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International Students Day! 👨‍🎓

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-17125244

Tecno Survey
Hey T-students, 🤓 We are always surfing the internet, looking for answers and weird theories and serving our curiosities. Right? So on this International Students Day, TECNO has devised an idea to start a series of tutorial threads on the topics our community members are interested in. How? ✅Fill out this survey here And we will soon launch some of the educational threads on TECNO on the topics suggested by you guys. A treat to all the curious students out there. Invite your friends and family to join the conversation and share your thoughts on this idea in the comments below. That’s all for today, folks. Fill out the survey now, and we will see you soon. Till then, stay safe and #StopAtNothing. Read all >> Version Update Reminder

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-161218453

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: Please go to Google Play and search for "TECNO SPOT" to download the update. We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to theGoogle Play App Store. This update upgrade: 1.folding screen adaptation 2.Fix the problem of opening page H5 skip 3.Rectify the problem that the configuration of the switch site does not take effect 4.Add the opening page click event Read all >>

HiOS Indian Fans! Join HiOS Family!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-16206918

Dear User, Are you using Tecno Phone & based in India? Then this opportunity is for you. We are in the process of recruitingHiOS Fans. Participate in submitting Bugs & product requests for HiOS to win rewards. 一、Requirements & Standards to become a part of the recruitment : 1️⃣ Applicants must have Tecno device having HiOS8.6 &above. 2️⃣ Applicants should be based in India. 3️⃣ Applicants should be interested in mobile phones, operating systems &technology trends. 4️⃣ Applicants should like socializing and events related to technology. 5️⃣ Applicant who has some free time on his hands to explore gadgets. List Of Rewards & Opportunities : 1️⃣ You will have a chance to earn unlimited cash rewards. 1 accepted issue or request will reward you between 1 USD to 5 USD and so on. There are no limitations on problems and requests submission. 2️⃣You will be invited to attend Product Launch events of Tecno. 3️⃣You will have an opportunity to meet and greet the Tecno Developers,Product Managers team. 4️⃣ You will be invited to our special User Research, Product Discussion etc. Activities & many more to come. If you want to be a part of HiOS Family then click on the link below, fill in the details and sail with us on the all new journey. Link : Note : 1️⃣Once you fill out the form successfully & all the conditions are met, then you'll be invited directly to our official WhatsApp group for further instructions & processes. 2️⃣ We will be recruiting only a limited number of fans on a first come first serve basis who meet all our conditions. So Hurry Up & Grab This Golden Opportunity..! Read all >>

Kitne Apps Hai? 🧐

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-15186726

Hey TECNO Lovers, 💙 Happy Tuesday, everyone. We always switch between apps on our Mobile. Instagram, Snapchat, Phone Camera, Photo Gallery, Games, and so much more. The core of your smartphone usage experience is made up of apps. While a small percentage of users still favor web pages over applications, the bulk of us use apps, especially on smartphones (maybe a poll for another day). Nowadays, there is an app for everything. The list could go on and include apps for investing, ordering food, getting a massage, and more. Some time back, smartphones had only 8GB of storage. You had to be selective about the apps you installed back then. Consequently, technology has evolved and improved. How many apps do you currently have loaded on your phone? Let's count the number of apps on your phone using the steps below: Settings ↓Apps & Notifications↓ “See all X apps” Follow these easy steps, and tell us how many apps are installed on your TECNO phone at the moment; no cheating 😛 Start commenting, guys! and don’t forget to mention the TECNO Smartphone device name. We will see you soon. Have a great day ahead. Read all >>

Happy Children’s Day 👶👧🧒🎊

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-14115305

Hey, T-kids! 👶 It’s 14th November fans, the day to celebrate all the kids around us and within us. Wishing all of you a very very happy BAAL DIWAS! There are some things that we can’t buy, one of such things is our childhood. Remember the innocence and playfulness that you carried with you when you were a child and enjoy the spirit of the day. It is all about being joyful. And on this note we have a happy surprise for all our fans, the #BackToChildhood Contest is extended by one more day. 🤗 So if you wish to participate check out all our previous articles: Home: School: Playground: Map: Kindness Day: Make sure that you drop in your entries for all the above only then you will be eligible to be considered for final evaluation. 💯 3 Exciting TECNO Goodies are waiting for you. 🎁 Please note if you are not able to access these links on your mobile device, we would request you to open them from your computer. 🙌 Hurry up fans and get on with sharing your exciting childhood experience with us. The last entry day and time is 14th November 2022, 11:59 pm. 🔥 Read all >>

