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M1 Minipod Sale is Live: Grab yours Today!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-08-069424

M1 Minipod
Hello T-Fans! The wait is finally over! Your constant audio companion, the TECNO M1 Minipod is here! This single-ear wireless earphone embodies “Mini Size, Mighty Power” in the true sense of the words! TECNO has managed to capture incredible sound quality in a 4.21g Feather-light body which is so light you’ll hardly notice that you’re wearing it! When you aren’t using it you can conveniently store it in the portable charging case which can provide up to 18hours of battery life! Not only this, the TECNO M1 Minipod comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC) and excellent Touch Controls; features that you won't get to see elsewhere at this price point! We can go on about the M1 Minipod, but Amazon Prime Day Sale might run out of stock if we keep you waiting any longer. Click here to get your M1 Minipod today! Read all >>

Make your life easier with M1 Minipod!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-08-078879

M1 Minipod
Greetings of the day, T-Fans! This pandemic, although devastating, has taught us the need for multitasking from home. Sure, it is challenging but can be a lot easier and comfortable with just the right companion in hand. Yes, we are talking about the “mini size mighty power” M1 Minipod which you can get right now at just ₹799/- on Amazon through this link: The real-life applications of this single-ear wireless stereo earphone are endless. Imagine a complex multi-environment and M1 Minipod will surely come to your rescue. Developed with premium EnvironmentNoise Cancellation (ENC) technology, M1 Minipod blocks all external noise and allows you to concentrate only on what you are listening via the earphone. Scenario1: Imagine having your conference call at the same time as your parents having their call. Can you foresee the chaos? Now, imagine having your M1, there’s no need to fret whatsoever. Get through your call comfortably and feel like no one is around! While you are at it, get one for your parents too. Scenario2: Say, you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam and there's a lot of commotion around. However, you need to take your boss’s call without fail. Again, with M1 Minipod amazing easy-touch interface and ENC tech, you have got it covered! This and so much more! Whether you are cooking, driving, chatting or even giving a presentation, M1 Minipod is suitable for all instances. What are you waiting for? Place your order today and make the best of this genius piece of tech! Read all >>

Tips & Tricks || How To Fix­ing Google Lens Trans­late Not Work­ing on Your TECNO Devices

Sumit Verma | 2020-08-087139

Hello T-fans! Now a days all are using Google lens . Now Google lens have Translate Function also . But Someone get Error issue ,So No worry guys !! Now I'm sharing to Your's Some Tips. it's Really Useful To Fix Google lens translate error issue . Are You Ready To Read ✓ Check Cellular Data or Wi-Fi Connection/Configuration ✓ Try This Easy Tips 1 : ★ Launch your phone’s Settings menu and select ‘Apps & notifications.’ ★ Next, select App info. ★ Select Lens from the list of applications. ★ Tap ‘Mobile data & Wi-Fi’ on the app info page. ★ Toggle on the ‘Unrestricted data usage’ option. ★ That will grant the Lens app unlimited access to your device’s cellular data or Wi-Fi, even when Data Saver is enabled. That should enable Google Lens translation to work without network-related disruption. ✓Tips 2 < Update Google Lens> : Google Lens’ in-app translation service might fail to work on your Android smartphone if there’s some bug present in the app version you’re running. Typically, Google doesn’t let these bug-induced issues linger long before releasing an update to fix them. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to resolve Google Lens translation not working issues is to update the app. Click Here to Update ✓ Tips 3 < Check App Permissions > : Step 1: Launch the Google Lens App info page (Settings > Apps & notifications > See All Apps > Lens). Step 2: Select Permissions. Read all >>


Roman Verma | 2020-08-095156


tecno minipods

Shambhu kumar | 2020-08-094136

M1 Minipod
Tecno Minipods M1 mini size about. what the benefits of customer and featuresRead all >>

#TecnoTrivia #Weekend

Abraham Sidy Diomaye Faye | 2020-08-104144

Can you match these flawless cameras to the correct #TECNO phones? #TecnoTrivia #WeekendRead all >>

