, guys, because we are excited to announce the winners of the fourth lucky draw today. Drum roll, please 🥁 👏 Congratulations, SAPNA GUPTA (Uttar Pradesh) for winning the extravagant Bike. And a round of applause for the 400 TECNO members who have won a TECNO Smart Accessory each. Check out the winners names on the festive website And do come back and comment if you did get lucky on the third Mad Max Thursday! For all the remaining fans, don’t worry, guys; if you guys didn’t win today, there is 1 last lucky draw + a big bumper reward day planned for all of you. So, take a chill pill, guys and shop more to win more. Your name will come. Read all >>


TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-1825635

Hey T Fans, 🥁 Diwali is just around the corner, and with ghar ki safai, buying new clothes and TECNO Festive CARnival, we want our community members to enjoy some game time with us, and you can invite your friends too. So, starting this week, along with the TECNO Festive CARnival, presenting #TSPOTDIWALICELEBRATIONS for all our fans and your friends & family. The first exciting activity is a riddle challenge for you all. And here is the first riddle. Mind blown, right? Tell us your wild guesses in the comment section, and guys, no helping 😛. We want to see your out-of-the-box guesses, and let’s see who could guess it right. The lucky one will get amazing virtual tags and T-points, and our top performers from the TECNO family will be rewarded with TECNO Goodies. Get to work, guys; we are waiting!! See you all soon. Happy Tuesday, everyone!! Read all >>

[Announcement] T-SPOT adds news section

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-181016274

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: T-SPOT adds news section,More news for you! Read all >>

Week 3 - Mad Max Thursday! [Reminder] 🔔

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-17145682

Hey T fans, 😁 How quickly time passes when we are having fun and winning prizes. We are already in week 3 of Mad Max Thursday, and so many of you have won amazing prizes, along with 2 TECNO members who won bikes as the bumper rewards. Congratulations to all the lucky winners and to those who are yet to win, don’t lose hope, guys; there are gifts for everyone. All you have to do is head to the nearest TECNO store or amazon and buy a TECNO smartphone that suits you the best from so many options. Once done, follow these steps to register for the TECNO Festive CARnival! Scan the QR code ↓You will be redirected to the TECNO WhatsApp Number ↓Message Hi on the WhatsApp chat ↓Reply with all the necessary informationCustomer Name Customer Mobile Number IMEI Number Invoice Image City Pincode ↓Voila, you are now registered, and your participation is confirmed. The 3rd weekly triple dhamaka includes 25 TECNO Smartphones, 400 TECNO Smart Accessories & 1 BUMPER REWARD of a Bike. This means 426 lucky spots are available this week for the 3rd lucky draw of TECNO Festive CARnival. Now that you have all the information, it's time to guess the number of bumper rewards left up for grabs in the comments. 🔥 That’s all for today, folks; hurry up and buy to win as the third lucky draw will be announced this Thursday (20.10.22). Have a great week ahead, and #StopAtNothing fam, jam. Read all >>

😋 Scrumptious World Food Day Greetings 😋

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-1694989

Happy Sunday Fans! 🍫 Today is a special day and we bring you a fun activity along with the reason to celebrate today. Before we get started, how many foodies do we have in the house! We want all our foodie T Spot fans to make a lot of noise in the comments. Are you wondering what is happening? Well, let's get to the point then. Happy Food Day to all of you. We all live in a country overflowing with so many food varieties from each state. Food is integral to any celebration or a normal day, and this world food day we thought let’s celebrate our food brands to honor our rich food culture! Participate in our World Food Day activity where you have 5 food brand logos that you have to guess and tell us among these which one is your favorite. 💙 Share your answers in the comment below to stand out in this fun challenge. Before you guys start guessing, do follow a few things to do your part in reducing the hunger rate in our country. 💯 - Never waste food - Avoid buying too much food - Never throw away food instead give it to a needy person - Encourage people around you to do the same If we all pledge to follow these simple steps definitely the much needed change process will kick start and you never know but the smallest of efforts leads to a chain of positive reactions. Signing of with a quote that will inspire you to stick with the above pointers and a website for you to know more about today: "Food is the Ingredient that Binds us all together" - QUOTE - WEBSITE Happy Guessing fans. Have a great day. 🙋‍♀️ Read all >>

KBC - Round 3 🔥

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-15354237

Hey TECNO lovers, 🤗 We hope you guys are having an amazing week; the sun is out, and so are our TECNO phones, and with this, we have the third Kaun Banega Champion question. Let us tell you the background of the phone before sharing today’s question with you. This smartphone comes with - Dimensity 810 5G Processor - Supports 5G dual carrier aggregation, Truly global 5G - 4GB + 3GB memory fusion RAM with 128 GB ROM & dedicated 1TB SD Card Slot - 120 Hz Refresh rate with stutter free graphics & much more. Now that you have few hints with top features, it's time for the question. Tell us your correct answers in the comment section if you can guess it. 🙋‍♀️ Let’s see who is our champion for this month! Hurry up fans. That's all for today folks; Happy Guessing. Read all >>

