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Answer Or Reject Call Without Touching Your Phone

Sumit Verma | 2020-08-0314465

This post was last edited by Sumit Verma at 2020-8-3 04:55 Hello T-Fans, Yea! Every day as humans, we get our hands busy with a lot of activities. This could be cooking, washing, eating, cleaning, and many more. These activities, obviously, are enough to separate us long enough from our beloved mobile device. And you will agree with me that we always want to use our phones consciously and even when we don't feel like. Don't tell me you don't get stuck with phone when that chat is going to the sweet level. Today we are going to be talking about sensor call picker. Another way you can use to answer or reject calls using TECNO device. Imagine yourself eating that sweet delicious, palacious, sweetcious and mouthious dish with your hands and boom, your boss begins to call as if he/she knows when you're in your moment. At this time you can’t pick it because your hands are oily, creamy or sweetcious because of that barbeque. You will just be looking at your phone until it stops ringing. Not cool for you because you may now have a query to answer for not picking up when needed. Disappointing to your stomach and even that feeling of the moment. Well is a small exclamation. Let's say Oh My God! The HiOS team already solved this with Sensor Call Picker How does it work? Once you activate this feature, you can pick or reject a call on your mobile device without touching the screen. All you have to do is to use a simple"V" gesture over the phone screen to answer the phone call or just place your palm above your phone screen to reject the call. Note:Your hands {"V" gesture} must be spaced over the top of your phone screen (about 20cm away) to answer a call. To reject a call, just do an Hi-five over the screen(about 20cm away from the phone). How to activate it? To Activate this feature, you need to do simple, Go to settings >> MicroIntelligence >> Answer with a gesture Join us to discuss right in the comment section below, telling us how you have used sensor call picker and other feedbacks that is associated with this topic. Read all >>

Sparkle Your Life With Spark 6 Air

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-3112582

Hey T-Fans, Presenting the all new TECNO Spark 6 Air that comes with awesome features like 7 inchesDot-Notch Display, 6000mAh Super Massive battery with fast charging, and much more. With Spark 6 Air never miss out on that theatre-like experience. Get immersed in your favourite shows and movies with HD+ Display. Now power-up for an entertainment that you wish to have. Available on Amazon at INR 7999. Sale starts on 6th August. Read all >>

Solve all your Earphone Hassles with Hipods H2

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-299380

Hipods H2
Greetings of the day, T-Fans! Don't you just get bored when someone tries to hold you back on the grounds of some age-old problems? T-Boy is tired of such snags too that stop our T-Stars from making the most of technology. Bid farewell to all your earphone worries with Hipods H2. H2 has been tailored to make multitasking smooth and fun, with its top-notch sleek design and unique user interface, long-lasting 24*7 non-stop entertainment all packed in a stylish charging case. The Hipods H2 is sweat and water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about them during your workouts or daily hustle. This is the age of moving on and progressing ahead. Let NOTHING take away your right to enjoy the power of sound. So, T-Stars, upgrade your TECNO experience with its perfect partner, the Hipods H2! Switch to wireless entertainment, get your pair of Hipods H2@ ₹1999 only!CLICK HERE: Read all >>

How to use the noise cancellation feature in Google Meet for your online meeting

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-07-283233

Hello T-Fans, Background noise during an ongoing meeting can be quite distracting at times and to tackle this problem Google has recently rolled out the noise cancellation feature to Google Meet for G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite Enterprise Essentials accounts. As of now, the feature is currently available on web-only and is expected to make its way to mobile app version soon. The noise cancellation feature on Google Meet uses Artificial Intelligence to remove non-stationary noises such as typing, door opening and closing and other background noises. Here’s what type of noises Google Meet’s noise cancellation feature filters The noise cancellation feature does not affect audio captured from screen sharing The feature mostly filters out noises that do not sound like voices such as voices from another person speaking behind you or voices coming from TV does not get filtered. If you want to enable this feature on Google Meet, follow out step-by-step instructions 1. Go to the Meet homepage 2. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner 3. Select Audio 4. Turn on Noise cancellation 5. Click Done Hope you Understand the Procedure. If you have any questions then please comment it down. Have a Nice Day.Read all >>

Spark Pictionary | Can you say it without words?