#BackToChilhood - Happy Kindness Day! 😇

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-1319600

Hey TECNO Lovers, 💙 Always be kind; you never know what the other person is going through!! An old saying but the right one. Today, on kindness day, we want all of you to go back to your childhood and jog your memory. Tell us a kindness act you did in school with teachers, friends, family or strangers that made you feel proud of yourself. 🤗 Some examples are mentioned in the pic to help you kick start the process to remember the old days.🙌 Tell us in the comments and recall that moment again. And for the first time, let's complement each other by appreciating other T fans' story tales. 🔥 Let’s get to it, guys. We will see you soon. Till then have a great day ahead. Please Note: This is the last activity of the CHildren’s Day Contest. Today will be the 🙂 LAST DAY OF THE CONTEST 🙂. Hurry and participate now to stand a chance to win exciting prizes. 🎁 Read all >>

Connect The Dots & Map Your Route! 🚏📍

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-12126526

Hey T fans, 🔴-⚪️-🔵 Children’s day is just a day away, How is the contest so far going for you! Now that you guys have so many things from your childhood, let’s take it up a notch and built our own map. The game is called reverse scavenger hunt. It's time to join the puzzle and create a path that works for yourself.🧐 How do you do it? Find it out here. Join all the pieces correctly by either cutting them out or naming them.🤓 If you join the cut out pieces it will be much easier to draw your route from home to school to the playground. But if you are naming them then you can mention the route as well in the comments by simply numbering it as well. A sample of the first way is attached as the first comment below. 🤗 Now it's your turn, guys, to create your map and share your childhood path for all these locations marked in the picture. Submit your entriesin the comments below. 🙌 And stand a chance to be the winner of #BackToChildhood Contest. Exciting TECNO Goodies are waiting for you. 🎁 That’s all for today, guys; we will see you soon. Have a great weekend ahead. Read all >>

Chalo Khelne Chale! 🛝⛹️🤾‍♂️

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-1213525

Hey T fans, 🏃‍♀️ The best part about our childhood was the evening time when our friends used to yell our names to come down and play all kinds of games for hours and hours in the PLAYGROUND. 🎡 With the ongoing children’s day contest, today’s task is super fun. And you can make us work for it with multiple entries. 🧐 Ready to know? Read ahead. Today you have to share a picture of your favorite game, and we'll guess the name of it in the comments section. 🖼 Take that nostalgic road and tell us your fun games in the comment section.⚽️🏉🏐🏀🎾 Get to it, guys; we are eagerly waiting; till then, we will see you soon. Have a great weekend ahead, guys. Please note: To be eligible in the league of top participants for this contest you will have to take part each day and share correct entries in the respective articles only. Then only will you stand a chance to win exciting TECNO Goodies.🎁 Read all >>

The Big Children’s Day Contest- Part 2 📚✏️🖍✂️👨‍🏫

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-1111425

Hey T fans, 👩‍🏫 We were amazed at your responses to the first part of the contest, so today, we have something even better. Throughout the year, the one day that we never dreaded going to SCHOOL was Children’s day. The special attention, gifts, food and everything else at SCHOOL were impossible to miss. Right? So, for today’s task, we have something related to the SCHOOL celebration. Ready? Read ahead. Tell us in the comment section what made your children’s day super special at your SCHOOL. Was it the good food, no studies day, pictures, performances, games or anything else? We are excited to read your favorite parts from your SCHOOL celebration in the comments. ✍️ 🖼 🎨🏫 So, get to it, guys; take some time and start commenting, and we will see you soon. Hurry up & be the first in the race and stand a chance to grab exciting TECNO Goodies.🎁 Till then, have a great day ahead. Read all >>