Charge It Up With TECNO

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-068752

Hello T-Fans, Do you feel like it’s taking longer than usual to charge up your TECNO smartphone? Every TECNO smartphone is built to work efficiently for as long as possible, but sometimes you might run into glitches like slow charging. If you are facing this problem, there’s no reason for you to panic. T-Boy is here to guide you about the most common causes of slow charging and how to fix them! USB Cable: When your TECNO smartphone faces charging issues, your USB cable is the most likely culprit. With the amount of wear and tear it experiences during everyday use, there’s a good chance that all you need is a new USB cable. Adapter: If you feel like your USB cable isn’t the problem, then the problem might be your adapter. This could be caused due to a power surge or physical damage caused to the adapter. If you did drop the adapter one too many times, then you probably just need to get a new one. USB port: In case it is neither of the above two issues, you should take a look at your TECNO smartphone’s USB port. There is a chance that there might be some thrash lodged in the port that is preventing optimal charging. It is also possible that the USB port might be physically or electrically damaged. In that case, you need to get the USB port replaced. Battery: If you have had your TECNO smartphone for a long time, it might be time to replace the old battery with a new one to restore the charging speed and performance. Whichever problem you might be facing, your nearest TECNO Service Centre is the one-stop solution for your battery problem. Using original TECNO accessories and hardware ensures that you get the best performance out of your TECNO smartphone so make sure to avoid uncertified service centres! Read all >>

Just received my prize of football challenge

Satyavan | 2020-07-2417453

This post was last edited by Satyavan at 2020-7-24 18:43 Read all >>

Growing Every day | Hiring for Community Moderators Open Again

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-2813619

Moderator Apply
Hello there, T-Fans, We received an overwhelming response on our moderator hiring post. Thank you for your application and enthusiasm. And as the community grows rapidly and exponentially, we want more of you to join us backstage and be a leader at T-Spot. We are opening the platform for yet another round of hiring. With more talented and enthusiastic fans joining in every day, we want to welcome each one of them as we did you. So, come join us. Be a Moderator for our community and stand apart from the crowd. Here is everything you need to know- What do you get? [*]Exclusive access to the future online and offline activities undertaken by TECNO [*]Stand apart from the crowd with a coveted Moderator badge [*]Direct access to the TECNO spot admin team [*]Become an opinion leader and work with a bunch of like-minded community moderators [*]And last but not the least, get rewarded for carrying out duties responsibly What will you have to do? [*]Create relevant and engaging content for our T-Fans [*]Ensure that the discussions are spam-free. T-Boy wants no controversies in his zone [*]Verify questions and responses submitted by new members of the community [*]Ensure quality control by reviewing and moderating content [*]Promote the community by bringing in new content creators and blogs Who are we looking for? [*]Owns a TECNO device [*]Follows the community guidelines and carries out the duties responsibly [*]Able to dedicate at least 2-3 hours every day to the community [*]Possesses knowledge about TECNO devices and their features Fill out this form and apply now: Last date to apply: Wednesday, 5th August. So what are you waiting for? Come, join us and get to be a face of the TECNO Spot community. T-Boy is looking forward to expanding the community with a fresh bunch of enthusiastic moderators. Read all >>