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-28341189

Hi T-Fans! As you know the Spark 6 Air launch is just around the corner, T-Boy hopes you are not running low on the much-needed spark in your lives! TECNO always comes with innovative ways to keep our T- Stars entertained. Isn't that one of the reasons you just love TECNO Spot? Well, then hop into another incredibly fun-filled activity and light the spark all over again! If you had to make your friend understand the name "Spark 6 Air" only through emoji and pictures and NO words whatsoever, how would you do it? We are eager to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section! Sample Comment Read all >>

How to use the new fingerprint lock feature on WhatsApp for Android

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-07-262310

After almost 12 months since WhatsApp rolled out FaceID or TouchID for iOS, the same added layer of security has now been officially added for Android users. To clarify, this layer of protection is there to open the application rather than for individual chats. Due to this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to add their fingerprint — on supported Android phones — as an authentication tool to access the instant messaging app. If you are wondering how to enable this latest WhatsApp feature, follow these steps: 1. Open WhatsApp 2. Tap on the three dot icon on the top right corner to access more options 3. Tap on Settings 4. Tap on Account 5. Tap on Privacy 6. Scroll down to ‘Fingerprint lock’ and tap on it 7.Turn on ‘Unlock with fingerprint sensor’ 8. Once you do, it will ask you to ‘confirm fingerprint’ 9. Once you do, it will give you an option to select when you want your Android device to ask for the fingerprint. There are three options — immediately, after 1 minute, after 30 minutes. Right below this, you will also get an option to turn on ‘Show content in notifications’ which if enabled will allow you to preview message text inside new message notifications. To recall, the same feature was spotted in the beta version of the app back in August and within two months has been rolled out to all Android users with the stable version. Even though for iPhones, WhatsApp rolled out authentication support in terms of both TouchID or FaceID, Android users have only got fingerprint lock support so far. No leaks suggest that the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform is working on rolling face unlock support for Android as wellRead all >>

Hipods H2 now on sale in Amazon: Grab yours today!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-27152472

Hipods H2
Hi there, T-Fans! Performance and compatibility= YES PLEASE!! T-Boy understands your need for unmatched wireless TECNO earphones that make you feel the power of sound. Hence, the Hipods H2 has been made compatible with ALL TECNO smartphones. No matter where you are and which TECNO model you use, H2’s unbelievable stereo sound and 24 hours non-stop music playing ability is all yours! What’s more? This amazing power wireless earphone is now available onAmazon as well as your nearest retail stores. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get your pair of Hipods H2 now! Read all >>

Add the Spice of Sound to your Love Life: TECNO Hipods H2 | Check It Out!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-26231347

Hipods H2
Howdy, T-Fans! Hasn’t this been a trying time for us all? Especially for those who have to stay away from their spouse or love interest. Is that a nod of approval? T-Boy understands how heartbreaking it is to not have your loved ones close by, to not be able to hear their voice. And that’s why TECNO introduces the magnificent wireless Hipods H2 - the ideal partner for your TECNO smartphones!With this amazing wireless device, you can hear the voice of your partner crystal clear with zero background noise. You will feel the power of love all over again with the perfect bass and treble of this product. Sounds good? I know, right! Don’t wait till sale day on 27th July, check out the Hipods H2 NOW: Read all >>

How to download Instagram videos on your smartphone

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-07-233257

People from across the world post thousands of videos and photos on Instagram and at times, people find some videos interesting and want to save it to view them in future on their smartphone. Well, if you are looking to download any video from an Instagram post or story then sadly, Instagram only allows users to save their own Stories which are recorded using the app itself. However, there’s a workaround that extracts the video content from the particular Instagram post and saves it to the smartphone's storage. To do that, there are two ways -- using online website tools and using third-party apps. Now, we understand that using a third-party app is not the best solution here due to the privacy concern, so in this how-to guide, we will refer to the web tools. Now, there are several websites that allow users to download Instagram videos. You can simply Google them and use any of them you like. 1. Open the Instagram app 2. Scroll and look for any video post you want to download 3. Now, tap on the three vertical dots from the right corner of the post and choose Copy link option 4. Then, head to the website and paste the link and click the download button Do note that the web tools only allow downloading videos from the accounts that are not private.Read all >>