Back to School Moments! 📚✏️🖍✂️👨‍🏫

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-1017420

Hey T Fans, 👩‍🏫 How is our TECNO Community today? Amazing? Us too. So, now that Children’s day is just around the corner, let’s travel back in time and relive our school days. How? Read ahead!! This week will be about the children’s day contest: #BackToChildhood. And where does our childhood start? HOME, right! On this beautiful Thursday morning, have a throwback of your school stuff, drawings, uniforms, and everything else. For the first task, look around your home, find something you made in your school days, like a drawing, sketch, project or anything else. Click a picture and share it in the comment section. ✍️ 🖼 🎨 Dwell into some good old days, guys; it’s time to celebrate and live our childhood days. Since it is a contest, are you thinking what will the winners get, we have exciting TECNO Goodies up for grabs. 🎁 We are waiting to see all your creations made when you were a kid. That's all for today; we will see you soon. Have a great day ahead. Read all >>

Assemble! HiOS product requests collection is on!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-082013884

Dear T-Spot & HiOS Fans: We are currently in the process of continuous optimization and upgrading, and we are in great need of your valuable suggestions. Please pick up the phone, speak up your ideas and requests . We are here to listen! All you need to do is reply to this post. Your valuable suggestions, ideas and requests could be accepted. With every accepted request, you could win rewards up to $5*.The more the merrier! So what are you waiting for!Let's build HiOS together! Note: Make sure you write the information below to improve your chances for acceptance! [*]Your Country/City. [*] [*]Your phone model, OS version, Android version. (Settings - My Phone) [*] [*]Describe your ideas and requests in detail as far as possible. [*] [*]Screenshots (related to your requests and phone). Activity Details 1 Activity period: [*]2022/11/8-2022/12/7 2 Participation method: [*]Reply directly to this post [*]Add the official WhatsApp:+8618019320025. [*] [*] [*]If your suggestion needs further communication, our staff will contact you. Please pay attention to your private message. Thank you. 3 Activity rewards: [*]Up to 5 USD* per accepted request. 4 Activity Rules [*]Each suggestion will be evaluated by our team of Product Managers. [*]If more than one person makes the same request and it is accepted, it will be counted to the first user according to the response time. [*]Be sure to reply within the activity period~ 5 Method of receiving the award. [*]Check the award list. [*] [*] [*]Our staff will post a list of winners under the original post after the activity. Please check it in time. [*] [*]Register to receive information. [*] [*] [*]Please add official WhatsApp:+8618019320025 within 3 working days, and provideyour and your to the staff . [*] [*]If you do not contact our staff or provide relevant information within the time limit, you will be deemed to have automatically forfeited the prize. Read all >>

Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti! ੴ

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-08136710

Dear T-Friends, 🪔 From everyone at TECNO, a very happy Guru Nanak Jayanti or as many of us know it Gurpurab (Prakash Utsav) to all of our Sikh community members. We pray that Guru Nanak Dev Ji grants all your wishes and brings you success. For a lot of us who do not know or have forgotten the importance of the day, let us tell you more about the importance of Gurupurab. 👓 The birth of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh guru is commemorated on this day. The Sikh community, Guru Nanak Dev Ji is in the highest regard as one of the most well-known Sikh gurus and the founder of Sikhism. 👳‍♀️ Guru Nanak Dev ji is said to have traveled far and wide across Asia teaching people the message of ik onkar (ੴ, 'one God'), who dwells in every one of his creations and constitutes the eternal truth. 😇 If you also celebrate this day with your friends and family, then share your story or beautiful pictures with us in the comments and mail us at 📸 We wish to see all the celebrations across different parts of India and we will feature the best ones in our next newsletter. 💯 That’s all for today folks; we will see you soon! Have an amazing week ahead. Read all >>

Guess The Name? ⚗️🧪

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-07255034

Hey T Fans, 👩‍🔬 Did you love doing science experiments? Did you too have fun in your school's physics and chemistry labs! Today is someone’s birthday, someone whose name is in history and who contributed to the world's great science. Who is she? Here are some hints. HINT #1 She was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. 🧪 HINT #2 She was the first female to win the Nobel Prize (1903), the first person and the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice (1911). 🎖🏅 HINT #3 She won the first Nobel prize in physics and the second with her husband in chemistry. ⚛️ Tell us your guesses in the comment section, and the right ones will win T-Points. 💯 Get to it, guys. Have a great week ahead. We will see you soon. Read all >>