Live the Swag with Spark 6 Air, only at INR 7999

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-30233306

Comes with segment-first offerings like 7” HD+ Dot-Notch display, 6000mAh, 13MP AI Triple Rear Camera and much more! Hello, T-Fans! The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! It's time to meet your next smartphone? Presenting the all-new Spark 6 Air with the giant 7” HD+ Dot-Notch display powered by the massive 6000 mAh with fast charging to give you larger than life experience in every aspect imaginable only at INR 7999. Spark 6 Air comes with impressive features, all designed to cater to your needs. You get a big segment-first 7" HD+ screen for watching videos, playing games and for online e-learning. Spark 6 Air also comes with a super powerful 6000mAh battery - another segment-first feature, which gives you up to 4 days of usage and whopping standby time of 743 hours (31 days), 31 hours calling, 21 hours internet and WiFi, 159 hours’ music playback, 14 hours’ game playing and 19 hours’ video playback that makes it the perfect entertainment device for you that never runs out of charge. Not only that, Spark 6 Air comes with 13MP AI triple rear camera that allows you click pictures like a pro with various modes like AI Beauty, AR Mode, Bokeh mode, ASD and many more. With F1.8 aperture and Quad Rear flash, Spark 6 Air is also equipped to click great pictures in a dark environment. On the front, it flaunts 8MP AI selfie camera which comes with dual front flash to capture your precious smiles and make WhatsApp video calls in the low light. AI camera is supported by AI Beauty, Wide Selfie and backlight portraits. That's not all, Spark 6 Air comes with a unique Audio Share feature which can connect 2 BT earphones at the same time. What's more? It can also connect 3 BT speakers simultaneously for loud music to enjoy the party. To add more fun, the volume on each connected device can be changed separately. The Spark 6 Air sports 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, expandable up to 1TB to handle all your performance and storage needs! The smartphone is powered by the Quad Core A22 and features the all-new HiOS 6.2 based on Android 10 Go. This combination of optimized hardware and software guarantees a smooth experience! No more worrying about the safety of your valuable data as Spark 6 Air comes with fast, advanced and secure Smart Fingerprint Sensor, 0.15 seconds super-fast fingerprint sensor with various features located at the rear side to make your experience secure. Additionally, Face Unlock with closed eye protection provides a smart method to protect your device from prying eyes. Spark 6 Air is available in two color variants: CometBlack and Ocean Blue. So, what do you say? Grab your Spark 6 Air now, which is surely a perfect device for you. You can get all this and more at the unimaginable price of just ₹7999/-Click on the link to take a closer look at the Spark 6 Air: Read all >>

Brace Yourself for the TECNO M1 Minipod

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-30241926

M1 Minipod
Hi T-Fans! Say hello to the all-new M1 Minipod! If any piece of technology had to define “mini size but mighty power”, it would be the M1! With ENC noise reduction technology and Bluetooth 5.0, this robust single-ear wireless stereo earphone is much more than just a tool for playing music. M1 Minipod is going to be your multi-scene companion, T-Fans! Backed by an amazing battery life of up to 18 hours, you can use M1 comfortably while driving, working, chatting or even cooking, thanks to its 4.2gm ultra-light body and IPX4 sweat and water resistance. What makes M1 even more special is its cool touch control. You can simply touch the earphone to receive and end calls, play music and activate the voice assistant as well. All these and much more in super cool sleek design! So, are you excited to grab this mini magic wireless genius at an unbelievable price of ₹799? Let’s go! Read all >>

Tips and Tricks for Photography with TECNO Phones.