Equation Of Sound Has Been Solved, Check The Answer

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-255363

Hipods H2
This post was last edited by Sumit Verma at 2020-7-27 15:38 Hello T-fans, Yesterday I asked you it, e=mc² and a²+b²=c² then what will be H2=? Now equation has been solved , H2=( Sound)² The wait is finally over! Presenting to you the new TECNO Hipods H2 - The correct answer for the equation of sound. With Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) technology, ENC noise reduction and 24 hours non-stop music experience, they are packed with the power of 2! It's time to surprise your senses! Sale on Amazon starts on 27 July 2020 Check it out: Also available at retail stores near you. Don't miss it! Read all >>

Earbuds Disconnected?: Possible Problems and Solutions

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-255310

Hi T-Fans, We all love being glued to our wireless earphones. They help us fly, run, dance and perform whatever our heart desires. However, T-Boy has realized that we come across some basic problems and face ‘connection issues’ in our seamless music experience. So, here is a list of possible problems and their solutions for our T-Fans to have a hindrance-free music experience on your wireless device. 1. What if the Smartphone doesn’t find your earphones?Though that sounds cliché, it works most of the times: turn off your Bluetooth and switch it on. This might help your device to detect the Bluetooth earphones. Also, ensure that both devices aren’t far apart. Turn off or remove any interfering devices. It could be that your earphones are trying to connect with some another device instead of your smartphone. You should also move away from the Wi-Fi router. It could be that your Wi-Fi router is using the same spectrumas the headphones, and thus causing some interference. 2. What if the connection isn’t really strong?It’s bothering to be interrupted while listening to our favourite tunes. But, we need to work on compatibility issues for a stronger smartphone and Bluetoothdevice connection. Ensure that both devices have an optimum battery. The Bluetooth devices tend to have a poor connection with low battery. Most importantly, when you’re disconnected, check that you haven’t flown out of range. 3. What if the Pairing Fails?Many times, the connection process seems to take a millennium. This usually is because many Bluetooth devices in the vicinity confuse your smartphone. Ensure to turn off the ones that aren’t needed and let your Smartphone Concentrate. Note that you should have a compatible pair right from the purchase. See that the specifications of both devices are well matched. Read all >>

Things You Should Consider Before Buying An Earphone

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-246231

This post was last edited by Sumit Verma at 2020-7-24 05:24 Hello T-fans, For most people, wired headphones are simply tooinconvenient to use on a daily basis. The only reason why many people stillused wired earphones is that they are incredibly cheap. However, wireless headphones offer an entirely differentexperience that should not be missed. Here are some things to consider before buying your nextpair of wireless headphones. Sound qualityAudiophiles are not the only ones who should be concernedabout the sound quality of their headphones. Before committing to any singlepair of wireless headphones, considering audio quality is of paramountimportance. Form, comfort, and sizeIn reality, these three areas are what most people focus onwhen looking at wireless headphones, and for good reason. Many users will weara single pair of headphones for multiple hours every single day so they have tobe comfortable and convenient.Of course, many people will also pay a lot of attention onstyle. Wireless headphones that do not look good simply do not sell as well astheir sleek-looking counterparts.There are three forms of wireless earphones: in-ear, on-ear,and over-ear.In-ear may be self-explanatory but it is actually the singlemost innovative area currently with many companies attempting to revolutionizeits form and functionality.On-ear headphones are those that simply rest on top of theears but do not fully enclose them. In contrast, over-ear headphones enclosethe entire ear. The difference between the two is that the latter allows forbetter sound quality with louder volumes and better bass but may not be ascomfortable or as portable. Controls and pairingIf you are used to wired headphones, then you are alsoprobably used to controlling things like volume or play/pause with physicalbuttons along the wire. Wireless headphones, however, can be very different.Many wireless headphones have controls on the earpiecesthemselves. Some of them are protruding but most of the modern ones have touchcontrols instead. A limited number can also be controlled by voice or byexternal apps.The control method and style is far more important than youmight think. Many manufacturers opt for style rather than functionality and itall depends on your needs. For instance, some of the controls might not besuitable for gym-goers, while others might be perfect for that particularcause. Battery lifeFor those of you who have only ever used wired headphones,the fact that wireless headphones have a limited battery life might be an alienconcept. However, this is a necessary part of wireless headphones and somethingvery important to consider.Most wireless headphones will give you a good few hours ofbattery life so you will most likely be able to use them for quite a few hoursevery day. If, for whatever reason, you require extended battery life, however,then you will need to do some more research. Read all >>

