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Pova 4 is now on Jio Mart! 🔥

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-12-167310

Hey T Fans, 🤩 We hope you are ready for a great weekend ahead. Adding to the fun here, Pova 4 is now available on Jio Mart. So, if you are a regular Jio Mart user, then this is your turn to head to the app and order the phone immediately. We absolutely adore our TECNO community, which is why TECNO is coming everywhere for a better user experience for its fans. ✅With the POVA 4 on JioMart we have a special offer- Get pTron Neckband worth ₹1,809/- only for Rs 1/- ✅ Now, head to Jio Mart (JioMart) and get your POVA 4 now. ❇️ And if you do find the listing of the phone, share the screenshot in the comment section for others. ❇️ We will see you soon and thank you, Spot community, for your constant support, love and warmth. Have a great Friday and an amazing weekend. Read all >>

First Fan Photography Feature!! 🥳

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-12-15910418

Hey T fans, TECNO is famous for its photography contests, and looking at the amazing responses we always get from our TECNO community. We have decided to showcase top pictures from our archives that have done great wonders with the contest every time. Hold on your breaths, guys; here goes the list. 1️⃣ Anokha_Musafir (TECNO CAMON 19 Neo) - Humayun Tomb, Delhi This tomb, built in 1570, is of particular cultural significance as it was the first garden tomb on the Indian subcontinent. 2️⃣TECNO-Fan (Infinix Hot 8) - Taj Mahal, Agra The Taj Mahal, who does not know this place,is an Islamic ivory-white marble mausoleum on the right bank of the river Yamuna in the Indian city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1631 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal; it also houses the tomb of Shah Jahan himself. 3️⃣ Nitin Chanyal (TECNO CAMON 19 Pro) - Safdarjung Tomb, Delhi Safdarjung's tomb is a sandstone and marble mausoleum in Delhi, India. It was built in 1754 in the late Mughal Empire style for Nawab Safdarjung. 4️⃣ Sumit Verma (TECNO CAMON) - River Sarayu, UP The Sarayu is a river that originates at a ridge south of Nanda Kot mountain in Bageshwar district in Uttarakhand, India. It flows through many towns including Ayodhya, where lord Rama was born. It is believed that the holy river washes away impurities. 5️⃣ Ranjit Kumar (TECNO Spark) - Home Town A beautiful night skyline is captured here which is from somewhere from our very own India. 6️⃣ Amal Das (TECNO Spark) - DIGAH Titanic Hotel Digha is conveniently located near the city's well-known market areas, making it an ideal lodging option for those who are in the area for shopping. 7️⃣ Kapil Sharma (TECNO CAMON 19) - ▪️Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur The meringue-shaped auditorium debuted in 1976 and is located on Bhagwan Das Road, close to M.I. Road. Over the years, it has hosted numerous Hindi film premieres and has grown to be recognised as a popular emblem of Jaipur. ▪️Amar Jawan Jyoti, Jaipur After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, an Indian memorial known as Amar Jawan Jyoti was conceptualized, built, and dedicated on January 26, 1972. ▪️ Motison Tower, Jaipur The largest example of spider application in India. 🥳 Congratulations to all the participants for the recognition. You guys sure did a brilliant job with your pictures. While you celebrate the acknowledgement at the TECNO community, the rest of the members should surely step out and contribute to the upcoming photography contest. Who knows, your picture might be the next breathtaking one. That's all for today, guys; stay tuned for many year ending cheers that are coming your way. Read all >>

Smartphone Upgrade Days!! 🛍

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-12-1429432

Hey T fans, 🤩 With the merry-ness of the winter season around, we have an exciting upgrade option for you this season!! TECNO is here with yet another fantastic sale from 10th -14th December for all our loyal members. Isn’t this exciting!? Wanna check out which TECNO phones are open for sale this time? Here you go1️⃣ TECNO POP 6 Pro 2️⃣ TECNO Spart 8T 3️⃣ TECNO Spark 8 Pro 4️⃣ TECNO Spark 9 - 4GB* 5️⃣ TECNO POVA 5G 6️⃣ TECNO POVA 3 7️⃣ TECNO Camon 19 Pro Mondrian 8️⃣ TECNO Pop 5 LTE Today is the last day for the sale, so head to Amazon now. To add to the fun, the offer is with HDFC bank (10% instant discount credit card & credit EMI). Let this year end on a joyous note, with a great upgrade for your TECNO phone! Maybe surprise for a loved one at these amazing prices! Until next time guys, we will see you all soon keeping the Christmas cheers in the air! Read all >>