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-08-014255

Smartphone cameras are getting more advanced with each new generation, while the apps used to capture, edit, and share photos have become more intuitive. So it’s no surprise that people are uploading billions of photos to the internet daily, particularly social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Photography is the language of social media, and the smartphone is its tool. But to make the most of the increasingly capable camera technology being put inside smartphones, you still need to know a few basic tips and tricks. Adjust focus and exposure Smartphone cameras have come a long way in a short time, and most handsets now give you some control over the focus and exposure of your shot. If manual focus is available, it's usually activated with a tap on the screen, on the point where you want the camera to focus. Check in the settings for your phone's camera app too. If you find a face recognition option, it'll automatically zero in on faces, helping you avoid shots where your friends' faces are a blurred mess. Then there's the exposure, or how much light is allowed into the frame. In the default camera app of Android: Tap once for focus, then you can adjust exposure via the slider that pops up at the side or top of the screen. Use HDR mode HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is now a staple feature for smartphone camera apps. Simply put, it brings detail out of the darkest and lightest parts of your picture and creates a better balance of colors overall. The downside is that, in HDR mode, photos take a little longer to process while your smartphone works all this out. It's particularly suitable for landscapes and portrait shots, especially when there's a wide range between the darkest and lightest parts of your photo. As it takes a few milliseconds longer to take a snap though, you should avoid using it on fast-moving subjects or when you can't keep your phone steady. Whatever your make and model of phone, you should see "HDR mode" in a prominent place somewhere on screen. It's also likely that you can set this to automatically kick in (as on stock Android, above), which means HDR mode will activate whenever the camera senses it could be useful. You can also turn HDR mode on and off manually. Use natural light where possible Light is one of the most important factors in any photo. If you can make use of the available natural light, then you don't have to resort to your phone's built-in flash (which may give you less-than-ideal results, particularly at a distance). If you can, position your subjects so they're well-lit from the front and not silhouetted by a strong light from behind. Of course, this isn't always possible for quick shots, but do what you can. Using artificial light can work too, though you need to take more care. In a night scene, for example, get your friends to stand closer to the glow of artificial lights rather than deeper in the shadows, and make sure their faces are as well-illuminated as possible. Using the flash can help, but if you have time, try one shot with flash and one without to see the difference. Camera settings, lighting, scene modes, and composition can all play a part, as we'll explain. And when you've got your photos looking suitably fantastic, make sure you also take the time to back them up somewhere safe. Apply the rule of thirds This is an old photography trick that's been around for years, but you can still apply it to smartphones. According to the rule of thirds, an image is split into nine equal blocks that form a three-by-three grid (like in the image above). You should aim to get the most interesting parts of your image (like a treeline or a group of faces) near the corners of these segments, where the imaginary gridlines meet. To improve your shot composition, give the rule of thirds a try. Whether you're taking pictures of friends at a bar or working on a landscape shot, you'll find it simple and effective. It's even more simply when you don't have to imagine the dividing lines yourself. This being the age of instant smartphone photography, just about every camera app out there will display them for you. On the stock Android camera app, you'll see the grid icon at the edge of the screen, under Photos & Camera in Settings. Hope this Tips and Tricks help you capture perfect images by your Camera Phone.Read all >>

Live Life XL Challenge | (Closed)

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-08-012115205

Hey T-Fans! Thank you so much for your participation. The contest is now closed. We will announce the results soon! ---- It’s time to think BIG, T-Fans! We’ve all taken such goofy, fun pictures where we use a perspective to make ourselves look BIGGER than the monuments or make smaller objects look GRANDER around us. Haven’t we? Well, it’s time to showcase them! Get your creative game on as TECNO Spot brings to you, the LIVE LIFE XL Challenge. What To Do? 1.Comment below with a picture of yourself with regular objects around you. But here’s the catch! They need to look surreally BIGGER than you or you need to look surreally BIGGER than them. Also, tell us what adds SWAG to that picture. 2.The quirkier you get, the better! So get your TECNO smartphones and thinking caps out and go crazy clicking BIG! Here’s a sample entry to get you started:Some More Examples: Rules:1. Make sure you follow the instructions above.2. Follow the Spark 6 Air Forum.3. Contest ends on 7th August at 9 PM. (New Deadline: 10th August, 6 PM)4. Get minimum 50 likes on your comment to make it eligible.5. Winner will be chosen at the discretion of TECNO Spot India team. The Winner gets a… wait-for-it…. Yes, a TECNO Smartphone! If you're also intrigued by XL things which come with a Swag, our Spark 6 Air with 7” Screen Size & 6000 mAh Battery is just the right smartphone for you. Check it out: All the best, T-fans. Make it BIG! Read all >>