Bye Monday Blues! 🦋🥶

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-07255378

Spot News
Hey T fans, Hope you all had a great weekend! Are you wondering what we bring you today that will automatically uplift your Monday mood? It’s the thing we promised and the surprise you guys are waiting to check out. Yes, It's time for the tag winners to be announced. Ready? We are too. Drumroll, plz!!!! ✅ EMOJI LOVER: Mahesh Bhai ✅ ALWAYS ACTIVE: Anokha_Musafir ✅ PRO COMMENTER: Sandeepkumar ✅ THREAD MASTER: TECNO_FAN (Rahul Tiwari) ✅ ACE REVIEWER: Krish_88 ✅ CONTEST WIZARD: 7101997c ✅ SPOT CHAMPION: Roman Verma ✅ BUGS-BUNNY: Prateek Verma Congratulations to all the tag winners; and did you guys notice the big surprise in the pic! KUDOS TO our 3 top October community stars: Roman Verma, Kumar_23 & TECNO-FAN (Rahul Tiwari). You have stunned us with your determination and super active participation not just with our articles but also with assisting your fellow community members.🔥🔥🔥 Each one of you will be getting the below number of T-Points 💯 Roman Verma: 700 💯 Lucky_23: 940 💯 TECNO-FAN (Rahul Tiwari): 1130 🎊🎊 And to all our members who participated throughout various activities in the month of october your contribution has been taken into consideration and we will reward your accounts with the respective T-points too. 🎊🎊 Please Note: 1. All the Tag winners, we will PM you directly with your respective TAG so that you can use it to show it off and the best way we would suggest is by updating your profile picture. 2. The T-Points will reflect in your accounts in the next 15 - 20 days. 3. For any queries please write to us at Keep up the great work, guys, we will see you all soon. Till then, stay safe and have fun. Read all >>

[Winner Announcement] Halloween Contest 🌟

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-06206117

Hey, T-beings! ☠️ Trick-or-treat! It might feel like the spooky season is over, but not for us! Did you pull a scary prank on your neighbor? It was so exciting to see all of your fun, scary entries flooding our comment section! And you definitely showed your Halloween spirit in it!! So, here are scariest faces we thought deserved a shoutout among the participants who won the contest! 🦇🎃🥁 TBH, it was difficult to ‘filter’ out winners for this one. Keep up the witty-ness till the next season!!Please email us your address to send your rewards 🎁Email ID: And stay tuned for many more fun contests and announcements coming your way. We have more snowy surprises to look forward to!! ☃️ Read all >>

TECNO Day Of Gratitude! 💙

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-04236915

Hey TECNO Lovers, 🫶 Every day at TECNO is a gratitude day and all of you in the community have been giving us reason to be grateful for something or the other each day. But today, we would like to shout out a big big thank you to all our 15 MILLION TECNO FAMILIES, for your active participation throughout the TECNO Festive CARnival. You all have made it the biggest hit of the season. We couldn't have done it without the zeal that you all have added in the weekly lucky draws. And on this note once again congratulations to all our 1500 lucky winners, 7 bumper bike winners and 1 lucky bumper CAR winner of the TECNO Festive CARnival. NOW FANS, TELL US YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THE TECNO FESTIVE CARNIVAL IN THE COMMENT SECTION AND LET’S SEE HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE THE SAME LIKINGS. 😎 That’s all for today guys, we will see you soon. Till then have a great day and a very good weekend ahead. Keep sending your love and support our way! Read all >>

🥁 Tecno Festive CARnival Bumper Winners are here! 🥁

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-03217844

Hey, T fans, 🤩 Today is the big day guys, the final winner for the biggest bumper reward that is the CAR will be revealed today. Excited? Before the big name, we would like to thank all our participants for their active contribution in the TECNO Festive CARnival. Now the time of truth! Congratulations to SUDHIR KUMAR FROM NEW DELHI FOR WINNING A BRAND NEW CAR and getting the top gem of the TECNO Festive CARnival. And a big round of applause to RAKHAL KHAMARI FROM WEST BENGAL & PRADEEP BADRI LAL FROM MADHYA PRADESH for winning the last two bumper bikes of the exclusive CARnival that we had planned for all our TECNO family members. Many party treats are due from all our winners, right Fam! 😛 On this note guys the CARnival weekly lucky draws have come to an end but the updates for post CARnival events will be shared soon. That’s all for today guys, send in your congratulations for our winners in the comments below. We will be back with many more amazing activities. Till then, stay amazing and #StopAtNothing. Read all >>

