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TECNO SHEroes: Perks and Benefits

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-187728

Hey T-Fans, As you are all aware that we have launched TECNO SHEroes, an exclusive sub-group of women, for women and by women as our pledge of #JoMannKareWomanKare, we want to be more inclusive and make sure that there’s equity in participation. We noticed that while many women are part of the T-SPOT platform, they are rarely at the forefront when it comes to leading discussions. And we are remedying this ASAP! We invite women on SPOT to take credit and ownership of all their brilliant inputs on this women-driven community as they engage and encourage fellow members to contribute to more inclusivity. Just like T-SPOT moderators, TECNO SHEroes will start and lead conversations, engage and mentor their community so that all voices are heard. If you are still wondering why you should join this community, then please note that- 1. You will be one of the founding members of the group, get regular brand and industry updates to keep them at pace with all developments 2. You will directly contribute towards the growth of the TECNO SPOT platform and at the same time learn new and exciting things as the community grows. 3. You get an amazing chance to get your hands on TECNO goodies, TECNO Smartphones and get a certificate to be a part of TECNO SHEroes 4. And lastly, you will be an inspiration for other Women on SPOT to do #JoMannKareWomanKare If you want to become a TECNO SHEro, go to the FORUM section and follow “TECNO SHEroes”. Create a thread under “TECNO SHEroes” and tell us why you want to join “TECNO SHEroes”. For more details, check here: Lead the revolution, ladies! Read all >>

TECNO Welcomes Bollywood Superstar Ayushmann Khurana as its Brand Ambassador for India

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-15131385

Dear T-Fans, Get pumped for the blockbuster revelation that you all have been eagerly waiting for. We’re honored and elated to share the BIG REVEAL with you. Ho Jao ab saare Zyada Saavdhaan, sadda Chandigarh da sher has finally arrived at TECNO di gali. Badhai Ho, dear T-Fans! Let your Dil ka Telephone sing aloud and welcome the new member of the TECNO Family: the charismatic, versatile, superstar, hero of our hearts, the one and only Ayushman Khurrana. Drum rolls!!!! TECNO is thrilled to announce Ayushmann Khurrana as the brand ambassador, a beloved family member of TECNO India. As the youth icon of New India, Ayushmann Khurrana has trail blazed his way into Indian hearts. His penchant to break barriers and carve a niche for himself resonates with TECNO’s brand philosophy. We are happy to be associated with him: A roadie, a singer, a performer and above all an achiever, Ayushmann is an inspiration for us to look up to. So, let the party begin! Read all >>

TECNO Blockbuster Reveal at 10 AM tomorrow- Bujho to Jaane!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-1414357

Dear T-Fans, Our #BlockbusterReveal is the master of all trades! Apni kalaakari se likhta hai wo afsaane. Kaun hai wo bujho to jaane? From shining on the big screen to enchanting us all with his voice on the radio and the musical stage, to blowing our minds with his thought-provoking poetry, he does it all! Can you guess who he is? Send your answers in the comments below.The lucky one to guess the correct answer will stand a chance to win Tecno Goodies. Tecno blockbuster reveals at 10 AM tomorrow. #TecnoBlockbusterreveal#TECNOMOBILEINDIA #GuessTheStar #BujhoToJaane Read all >>

Wishing you a very prosperous new year and spring harvest festival

Arijeet Talapatra | 2021-04-144136

Dear T-Fans, India is known as the land of diversity, festivals and celebrations across the world and rightly so. Festivals have always been the most memorable and favourite part of a traveller’s journey. Being an avid traveller of our colourful & wonderful country, India, I have celebrated most of our harvest festivals in different parts of India and enjoyed the various celebrations, rituals, colours associated with these festivals. These festivals involve interesting mythological legends and joyous celebrations across different parts of the country. The harvest festivals in India involve customary traditions and joyous celebrations. These festivals are as incredible and diverse as its people and landscapes and let you experience the beauty of the Indian culture. Having experienced most of the harvest festivals in India, may it be north, east, west, or south, I have grasped the essence of these festivities and would like to wish you all as my own family member: Happy Ugadi (ಹ್ಯಾಪಿ ಉಗಾಡಿ), Shubho Nababarsho (পয়লা বৈশাখ), Happy Bohag Bihu ব’হাগ বিহু, Happy Gudhi Padwa ('गुढीपाडवा'), Happy Baisakhi (ਵੈਸ਼ਾਖੀ ਦੀਆਂ ਲੱਖ ਲੱਖ ਵਧਾਈਆਂ) to you all T-fans. May the new year and spring harvest festival bring prosperity and good fortune to all. Read all >>

Guess Karo Ye Gane, Bujhoo to jane!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-1317609

Body: Dear T-Fans, We are back with another set of clues. Guess Karo Ye Gaane, bujho to jaane to find out the star who is joining our TECNO family. Our #TECNOBlockbusterReveal can easily mesmerize you with his magical voice! Guess the songs in the comments below. The first 5 to answer it correctly will stand a chance to win Tecno Goodies. Hurry!! Participate now #TecnoBlockbusterreveal#TECNOMOBILEINDIA #Music #Guessthesong #BujhoToJaane#Bollywood Read all >>