Live Q&A with Product Manager | Spark 6 Air | HiOS 6.2

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-07-31210165774

Hello T-Fans! We just launched the power-packed Spark 6 Air with segment-first features like a massive 7’’ Dot Notch display and a humongous 6000 mAh battery. Along with solid hardware, it also rocks the latest HiOS 6.2 with Android 10 Go under the hood! A lot of you must be considering upgrading to the Spark 6 Air. We understand that purchasing a smartphone isn’t a trivial decision and want to make sure that you have all the information you need before you jump onto Amazon and get your hands on the Spark 6 Air. Our product managers (TecnoProduct India Manager and HiOS Product Manager) want to talk to you about the Spark 6 Air and answer any hardware and software related questions that you might have about the device. If you’re a photography enthusiast, then you can find out more about the 13 MP AI triple cameras. If you’re a movie buff, you can find out more about the dot notch display and if you’re a party animal, you can learn how the Spark 6 Air can connect to up to 3 BT speakers at once! Whatever questions you have, our product Managers will be live on this thread between 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM on 4th August to answer them! So make sure you too are here on time to get your questions and get to know the Spark 6Air before you bring it home! Here are some questions that we’ve received about the Spark 6 Air till now: [*]Is the Spark 6 Air only available on Amazon or can I get it at a store near me? [*]How long does it take to completely charge such a huge battery? [*]Why does the phone have such a large 7” screen? Will I be able to use it easily with one hand? [*]How can I share Wi-Fi with my friend through my phone if I don’t remember the password? [*]How is HiOS 6.2 different from earlier versions? [*]How long can I watch videos on this phone? Does the large screen drain a lot of battery? [*]I did not understand clearly what the ‘Audio Share’ feature is. Can you please explain it to me? [*]What kind of games can I play on this phone without it heating up? If you too have questions like this on your mind, make sure you join the Live Q&A session with our Product Managers! See you, T-Fans!Date:4th August Time: 5:30 to 6:00 PM Read all >>

Complete the Crossword

Abraham Sidy Diomaye Faye | 2020-08-037169

5 words are hidden in the following crossword puzzle. Let's see who'll be the first one to fill all of the grids.Read all >>

M1 Minipod | Your Constant Companion

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-08-036170

M1 Minipod
Hello T-Fans! We love immersive experiences, whether it's watching a video, listening to songs, or some even talking over the phone. But there are always times when being aware of your surrounding trumps entertainment. Have you ever been bored at a family event, but couldn’t put your earphones on because it’s considered rude if you aren't paying attention to the conversation? Have you ever had a free hour at work and wanted to listen to your favourite song, but couldn’t because you never knew when your boss would sneak up on you? What about receiving a personal call while driving your car, but being unable to answer because you don't want your pesky siblings overhearing the call? All jokes aside, even simple activities like walking down the road with both your ears blocked by earphones is dangerous not only to you but others on the street as well. It is extremely important to be aware of what’s going on around you, especially in public, but you can’t do that when the song you’re listening to has your undivided attention. We’re here to make sure that you can do both: enjoy your music while and be attentive to everything else at the same time. The M1 Minipod is designed for scenarios where you need to multitask: after all, what’s the point of watching the cooking video, if you can’t hear the cooker whistling away in the background! With ENC noise reduction technology, M1 Minipod makes sure that external noise doesn’t overpower the music in your ear. The IPX4certification makes it your all-weather companion and the 18hours battery life and the portable charging case ensures that you can go an entire day without having to reach for a charging cable. That’s not all! The M1 Minipod weighs just 4.2 gm so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it! So, grab your very own M1 Minipod at theAmazon Prime Day Day sale on 6th August for just ₹799 and make sure that you get the best of both worlds, a balance between work and play! Read all >>

World Internet Day Activity Alert | Win Exciting TECNO Goodies [CLOSED]