Pova 4 is now yours!! 🥊

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-12-1499147

Hello TECNO lovers, 🤗 Today is the day, bigger and better than any day in your life. No, we are not kidding. Pova 4 sale is now live. Super duper, right? Before you rush to buy the phone before anyone else in your friends’ group, here are some of the brilliant features of why the Pova 4 is one of the greatest phones ever made. POVA 4 comes with > ✅ Helio G99 6nm Processor > ✅ Dual Game Engine > ✅ Panther Game Engine 2.0 + HyperEngine 2.0 Lite > ✅ Incredible energy Wow, right? So what are you waiting for? Head for the nearest TECNO store. Ahhhh, not this time; you can get the newest Pova 4 at your home. How, AMAZON. Adding to the fun here, guys, The phone will be available only for Rs 10,999 for the first 2 days, so this is your queue to buy the phone at a price never seen before. ❇️ Time to switch apps, guys; Pova 4 is now available on Amazon. Go, check it now. And if you can find it, share a screenshot of the amazon listing in the comments section. ❇️ That's all for today; we will see you all soon. Have a great day ahead. And think about Pova 4 while doing your daily chorus. Read all >>

World Cup! ⚽️

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-12-1376430

Hi T-Fans: Click to watch and earn points to win prizes,You can watch it every day to accumulate points! Come and play the World Cup! Participate in activities to win World Cup prizes! How to play: 1. Watch 15 seconds of posts every day; 2. Watch 15 seconds of video every day; 3. Play football games every day. Read all >>

Match The Features!! 🤓

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-12-13410303

Hey T Fans, 🔥 A very happy new week to all of you. Today is the big day, it's sale day. But of what? Pova 4!! Yes, Pova 4 is ready to be yours from today. Did we get you excited? That was the plan. Waiting for the features and other reasons to buy it? We will release some today and some tomorrow, but today’s features come with a twist, yes, with a game. You guys know us so well. Now is the time for the big match the following; when our TECNO team was in school, we absolutely loved to match the following activities, and we are sure you did too. So, today let's hit the nostalgic road and match the following. ❇️ Match the blue icons to the right hours in the above picture and share your answer (image) with us in the comments below. ❇️ That’s all for today, guys, don’t forget to share your images with us at the earliest. Have a great week ahead. We will see you soon. AND, ON THIS NOTE FANS, WE HAVE ANOTHER GOOD NEWS. THE #DARETOHUSTLE POVA 4 CONTEST IS EXTENDED BY 2 MORE DAYS. So hurry up and participate if you have yet not to win this phone for free. Link: Read all >>

Last Few Hours Left! 🧐

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-11328872

Hey T fans, 🙌 How is your Sunday going? Ours is going pretty well. Do you know why? Because humne to banadi reel. Aur aapne nahi banai. Nahi banai na? No worries, there is still time to do your reel magic; put on your hustling shoes now. Only 48 hours for the contest to end. So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking. Time is running out. If you are still stuck on making the perfect reel, then visit our previous article on the tips and tricks of an ideal Instagram reel and let it come to your rescue. And before you rush to shoot your reel, please read all the CONTEST GUIDELINES listed below. 1️⃣ Shoot a reel showcasing your version of #DareToHustle 2️⃣ The reel theme should be on the theme of dare to not give up 3️⃣ The reel duration is minimum 30 seconds and maximum 45 second 4️⃣The reel should have music 5️⃣ The reel shared should have the mention of #DareToHustle with your name at the beginning or at the end 6️⃣ As you earn brownie points if you post the reel on social media, make sure while sending your entry in mail the social media post link is sent as well. (Mention two hashtags #DareToHustle & #tecnomobileindia 7️⃣ Contest last date is 12th December 2022, 11:59pm What are you waiting for? Mail us your entries at , and we will be announcing the winners super soon. WINNER REWARDS up for grabs: 🥇 1st Prize: TECNO POVA 4 🥈 2nd Prize: TECNO Hamper Box 🥉 3rd Prize: TECNO Sipper Top 10 entries to get 50 T-Points each. HURRY UP! Entries are pouring in, don’t miss on this last chance to get the brand new TECNO POVA 4 Till then, stay safe and have a great weekend ahead. Read all >>