TECNO Extra Happiness Days 🤩

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-1581121

Hey T-Fans, 🤗 Weekend calls for grand reveals. Do you wonder how? Let’s find out. After the success of so many amazing TECNO devices, TECNO wants to share the biggest dhamakedar news with all of you. On Amazon, Great Indian Festival Powered by TECNO, there are CRAZZYYY discounts available on best selling and LATEST launched smartphones!! What does this mean to you? Whenever you or your family member shops/windowshops from Amazon, you can proudly see and show off this year’s Great Indian Festival is Powered by us, TECNO. And along with this, we have planned EXTRA HAPPINESS DAYS up ahead with many amazing deals on the greatest TECNO devices. Presenting the second set of deals on the latest TECNO devices. Read ahead to know about phones. TECNO Spark 9 6GB: 1️⃣ - Mediatek Helio G37 Processor - 90Hz Refresh Rate - 6.6 HD+ Dot-Notch Display Get TECNO Spark 9 6GB at: - Offer price: ₹8,549/-** - Save Upto: ₹4,950/- TECNO Spark 8 Pro: 2️⃣ - 33W Fast Charging with 5000 mAh battery, Play Music for 160 hours Stream Videos for 23 hours Keep talking for 53 hours Play Game for 14 hours Get TECNO Spark 8 Pro at: - Offer price: ₹8,099/-** - Save Upto: ₹5,400/- TECNO Spark 8T: 3️⃣ - Equipped with 50MP AI Camera & 6.6" (16.7cm) - FHD+Display for a larger-than-life cinematic experience Get TECNO Spark 8T at: - Offer Price: ₹7,649/- - Save Upto: ₹5,350/- TECNO POP 5 Lte: 4️⃣ - 5000mAh powerful battery - 6.52 HD+ Dot-Notch Display - 8MP AI Dual Rear Camera and much more Get TECNO POP 5 Lte at: - Offer price: ₹5309/- - Save Upto: ₹3,690/- **Prices include bank offers Isn't this actually CRAZZYYY?🤯 Biggest deals on amazing TECNO phones at such great prices. Our minds are blown, and we are sure you guys are not far behind. So, what are you waiting for? Head to and grab these amazing deals like never before. And after you buy your new smartphone, scan the QR code from the bottom and register yourself for the TECNO Festive CARnival to win exciting bumper rewards and smart accessories. Check here for more details: See you guys soon. Stay safe, happy shopping and have a great day ahead. Until we meet next time!! Read all >>

Style Hunt Winner Announcement 🥁

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-1495060

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T Fans, The finale day of TECNOxCOSMO STYLE HUNT was filled with everything fashion & glamor. On the 12th of October, we witnessed a sparkling blend of Fashion and Technology that we can’t wait to share with all our fans. The day started with setting up stages for our top 10 finalists. Followed by welcoming them all and our jury members. Then all the finalists were given two themes, the blazer look and denim look. All the finalists designed and tailored all their looks in both rounds. See some highlights for yourself. With both the rounds and after answering many questions on personal style by the jury & along with a photoshoot followed by the ramp walk, TECNO’s ultimate style hunt has found the top stylish fashionista of the season.! A big congratulations to Siddhant Chandra (Insta: @sidstaring21) for securing the first position, followed by first runner-up Kabir (Insta: @the_unconventional_fashionist) and 2nd runner-up Saumya Chandra (Insta: @saumyachandra_). Shout out “Hip Hip hurray” in the comments fan to congratulate our fabulous & fashionable winners! Each winner won a prize money and a brand new CAMON 19 smartphone from the latest series. A BIG CHEERS TO ALL THE TEAM (Both of TECNO & Cosmopolitan)for pulling off this long term project and the finale that was held at the Pullman Hotel, New Delhi, giving us one winner and two runner-ups. That’s all for today fam, don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming festive week as we have something exciting planned for you and also the 3rd week of TECNO Festive CARnival has started. It’s the perfect time to buy and gift TECNO smartphones to get in the running for being the winner for the 3rd Weekly Lucky Draw. Happy Weekend, guys! 🤗 Read all >>

2nd Mad Max Thursday 🎉

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-1384672

Hey T-Fans, 😁 Have you been waiting like us for the 13th of October? Yes, the day is here. Today is the second Thursday of the TECNO Festive CARnival. Guys, get ready because we just revealed the lucky draw winners for the Second Weekly Lucky Draw. 🥁 A big big congratulations to Rahul Sharma from Uttar Pradesh on winning the Bike as Second Bumper Reward of the CARnival. 👏 And a big round of applause for the 400 TECNO members who have won TECNO Smart Accessories. Check out the winners' names here: DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW “I GOT LUCKY” IF YOU ARE AMONG THE LUCKY 400. We would love to celebrate the winners from our community. For all the remaining fans, don’t worry guys if you didn’t win today, there are 2 more weekly lucky draws & bumper rewards planned ahead which are BIGGER and GRANDER!! So, take a chill pill, you've got many chances in store to win. Till then, stay safe & we will see you winning soon! Read all >>

TECNO Style Hunt [UPDATE] 📣

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-10-1295385

CAMON 19 Series
Hey T Fans, 🪅 Let's all take a visit down memory lane. Last month we started our hunt for the most stylish model in partnership with Cosmopolitan. When we first introduced the TECNO model hunt we were thrilled with the amazing response, and today, we are here in the last lap of our Style Hunt. Excited? Us too. We have the list of the top 10 finalists, the jury for the show and so much more. Drum roll, please!🥁 Presenting the top 10 finalists! A big congratulations to all the finalists, your fashion choice definitely took us by storm. And all the best as the d-day is here with all the final rounds of style to showcase your talent. Come fans, let's wish our 10 finalists together. And also let’s say hi to all our esteemed jury members. Check them out here: Keep watching our Instagram handle for all the latest updates. 👀 If you are waiting for the winner already? Stay tuned the winner will be declared shortly. Until then, keep getting inspired by the fashion game of our finalists guys. Read all >>
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