Bujho to jane- Put your thinking cap on, it's time to activate the filmy keeda in you!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-1218757

Dear T-Fans, A new star is joining our TECNO family. While we wait for the big reveal, here’s an interesting game for you to find out who it is. Put your thinking cap on, it'stime to activate the filmy keeda in you. Our #TECNOBlockbusterReveal definitely has a few hits on the big screen? Bujho to jaane Here's a Little Sneak Peek! Send your answers in the comment below. The first 5 to answer correctly stand a chance to win TECNO goodies. Hurry, participate now! Read all >>

Guess the newest Member of TECNO family!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-116342

Dear T-fans, We are really excited and happy to share with you all that a new member is joining our TECNO family very soon. Comment below and guess who this new member is! Read all >>

SPARK 7 Amazon Activity: Guess the Price of SPARK 7 & win SPARK 7

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-07111199

Hello there, T-Fans! Backed by the massive 6000mAh battery with up to 41 days of standby time, 6.52 Dot Notch Display, 16MP AI dual camera setup on the back and two flash modules on the front for brighter selfies and video calls in dim lighting, the all-new SPARK 7 is definitely going to SWAG UP your smartphone experience, but before you can own it, Amazon wants you to guess the price of SPARK 7! Spare a minute and give yourself a much-deserved break by participating in this cool activity and win TECNO SPARK 7. Here's the link to Amazon's activity: Hurry! The clock’s running out! SPARK 7 will be available on Amazon from 9th April 2021. Please note- This activity is conducted on the above link by Amazon. Please click on the link to participate. Entries posted below will not be eligible. Read all >>

SWAG UP to the BIG Display of SPARK 7!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-052452

Hey Fans, Get ready to watch, play and surf, larger than life! ???? Know more: Read all >>

Swagger Up with Spark 7's AI Camera!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-043480

Hi T-Fans! Get ready to capture your SWAG with SPARK 7! ⚡???? Front or back, take ultimate shots with our Swagger camera! Launching on 9th April! Know More: Read all >>

Charge Up with Spark 7!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-031615

Hi T-Fans! Get Ready to Charge UP and SWAG UP on the long lasting battery of SPARK 7 with up to 41 days stand-by time! Launching on 9th April!⚡ Know More: Read all >>

Get Ready to Swag Up!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-023625

Hi T-Fans! Are you ready to SWAG UP!! Dance to your rhythm, groove to your beat, time to let your own SWAG speak! ???? Launching on 9th April! Know more: all >>

#AskTheCEO- Get your questions answered

Arijeet Talapatra | 2021-03-17494632

Dear T-Fans, Steve Jobs once said, “if you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls you”. Our vision is to connect and engage with the ones who matter the most, and that's you. With TECNO SPOT, that vision has come to life. TECNO SPOT is the fastest growing community platform where your innovative ideas and creative minds have woven a digital space of engagement, encouragement and enlightenment. Through continuous interactions and growing faith, we have built a strong family of 50K, which is growing every day. We have reached this milestone due to your constant support and belief in the community. It is your SPARK that guides us to break barriers and emerge victorious. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the overwhelming participation, fruitful discussions and ideas shared by you on T-SPOT. You have allowed us to dive into your ideas to get a better understanding of your needs and pushed us to come out with the best possible solutions I strongly believe that this community will grow into a powerhouse of creativity and talent where T-Fans will lead conversations around more innovative ideas, technology and suggestion for a better tomorrow. We have so many active users who stop at nothing to build TECNO as a brand and the T-SPOT family. It is also key to note the contributions of each stakeholder who has inspired us all to initiate something as unique as TECNO SHEroes, a forum dedicated to our female fans. Acknowledging your efforts and contribution to the community and the brand, I will be here at T-SPOT to personally answer your queries once every month on this new forum #AskTheCEO. You can ask me about anything from my personal life to my professional life, achievement, to the vision for the brand or the products. Create a thread under the new forum #AskTheCEO and share your questions. Your suggestion matters. Let’s make this a community where in we explore, engage, encourage each other and let's STOP AT NOTHING. Read all >>

Happy Holi dear Spot Family! Share your #TECNOHoliRemix [Closed]

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-27191437

Hey T-Fans, Wishing you a very Happy Holi! This year, Holi will be played not only with rang, gulal, gujiya, thandai but… masks, sanitizers and social distancing as well. Aur is baar rango k tyohar me, T-Boy wants you all to play safe and responsible Holi and wants to highlight the importance of consent this Holi. Let's together change the narrative from “Bura na Mano” to “Bura na Khelo”. Kyuki #YehHoliPuchnaHaiZaroori “Bura na mano Holi hai” and other such Holi sayings and songs encourage a culture of disregarding consent. Look into the lyrics of most songs, and you will find that they give a ‘khuli chhoot’ for bad behaviour during this festival. For example- ‘Bura na Mano Holi Hai’ ‘Aaj na chhodenge...khelenge hum holi’ ‘Aaj har baat ki maafi aaj poori azadi’ ‘Arre jo ji mein aaye tum aaj kar lo… chahe jise in baaho mein bhar lo’ Par tyohar par muh latka kar bhi nahi baith sakte na! Toh chaliye T-Fans, you can help us. In the comments section, tell us which popular Holi song lyrics you would want to remix and yes, don't forget to recreate and add your own lyrics. Also, don’t forget to post a picture of your Holi celebration this year with us in the comments section and on social media. Use #TECNOResponsibleRemix and #TECNOHoliRemix on social media to grab more eyeballs! Toh ab ye dekhna hai ki which three T-fans come up with the top-3 remixes and holi pictures kyuki prize bhi toh jeetna hai dosto. We have some Holi Hampers and Amazon vouchers for top 3 #TECNOHoliRemixes! So, let the games begin.. Stay healthy, stay safe! Read all >>