Music that makes people feel peaceful

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-07-234270

This post was last edited by Rehan Sheikh at 2020-7-26 09:55 "When you're happy, you enjoy the music but when you're sad, you understand the lyric." -Frank Ocean. Entertainment can be categorised into few different ways such as dancing, vacation, and watching movie. Nowadays most of the people, they have focus more on listen to music’s. Music is one of the entertainments that commonly nowadays young people are focus on. Through music it has bring a lot of advantage for the teenagers to try to communicate with one and other and to be more update in the world of teenagers. Beside that, music is also one of the tools to try to express themselves from stress. Under music it has combined it different type of culture into one society. It has been combined together in one of the most popular and advances towards creating a better society. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music vary according to culture and social context. Jazz music brings a lot of benefits to us nowadays. But one of the most effective ways that jazz music had brought to us is that, when we listen to jazz music we will feel more peaceful in our mind. According to scientist say that when a person is listening to Jazz music it has brought up some brain emotion and make it feel relax and will go by the rhythm on it. It will keep a certain amount of peaceful moment; it could help a person to remain a better conscious on what he is doing on. By putting jazz music on in daily life it could help a person also to improve in their behavior, jazz music can avoid bad behavior that leads to bad destruction. This could help a person to develop creativity, artistry, humanity, individually, intelligence, and also will have a better chance to deal with an issue at hand more easily and more positive ways. While jazz music can leads a person to go towards a positive ways in a peaceful manners on dealing with a person. Through Jazz music it could help a person to release painful emotion, by listen to jazz music it has a great impact of mind, body and spirit to bring a healthful charges on our painful emotion. According to doctors some music treatment for example using jazz music it could treat a patient to stay and healthy and even faster to recovery from their painful emotion. Listen to jazz music can also help a person to release their anger and also boost their happy feeling to the maximum. The mind will start to stimulate and through jazz music it could obtain the high mental alertness on the part that will help you think of the goods and forget the bad part. By the mint time it could help your mind to active the brain on, and enhances the best is to make a person to feel more relaxing. Through jazz music can help a person to reduce pain sensation and also distress of both chronic pain and postoperative pain. Jazz music also promotes relaxation of tense muscle, and enabling a person to easily release some of the tension that carries on the day. Jazz Music, especially upbeat tunes, can take your mind off what stresses you, and help you feel more optimistic and positive. This helps release stress and can even help you keep from getting as stressed over life’s little frustrations in the future. Researchers discovered that music can decrease the amount of the cortical, a stress-related hormone produced by the body in response to stress. So what type of music reduces stress the best? A bit surprising is that Native American, Celtic, Indian stringed-instruments, drums, and flutes are very effective at relaxing the mind even when played moderately loud. Sounds of rain, thunder, and nature sounds may also be relaxing particularly when mixed with other music, such as light jazz, classical (the "largo" movement), and easy listening music. Since with music we are rarely told the beats per minute, how do you choose the relaxation music that is best for you? The answer partly rests with you: You must first like the music being played, and then it must relax you. You could start by simply exploring the music on this web page. Some may relax you, some may not. Forcing yourself to listen to relaxation music that irritates you can create tension, not reduce it. If that happens, try looking for alternatives on the internet or consult with Counseling Service staff for other musical suggestions. It is important to remember that quieting your mind does not mean you will automatically feel sleepy. It means your brain and body are relaxed, and with your new calm self, you can then function at your best in many activities.Read all >>

Your Superhero with Infinite Power!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-06-1310528

Hello T-Fans! In the world of the much-loved Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Superhero movies, the chase is always the same. Hunger is an infinite source of energy- POWER! How would you like to hold that power in your hand? We know that our comment section might get flooded with various superpowers. Some of you might want to associate it with the Hulk in you.For some, it may make you feel like the Iron-Man on the go, completing all multiple tasks that come your way. For some, it may be Thor with the enchanted lightning supremacy! And while the superpower gets settled, let’s focus on the perks. With so much power, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences, or you can watch the latest movies without having to charge your phone in between or while watching. You might finish several seasons on Netflix without even noticing. Imagine travelling long hours without being anxious about your phone dying? Feeling invincible already? As our very own T-Boy is power-packed, so is our upcoming TECNO Phone. We have some very exciting news coming your way. Watch this video and guess what all it could be in the comments below. Read all >>

TECNO Mobile Photography Tips-Rule of Third.