Contest Ki Reel Banali? 🤨

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-1011701

Hey T fans,🙌 Humne to banali, aapne banali? Nahi banai, to ab banalo. Kaise? Looking for a friend to shoot your reel after many weird takes and bribe them with their favourite things? Oh, I wish it was all that easy, but we have a way for you to capture the reel in just a single take. How? Find out here. If you are caught up with how to make the perfect Instagram reel, read ahead to explore some amazing tips. 1️⃣ Create your storyboard/ reel ideas 2️⃣ Shoot your Instagram/Josh/Takatak reel 3️⃣ Add filters, graphics, and AR effects 4️⃣ Share your perfect reel While these tips will come in handy for you, here are some tricks on how to hustle more. 1️⃣ Never lean back 2️⃣ Be your own promoter 3️⃣ Don’t fear the critics 4️⃣ Carry yourself with confidence And that's how you will win the amazing new TECNO POVA 4, TECNO Hampers and T-points. 🎁🎁🎁🎁 So, what are you waiting for? Create your ideal reel now, and don’t forget to share it with us soon. The contest will be ending on Monday (12.12). Share your #DARETOHUSTLE reels before it's too late. We are eagerly waiting for your interesting responses. That’s all for today, guys. We will see you soon. Have a great weekend. Never make excuses especially when it is for yourself Read all >>

DUBAI | TECNO Flagship Product Launch 2022 ⭐️

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-0911623

Hey there, T-Fans, 🤗 The mega event ended a day ago but we are yet not over with watching the highlights again and again. Can’t believe that the most awaited series of the year is finally unveiled. Hold your breath because we are coming up with a whole new arena of Technology. HERE ARE THE EVENT HIGHLIGHTS 1️⃣ The spectacular inauguration of #TECNOFlagshipProductLaunch2022 in the heart of Dubai started with Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO. 2️⃣ The flagship product introduction session was opened up by none other than Mr. Arijit Talapatra (CIO, PHANTOM X2 Global | CEO, TECNO India) 3️⃣ And then the official launch of two new flagship products took place. The all-new #PHANTOMX2Series mindfully crafted with exclusive design and features that are #BeyondTheExtraordinary was firstly introduced. Many other imminent spokesperson from the event were namely, ▪️ Rami Osman (Business Development Head of MEA, MediaTek) ▪️ Burak Küçük (CPLO of TECNO AIoT) ▪️ Ali Riza Kucuk (Regional Consumer Director, Intel SMG, Middle East, Turkey & Africa Region) ▪️ Karin Belbelian (Director of Window Consumer Category, EMEA Emerging Markets (CEE AND MEA), Microsoft Corporation 4️⃣ Following the live launch, Master Portrait Photographer Rankin reviewed the flagship PHANTOM X2 Series emphasizing on its amazing retractable camera lens. Watch the complete video on TECNO Youtube today. Link: 5️⃣ Now that you are thinking of switching to youtube to watch the first hand review from the top-notch photographer, do not miss the complete product video of TECNO PHANTOM X2 Series which was showcased right after the review. Link: 6️⃣ Then the second flagship product, The MEGABOOK S1 was unveiled for all with all its amazing features. Our first laptop weighs only 1.35kg 7️⃣ At the end of the event we all were overwhelmed by the presence of all the TECNO lovers at #TECNOFlagshipProductLaunch2022! Looking forward to your journey with our exclusive flagship products TECNO PhantomX2 Series. Read all >>