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-10-29384019

Hello, T-Fans! From office meetings and classes to birthday celebrations and pyaar ishq mohabbat - everything is online now! All thanks to the power of the internet. All these interactions online, but do you ever wonder who sent the first text ever? We do! 29th October is celebrated as the World Internet Day for this specific reason only. Gyaan time, ever since 2005, this date commemorates the first electronic message that was transferred from one computer to another in 1969! The Internet is a place full of wonders. Did you know, Tim Berners-Lee is known as the “Father of the Web.” He was also the one to upload the first-ever image to the internet. How quickly the face of the internet has changed! Today we can’t go a day without it- Instagram for our selfie obsession, Zomato to beat our food cravings, Zoom calls for daily meetings, TECNO T-Spot for all things tech and to connect with your fellow T-Fans. T-Boy wants to see your first post ever on your favourite social media platform and the story behind the post. TECNO India’s first ever Tweet was on 28th August 2018. We were really excited to tell you about the fantastic AI Cameras in the Camon iAce and Camon I Sky2 that make sure that you look your best in every single photograph you capture! Tell us about your first post and the interesting story behind it and say it in the most creative way possible! 3 most creative answers chosen by the TECNO Spot India Team will win exclusive TECNO goodies. Here’s how you can participate- 1. Share a screenshot of your first ever post on your favourite social media platform 2. Tell us the story behind the post in the most creative way possible, you can also include the link to the post 3. Get 5 likes on your comment for it to be eligible for the activity Last day to participate- 31st October, 9 PM That’s all, fam. Participate now to win exciting TECNO goodies! Read all >>

Do You Want to Earn Money While Playing Games? Join Our Team As a Part-Time Content Developer!

Aha Games | 2020-08-05221060

Hey AHA Fans! Are you interested in the exciting Gaming Industry? Are you a fan of mobile games, and how they shape the modern day lifestyle? Do you have experience in content curation and content management? Then bring your expertise to support our global tech brand, and trigger a positive impact to our gamers all over the world. Who we are looking for: - Mobile Game Fans - Fluent in English and one of the following languages (Hindi, French, Arabic, Urdu) Get Paid by Just Playing Games: To Apply, Please Follow this Link Good Luck: The AHA Games Team Read all >>

Enjoy Online Reservation Services With Carlcare

Sumit Verma | 2020-08-0511195

Hey T-fans, Do you know that you can enjoy VIP, Priority service at Carlcare center by using the "Online Reservation" ? Simply log in to the Carlcare App, and Tab on "make a reservation" option Select your nearest Carlcare service center >> Add your Details >> Submit. You'll get a Fast and Hassle-free repair service at our center. No need to stress yourself to join the queue. As authorized after-sales service of TECNO, Carlcare is here to provide you a memorable service & support. #YesWeCare #CarlcareserviceIN #Online Reservation #ContestWeekRead all >>

How To Assign Contact Specific Ringtone In All TECNO Device

Sumit Verma | 2020-08-0512212

Hello T-Fans, Every smartphone user relies on notification sounds just to know when they do receive a call and message. The type of sound your phone makes are essential, most especially when they ring at will, both in private and public places, the reaction from people around you, most especially when they look in your direction and crack a smile, then you realize it is about time you get a ringtone change. Thought this is not the only time phone users get to change their ringtone. No matter how wonderful and pleasing your ringtone sounds, having to listen to the same ringtone go off whenever you receive an incoming call can get so boring and old. But do you know you can keep a single ringtone alive without having to get tired of it? It is actually easy, all it requires of you is to set a special ringtone for each of your most-used contacts, and I will be sharing with you how to set ringtones for your favorite contacts, with this feature you don't have to take a look or even have to go pick your phone before you know who is calling. How To Set Contact Specific Ringtone On All TECNO Smartphones. 1. Locate and tap on 'Contact', and not your device dialer, it is important you know the difference between both. 2. From your list of saved contact, locate and tap on your most used contact, this could be; Family, Loved ones and Friends. 3. Tap on the three vertical dots located at the top of your right-hand corner, just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. 4. From the list of available options, locate and tap on 'Set Ringtone' just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. 5. You should see a list of default ringtones, select your preferred ringtone for that particular contact and click on 'Ok' just as indicated by the red arrow in the caption below. You can also set a custom ringtone for a contact, but I will be sharing that with you all on my next post. Assignor a contact specific ringtone to your frequently used contact can be really useful most especially during your office hours, when missing out on personal calls will earn you a reprimand, and missing out on a client's call can also make you lose out on your commissions. If you find this article interesting, do share your thoughts, feedback, and experiences via the comments section below, and don't forget to follow my account to see more of my posts. Read all >>
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