Hello November! 🍁🍂🍁

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-11-02106661

Spot News
Hey TECNO Lovers, 💙 Hope you are having a great day. With a new month comes new fun activities, and we have a lot of fun challenges for all of you this entire month. Today we bring you a super easy first activity which we had introduced sometime back. All you have to do is check-in every day to the spot community for 7 continuous days. ✅Are you wondering why? 🤔Here is what you get by checking in each day. You stand a chance to spin a fortune wheel and win exciting gifts every week. The gifts include goodies, free recharge and much more. 🎁Amazing and easy, right? So, sign in now and spin the wheel to win amazing prizes on the 8th of this month. That’s all for today, folks. If you have any questions about the “Daily Check-ins” ask us in the comments below to get your answers. Have a great week ahead. We will see you soon. Read all >>

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-10-31175976

Hey T Fans, 🤩 Halloween, the spookiest season of the year, is here. According to legend, ghosts and spirits roam the Earth on the final day of October. On this day, the carved Halloween pumpkin honors the memories of the people who have passed away. We are quite excited as the leaves are dropping, the nights are drawing in, and Halloween evening is quickly approaching. While the world is busy celebrating the spookiest day of the year, the TECNO Community cannot stay behind. So, today let's get spooky. Try some amazing Halloween filters and share your scary photos with us. Some examples to help you get started are below: 1.Instagram Story Filter Effects For Halloween 2. Snapchat Halloween Filters 3. Photo editing app templates Let's get to it, guys; share your spooky filter pictures in the comments, and we will feature the craziest ones. What will you win: Top 3 scariest photos will win TECNO Goodies. That's all for today, folks. Have a great and spooky Halloween filled with candies, fun, and ghostly movies. See you guys soon. Read all >>

🔥 Tags, T-Points, Goodies, and So Much More! 🔥

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-10-29136451

Spot News
Hey T fans, Another crazy, sweet and amazing month has come to an end. Just 2 more months till we welcome the next year that will also be filled with great activities, launches, fun and activities. These last 3 months of the year are the time to show appreciation and gratitude for what worked for us and what made us stronger. Today, we are here to share our gratitude towards this beautiful TECNO family that made us stronger each day and never left our side. Throughout the month, we talked about tags, T-Points and goodies, and now it's time to reveal the big surprise. Ready? Hold on to your chairs, guys, because after this, you might want to get up and jump with happiness and joy. We have all the below things for our fans. Read ahead to know more. 1️⃣Tags: ✅ EMOJI LOVER: The TECNO member that never comments without amazing and unique emojis in all the activities. ✅ ALWAYS ACTIVE: The TECNO member that is always active, even at odd hours, will always find them commenting, tagging and doing so much more on the community. ✅ PRO COMMENTER: The active commenter who always has something to say. ✅ THREAD MASTER: The one who is always on the lookout for new content, the one always creating and uploading different kinds of content to the community. ✅ ACE REVIEWER: The TECNO member who appreciates and criticizes the activities and motivates us to do better each day. ✅ BUGS-BUNNY: The TECNO member who is always ready to help their fellow TECNO friends and find bugs during the activities. ✅ CONTEST WIZARD: The TECNO member who always participates in all the activities. ✅ SPOT CHAMPION: The TECNO member who is an all-rounder loves using emojis, participating in all the activities, helping others, and contributing actively to the community. 2️⃣T-Points: TECNO points are for those users who actively participate in the activities. The members will get a certain number of T-Points for each comment, a picture shared or anything else. So, if you think you skipped an activity, then hurry up and check out the previous activities of the month, comment your thoughts and win T-Points. Make sure the activity you decide to participate in is still up and running. This is our way of saying Thank you to all our precious TECNO members. Aap ho to hum hai! And we will never forget you guys. 💙 So, what are you waiting for? Start participating as we have started evaluating all the participations so far. The winners for all the tags, T-points and for a very big surprise will be declared in November. So, stay tuned. We will be back soon. 🔥🔥 Till then, have a great week ahead. Read all >>
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