Its the Reel world, and We are Just Living in it! 📲

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-08169429

Hey T fans, 🤗 Aren’t we all guilty of not doing our work and wasting hours and hours on the Instagram/Josh/Takatak reels? While some of us enjoy just scrolling through them, others are the reel expert here. Isn’t it? As the world and social media are all full of reels and everything video, here is the TECNO challenge for this week. Ready? With the TECNO POVA 4 launch, we are stepping out of our comfort zone and daring to hustle, be it hustling towards fitness, extracurricular activities like dance, music or playing an instrument. We are moving towards a better and healthier tomorrow. So, today as the first activity of dare to hustle, we have a very fun challenge planned for all of you. Ya, ya an easy one, indeed. WHAT TO DO? Create a video of hustling, but don’t limit yourself to only exercises; you can create a reel around dance, music, mastering an instrument or a day of hustle with various activities clubbed together. You just have to make sure that you capture your not giving up attitude and record your hustling. Easy, peasy, right? What are you waiting for? Create the reel today and mail us your entries at Brownie points to anyone who submits it both on email and uploads it on social media feed with the hashtags #DareToHustle & #tecnomobileindia DO’S & DON’TS 1️⃣ The reel theme is dare to not give up 2️⃣ The reel duration is minimum 30 seconds and maximum 45 second 3️⃣ The reel should have music 4️⃣ The reel shared should have the mention of #DareToHustle with your name at the end of beginning 5️⃣ While sending your entry in mail if posted on social media please share the link as well. 6️⃣ Contest last date is 12th December 2022, 11:59pm WINNER REWARDS: 🥇 1st Prize: TECNO POVA 4 🥈 2nd Prize: TECNO Hamper Box 🥉 3rd Prize: TECNO Sipper 🏅 Top 10 entries to get 50 T-Points each. Get to it, guys; you might be the lucky one to win these amazing TECNO goodies. Put on your thinking hat and start hustling. We will see you soon. Have a great day ahead. ❇️ Please note if you have any doubts do not forget to ask it away in the comments and start showing your excitement as well. ❇️ All the best to everyone! Read all >>

The bigger, the better Phantom X2 series global launch!! 🥁

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-08387512

Hey T fans, 🤩 Yesterday was Wednesday? Oh, you mean Launch day? Ready for the big reveal? A couple of months back, we introduced Phantom X and now, adding to the fun, here are 2 more additions to the flagship series. Here are some of the amazing features of the new Phantom X series. 🔵 PHANTOM X2 5G ▪️ World's first 4nm processor: D9000 5G ▪️ 8GB+256GB ▪️ 64MP RGBW (G+P) OIA ultra clear night camera ▪️ 6.8 flexible curved AMOLED ▪️ Uni-body double-curved symmetric ▪️ 5160mAh battery with 45W charger 🟠 PHANTOM X2 PRO 5G ▪️ World's first 50MP retractable portrait lens ▪️ 12GB+256GB ▪️ World's first 4nm Processor: D9000 5G ▪️ 6.8 Flexible curved AMOLED ▪️ Uni-body double-curved symmetric ▪️ 5160mAh Battery with 45W charger So, here is the big reveal, guys. So, what are you waiting for? The new Phantom X series will be out soon. So, hold your horses, and we will let you know the sale date. ❇️ Till then, guess your favourite color of the phones below.❇️ Stay safe, and we will see you soon. Have a great day ahead. Read all >>

Unraveling of the powerful POVA 4 🥊🥊🥊

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-072010935

Hey T fans, 🤩 A lot of you guessed it up and beyond, and now is the time for the big reveal that will definately surprise you. Ready? We sure are. Presenting the mega power house which is a must for every young player for endless fun. POVA 4 comes with: 1️⃣ Helio G99 6nm Processor 2️⃣ Dual Game Engine 3️⃣ Panther Game Engine 2.0 + HyperEngine 2.0 Lite ➖ First processor in the segment! ➖ 309k scores! ➖ Higher AnTuTu scores from competitors even 20% higher ➖ AnTuTu score than the closest 5G competitors! 4️⃣ Incredible energy ➖ 18W ➖ 6000mAh ➖ 13GB* RAM+128GB ROM Wow, right? So many features in such an amazing and brilliant phone. So, what are you waiting for? Head to TECNO’s social media page, watch the amazing launch video and answer the following question in the comments section below. ❇️ The question is:HOW MANY FEATURES OF NEW TECNO POVA 4 WHERE YOU ABLE TO SPOT IN THE VIDEO? ❇️ It’s time to start hustling, guys! That’s all for today, we will see you soon with an exciting contest. Have a great time till then. Read all >>