Ramesh Krish | 2020-07-136274

This post was last edited by Ramesh Krish at 2020-7-13 12:39 Hello T Fans,Here I come with some useful tips on Mobile Photography.Everyone now is a photographer with the advanced technology and introduction of Smartphones. Here I am sharing a simple yet very useful mobile photography tip.Lot of you might be using knowingly or unknowingly . It’sthe Rule of third. So lets understand what is rule of third in photography.To compose your photos according to the rule of thirds, youmust imagine your photo divided into nine equal parts using two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. ... The rule of thirds states that the most important elements in the scene should be placed along the gridlines or at the intersections where the lines meet. Source:GoogleComing to TECNO Phone in Camera Settings you can find the Grid Lines Options,You have to activate the same making it ON . To to experience the Rule of third.As explained it’s a simple trick of photo composition. Withthis trick we can create visually appealing Stunning Photos. When you position the main subject in the centre of thephoto – it becomes static. The viewers’ attention goes straight to the centre of the photo and gets stuck there. Imagine now, a photo of a subject positionedoff-centre. The viewer is then encouraged to look beyond the main subject and further explore the remaining photo. This is where you can position supporting subjects and/or background to provide the context and narrative to the photo. The subject can still remain the dominant object in the photo, through the use of size, lighting, colour and sharpness.Hope you liked this tip.Would like to see photos taken on TECNO Phone with the rule of third in the comment box. Read all >>

Superior Antivirus Protection Suite On HiOS

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-081248

Hi T-Fans! Viruses are truly the most problematic things on this planet. Be it in the form of a global pandemic or as malware in your device, the consequent frustration is as real as it gets! Malware is harmful virus-infested software programs that are powered to disrupt a device’s otherwise smooth performance. T-Stars, our very own T-Boy wants you to be aware of this malware as, literally, everyone is at the risk of data theft. The worst part about these programmed viruses is that we often are entirely unaware of their presence in our device. Those who use modded games or those who download pornographic content from unverified links are at a higher risk of downloading malware unintentionally. Giving into ‘click-baits” is another easy way to inviting programmed viruses into your device. Worried? Not in the TECNOverse! HiOS is armed with an in-built antivirus program in the Phone Master application. It offers streamlined protection to your TECNO device. All you really need to do is simply scan your device from time to time. That’s it. In case you end up with a stubborn virus in your device, you have the option to restore factory settings. This will positively get rid of the virus. Read all >>

Feel the Power of Sound like Never Before: TECNO Hipods H2 @ ₹1999!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-24251857

Hipods H2
Hey, T-Fans! The wait is finally over. Presenting to you the all new TECNO Hipods H2 TWS. With H2, you can surprise your senses and listen to music non-stop. Imagine the feeling of listening to the perfect sound clarity through two pieces of heavy-duty, power-packed ear pods! Let us break it down. If e=mc^2, then H2=(SOUND)^2! What makes Hipods H2 special? H2 has an attractive sleek design that is made sweat and water-resistant. It comes with an amazing interface that has a smart pop-up connection. And there’s more: - Enjoy NON-STOP MUSIC upto 24 Hrs- With SMART Touch controls- Sweat & Water resistance with IPX4 protection- With AAC Technology for real Stereo sound effect- ENC Dual-microphone noise reduction technology- Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity- 120ms Low Latency for smooth video & gaming experience Warranty - 6 Months (Carlcare Service Centre) Available in Black & White Glossy premium finish color All this at Just Rs. 1999 only !!! Check it out: Sounds good? What are you waiting for? Go, grab one, soon! Head to Amazon NOW! Experience the magnificent brilliance of quality sound on-the-go. Read all >>

Create Whatsapp Sticker With Social Turbo And Become Sticker Master

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-2316559

Hello T-Fans, WhatsApp sticker are interesting way of adding fun and life to your Whatsapp conversation. It allows you to express feeling using funny stickers and memes. Today I will doing a short tutorial on how to create your own personalised whatsapp stickers using your pictures and how to add it to your whatsapp conversation using your Tecno devices. The first step is to have Social Turbo app installed on your smartphone. It came preinstalled on recent devices and can also be downloaded on Playstore. Launch the social turbo app and click on sticker maker. The next thing is to tap on create your own stickers. Proceed to gallery,select the image you'll like to use as your sticker. You can adjust the image by using the cut , rotate and crop icons. When you're done tap on the save icon by the top right corner. You need at least three images to a create Whatsapp stickers , when you're done adding images. Tap on add to WhatsApp. You've successfully add your stickers to WhatsApp. To use just go to your WhatsApp emoji icon , you'll see your created stickers there. Read all >>

How To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers And Intruders.