TECNO TRIVIA - Question 6

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-235341

TECNO Trivia
Dear T-fans, T-boy is back with TECNO TRIVIA question for you and this time it won't be easy to answer. You might have got your previous questions right but this one will surely make you think twice before answering (or you may have to google it!). For other questions of TECNO Trivia, head to the forum: Here's the fifth question of TECNO TRIVIA for you all- "SWAG" is the keyword for which series of TECNO smartphones ? Read all >>

TECNO TRIVIA - Question 5

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-222659

TECNO Trivia
Dear T-fans, T-boy is back with TECNO TRIVIA question for you and this time it won't be easy to answer. You might have got your previous questions right but this one will surely make you think twice before answering (or you may have to google it!). For other questions of TECNO Trivia, head to the forum: Here's the fifth question of TECNO TRIVIA for you all- Which processor does TECNO Camon 16 Premier come with ? Read all >>

TECNO TRIVIA - Question 4

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-192501

TECNO Trivia
Dear T-fans, T-boy is back with TECNO TRIVIA question for you and this time it won't be easy to answer. You might have got your previous questions right but this one will surely make you think twice before answering (or you may have to google it!). For other questions of TECNO Trivia, head to the forum: Here's the fourth question of TECNO TRIVIA for you all- Which processor does TECNO POVA come with ? Read all >>

Ask our CEO whatever you want to!

SAMV | 2021-03-223381

Hello T-Fans, Do you know what’s new at T-SPOT? TECNO India’s CEO, Mr Arijeet Talapatra, is now on T-SPOT! Do you know what this means? You can now connect with him for any queries relating to the brand, the product or T-SPOT! This is one of the most exciting news at T-SPOT since the platform reached 50K T-Fans. With this new initiative, #AskTheCEO, we can get answers to all our questions every month by the TECNO CEO himself! Follow the thread on this link and start posting your questions in the comment section. Get set typing dear friend! Link Read all >>

TECNO TRIVIA - Question 3

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-171379

TECNO Trivia
Dear T-fans, We hope by now you must have come to know about the TECNO TRIVIA and got your questions right. If not, check the article here for more details: Here's the third question of TECNO TRIVIA for you all- Which TECNO Smartphone offers powerful gaming experience? Read all >>

TECNO काव्योत्सव:हिंदी कविता लेखन [Closed]

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-16952120

तो कैसे हैं आप T - fans, कहते हैं कि हर इंसान में एक कवि छिपा है और हर इंसान की ज़िंदगी एक कविता की भांति चलती है, कभी उतार कभी चढ़ाव - कविता में शब्दों का और ज़िंदगी में लम्हों का। क्या पता आप के अंदर भी किसी कोने में एक कवि अपनी कविता लिए बैठा हो, कोने में छिपे इसी कवि के लिए हम लेकर आए है एक मौका - ए - बहार। अगले एक हफ़्ते तक आपको देगा मौका अपनी कविता दुनिया को सुनाने का और जिसकी कविता होगी सबसे खूबसूरत उस शख़्स को हमारी तरफ़ से दिया जाएगा एक बेहद खूबसूरत तोहफा। कविता प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेने से पहले जरूरी है कि आप इन नियमोंको ध्यान से पढ़ लें - 1. कविता हिन्दी में होनी चाहिए। 2. आप अपनी कविता इस पोस्ट के नीचे कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखेंगे। 3. कमेंट बॉक्स में कविता लिखने के बाद आप इस पोस्ट को अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करेंगे। 4. पोस्ट शेयर करने के बाद जिस कविता को सबसे ज़्यादा लाइक्स मिलेंगे उसको बोनस के रूप में अतिरिक्त अंक भी दिए जाएंगे इसलिए अपनी कविता कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखने के बाद पोस्ट को शेयर करना ना भूलें। प्रतियोगिता शुरू होगी 16 मार्च से,20 मार्च तक आप कमेंट बॉक्स में अपनी कविताओं की एंट्री भेज सकते हैं और परिणाम घोषित होंगे 21 मार्च को। इनाम के तौर पर जीतने वाले सिकंदर को हमारी तरफ से मिलेगा एमेजॉन का गिफ्ट वाउचर। अब जल्दी से अपने दिलो दिमाग के सुर खोलिए और लिख दीजिए वो ख़ूबसूरत कविता जो अभी तक आपने अपने अंदर छिपा रखी है। Read all >>
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