Are you an Adventurer? 🤠

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-0687678

Hey T-Explorer, 🤓 If you crave diversity and consist of a pioneering spirit of exploration then it's gonna be your week. Curious to know how? First ask yourself should we be satisfied with our current life! Shouldn’t we wish for better always! Wish to double the X- Factor in you with our upcoming global launch of TECNO PHANTOM X2. Finally give some rest to your deep search for the next mind-blowing smartphone. Did you still say why? Because we are only one day away from the… IYKYK And don't forget we plan to reveal the brand new PHANTOM X2 in Dubai, The Palm at Atlantis. (Time: 14:30 GST) Keep watching this space for more information about Phantom X2. Before you start commenting with your excitement level. ❓ Do let us know how many X could you count in this article today.❓ Happy Week to All & Be Beyond The Extraordinary! Read all >>

When is the big day? 🧐

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-06116103

Hey T fans, 🙌 We are not alone when our relatives ask us this every time we attend someone’s wedding. Well, next time they ask you this, say 1 day to go. Can you imagine their shocked faces? We sure can, and we know you are laughing imagining their faces. But hold on, guys, we are not talking about your wedding; that is just a way to avoid relatives. Now that we are talking about 1 day to go. Let’s stick to that because there is indeed just 1 day to go for the launch of the TECNO POVA 4 device. Excited? Us too. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go wild and guess the price of POVA 4 in the comments section. ✅ Hurry up, guys; the closest guess might get a tag of the smartest among us all. Sounds fun, right? ✅ Get to it, guys; we are waiting; until then, we will see you next. Have a fabulous day ahead. Read all >>

World Cup Madness!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-0557424

Hi T-Fans: Unable to find the activity entrance, please upgrade to the latest version.You can click on the mobile banner to go to the campaign page, or you can click the link: Click to watch and earn points to win prizes,You can watch it every day to accumulate points! Come and play the World Cup! Participate in activities to win World Cup prizes! How to play: 1. Watch 15 seconds of posts every day; 2. Watch 15 seconds of video every day; 3. Play football games every day. Read all >>

Kaun aa raha hai? 🧐 Ye rahe Jawab!! 🙌

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-04146694

Hey T fans, He is coming, the never before and the most dashing phone. We got you, right? Better than your expectation! Now that the cat is almost out of the box, which phone is it? It starts with P and ends with well A. We are sure you guys have guessed with the not-so-subtle hint. 😛 Yes, Pova is back with another brilliant phone - POVA 4 Yayyyy, TECNO is definitely keeping up with the game. Now, it's your turn to guess the launch date in the comments section. We are waiting, guys; get to it, and we will see you soon. Hasta La Vista until next time. Read all >>

Another Month Filled with Big, Big Things! 🤩

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-03115778

Hey T fans, 🥊 December is definitely filled with a bang. This month we have some new launches, games, contests and soooo many prizes. Today, as the first and foremost news, we are here to share something big that is coming your way. It is big, it is gorgeous, and it will blow your mind. Well, mind-blown activities across the TECNO spot community are pretty common now, isn't it? In this cold weather, only one thing can keep us warm apart from soft quilts; yes, you guessed it right. Exercise and gym. So, this new big thing will make you wanna hustle more and get on your toes instantly. ✅ Now, the question is, do you dare to hustle? Can you guess what is coming? What are the #DareToHustle qualities? 🙌 Let us know your answers in the comments below & stay tuned. That’s all for today, folks. Keep guessing, and we will see you soon. Read all >>

Stay Tuned. TECNO Flagship Product Launch Event Will Be Held in Dubai!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-02158611