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-07-209365

Hello T-Fans, Mobile device security protects your data from security threats that lead to data breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and even data loss as a result of user error or a stolen or misplaced device. You can protect your phone as well as your Personal information with a managed mobile device security plan. 1.) Avoid public Wi-Fi :- By now, everyone should know about the dangers of using open Wi-Fi for anything, because free public Wi-Fi in shopping centers, cafes, airports, or any other public venue, is open season for all kinds of online mischief. Try to use only your private cell connection whenever possible and switch off Wi-Fi on your mobile phone altogether whenever you are in a public place. If that is not possible, consider using a VPN app, a utility that tunnels network communications through an encrypted connection. But choose carefully — not all VPNs are equal in quality. Also consider disabling Bluetooth while you’re out and about unless you are wearing a smartwatch that requires it. 2.) Lock your smartphone :- Pass code's may not be super convenient, but peace of mind dictates that if your smartphone falls out of your pocket while you’re trying out new sofas at Ikea, the first person who picks it up should not be able to get your life story from your email, contacts, photos, and banking information. Consider setting an even longer passcode with both numbers and letters. Not a big passcode fan? No worries. Fingerprint scanning and Face ID are easy, fast alternatives to punching in numbers. While you’re at it, make sure apps with personal information are also locked behind passwords. 3.) Don’t overshare on social media :- While it’s fine to use your real name on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, avoid sharing a ton of revealing information about yourself on social networks. Avoid listing home towns, specific addresses, specific work locations, phone numbers, family names, and other details hackers can use to track you. These days, Facebook lets you conceal the vast portion of information about yourself with its privacy settings and tools, including most photos, friend lists, and more. Curate and streamline your feed to get rid of old, outdated information that may reveal more about you than you’d like. Better still, use Facebook on your home computer, as opposed to accessing it on your phone, if you can. 4.) Travel light :- Don’t store personal information, documents, or files on your phone, and limit the number of geotagged photos in your Camera Roll. Make a habit of keeping your phone relatively pristine by offloading images and documents to your computer, and eliminating confidential emails from financial, employer, and health-related accounts. 5.)Use two-factor authentication :- Here’s another obnoxious security measure that most people can’t stand. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is hated because it requires an extra step, and it’s really a pain if you forget to have your phone or watch nearby. But like passwords, it serves a purpose by providing an extra layer of protection in case someone gets ahold of your password. 6.) Beware of spam and phishing emails :- One of the easiest ways for hackers to invade your phone and access your information is through your email inbox. Phishing scams are designed to trick you into handing over access to your accounts. Avoid clicking on links in promotional emails, opening suspicious attachments, or running app updates prompted through email. Do not try to access financial accounts through random emails, but instead, go directly to the financial institution website and sign in with a proper username and password.Read all >>

Spark Power: Out Of Battery, No Issue Anymore

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-1618798

Hey T-Fans, Seeking for a phone that provides you with an unlimited battery time? Tired of being interrupted by low battery while watching your favourite show? We have got a perfect solution for you, A phone with 6000mAh battery which lasts longer than your imagination & provides an ultimate solution to your daily entertainment dose ! Now you can watch all your favorite shows unstoppable with TECNO Spark Power in a 7 inch Wide Screen, which supports fast charging. Not only battery its Al-enabled triple-rear-camera system (13 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP) helps you click professional quality pictures. And, if you love capturing the serenity of nature, then you can take advantage of its background bokeh effect and 120-degree ultra-wide-angle to do that. Spark Power has a 13-megapixel AI Selfie Camera, along with 6 levels of AI Beauty, so your selfies are nothing short of gorgeous. In addition, it also features dual-invisible front flashlights to ensure that your selfies don't go dark. Spark Power boasts 4 GB of RAM, which makes multitasking between apps seamless. On top of that, it also has 64 GB of ROM (expandable up to 256 GB) so that you get enough room to store your important files, documents, songs and much more. Thanks to its anti-oil fingerprint sensor, you can unlock this device in about 0.27 seconds. You can even use the sensor to perform a host of other functions, such as accepting/recording calls, dismissing, and clicking pictures. Thanks to the Face Unlock feature that is highly secure with the closed eye protection feature, you can unlock the secure contents of the phone by just looking at it. Read all >>
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