Hi T-Fans:TECNO will host Annual Flagship Product Launch 2022 themed as ‘Beyond the Extraordinary’ on December 7th from 2:30pm GST, in Dubai UAE. Taking place in Dubai, the city’s status as a hub of futuristic innovation makes it the ideal location to mark the launch of two groundbreaking premium tech products. The event will see the official launch of the company’s two new flagship products, the remarkable PHANTOM X2 Series and MEGABOOK S1. Join us for the event and see you soon in Dubai! Read all >>

Congratulations are in Order!! 🥳

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-02239680

Hey T-Fans, 😬 We are excited to announce that TECNO Mobile won the 'Most Innovative Mobile Phone Manufacturing Brand, Asia' Award for 2022 at the 10th annual Global Brands Magazine Awards. The felicitation ceremony will be held at Dubai, on 10 December 2022. TECNO Mobile has been recognised for its exceptional performances, and hence was evaluated based on innovation, strategic relationships and new business development. Commenting on TECNO Mobile winning the award, ShivKumar (CEO of GBM) said, "This award was given in recognition of the brand's commitment to developing smart, super-intelligent devices. The award recognizes the brand's commitment to technological innovation and constant drive to offer its customers the finest products. We are very proud of TECNO Mobile and all the efforts that they have put in. Their innovative approach has earned them their spot as the Most Innovative Mobile Phone Manufacturing brand in Asia." Commenting on TECNO Mobile winning the award, Jack Guo (General Manager of TECNO Mobile) said, "We are honoured to take home this brand trophy at the first anniversary of TECNO's brand refreshment as an innovative technology brand. As TECNO pushes to build a rich product ecology from smartphones to laptops and tablets to smart audio and smart home devices, TECNO strives to provide innovative technologies to enable consumers to build a fashionable and digitally connected lifestyle. Winning this award is a valuable recognition of our efforts, and we will continue to be committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies in artistic designs, showcasing its mastery of serving the youth-generation consumers, and inspiring them to never stop pursuing excellence." We are so proud of the achievement and recognition received by GBM Awards! And TECNO will continue to innovate and revolutionize the digital experience for all our customers who continue to show their love and gratitude towards us! Thank you to everyone who made us reach this level of greatness; we wouldn’t have done it without you. To many more milestones, guys. Cheers!! 🥂 We will see you soon; stay happy and #StopAtNothing Read all >>

📣 Bi-monthly Newsletter - Issue No. 5

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-12-01136059

Spot News
A lot has transpired in these 30 days now that it’s the last day of November. Let's sit down and recap what we revealed this month. Excited? Let's get going! Thank you to all our TECNO spot community fans for all your support, love, warmth and everything sweet. We wouldn’t have done it without you. Read about the highlights, the contests/activities and upcoming events. 🔥 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE MONTH 🔥 1. Halloween filter was a fun contest where all our TECNO members shared their pictures using the latest Halloween filters available online. 2. Congratulations to all the taggers and October community stars. 3. Celebration of the birthday of Madam Curie who was the naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity 4. Gently reminding all the users to update their TECNO SPOT app regularly. 🎁 CONTEST & ACTIVITIES 🎁 1. We hosted a #BackToChildhood children’s day reverse scavenger hunt contests where the TECNO users took a nostalgic route to their school days and created a road map of their home to school. 2. We recently also did a student survey where we asked our members to tell us what they want to learn and explore. And let us tell you we got some brilliant ideas. 3. On the occasion of International Men’s day, we ran a contest where we asked you guys to tell us your role models and what made them special. 4. Our TECNO members became #TECNOgramworthy with useful tips and tricks on how to capture architectural pictures, and we got some brilliant pictures from across the 🙌 UPCOMING EVENTS 🙌 1. For this football season, Play the World cup carnival with us; check out the latest article if you haven’t; then, this is your time to go check it out and win amazing prizes. 2. PHANTOM X Flagship Series is coming back with much more bang and excitement than ever; stay tuned. With the next month stepping in, new launches and contests are coming your way. That’s all for this month; if you have missed anything, then check out the previous articles from this month on the TECNO spot app now and catch up with the TECNO members.💯 To know more about all the winners from respective contests please check our winner articles from the month. Yay, another brilliant month for TECNO, right? We will see you in December. Have a great week. ahead. 💙 Read all >>
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