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All Ready To Welcome Our Buddy? 🚀

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-1204774

Super Sunday T-Fans, 🕶 Have you been wondering all about this new being! Let me tell you a little more about her. She is super knowledgeable and equally friendly. And she is as curious as you all. Her energy is definitely up and she is coming soon on Spot to meet all of you. T-Boy is also all set to welcome her tomorrow as she lands on Spot. ARE YOU EXCITED TO MEET HER? 😬 Read all >>

Unleashing A New Futuristic Being 🧬

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-1105349

Happy weekend T-Fans, 😃 When the globe is hopping on all kinds of new & high technology, we are all game for it too. We pushed our self to #StopAtNothing to bring you the latest addition to our TECNO family. From an unknown dimension with a superior mind this being is way ahead in time and technology. Coming Soon. Are you curious to know more? 🧐 Read all >>


TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-1008149

Hello TECNO Gamers, 😎 The wait is over and we are super thrilled to announce that TECNO is the title sponsor for ESPL Season 2, India's first city-based franchise eSports premier league, where you, your friends and people from around the globe will get a chance to compete online and win exciting prizes. Surely, we've all spent some time with a gaming console or computer game such as PacMan, Tetris, or even Super Mario as kids. Today 460,000 games are played each hour in the world's largest soccer simulator, online conflicts between teams in games like PUBG have also gained attention in India. The growth of video games is hugely influenced by competition. All online competitions where we can compete against our friends, other players in our country, or even the entire world are known as eSports! With this upcoming top-notch event, India's eSports ecosystem will be transformed. What does this mean for all our gamer fans? You have a chance to compete and achieve a level of popularity like other traditional sports. ISN'T IT EXCITING, FANS? 🤩 Read all >>

Behind the Scenes with TECNO

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-0922500

Throwback Thursday T-Fans, Following the enormous success of the TECNO Phantom X, we're now going to show you the true turmoil and process of how your favourite phone was put together, tested, and ready to be shipped to you. So let's walk through the TECNO factory and see some work behind the screen. Before we dive into the factory visit, let us tell you where all the magic happens, TECNO factory is situated in Noida and that is where all your favourite smartphones are assembled and ready to be delivered to you with love and care. We all know how critical motherboards are to any technical object. By this image, you can clearly assess how TECNO’s powerful motherboards are tested and put into place. This gives your Tecno Smartphone the power to #StopAtNothing! Above our factory employee is Testing and comparing two TECNO series cameras and making sure that the TECNO fan is getting the best camera feature and enjoys capturing videos and photos. This is an everyday job, done with perfection to bring to you the best of features, along with the best in class design. Did you see the beauty in orange packaging? TECNO Phantom X, TECNO Pova Neo, and TECNO Spark are being packed to be delivered to your doorstep. You can see how each mobile series with different colors and amazing features is boxed, offering you the opportunity to make a fun unboxing video!Kudos to the TECNO employees who are dedicated and passionate to give the top quality products and put their best foot forward to assemble and deliver the finest TECNO smartphone. Motherboard, packaging, storage, battery life, and so many other parts are assembled together to give you the best experience. A lot of effort, hard work and technology go into creating the perfect TECNO smartphone, especially for you. So, next time you decide to buy a TECNO phone, don’t just look at the cover, but get inside the book! Until next time, #StopAtNothing Tecno FAM! Read all >>


TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-07315

Happy Tuesday T-Fans, This week has started with a BANG. We have some big news for Tecno Gamers!! 🤫 This is bigger than anything you could guess. And it is an all India affair so you should be a part of it from anywhere. Gather your gaming teammates as the kick-off will start soon. Are you a gamer? Stay tuned and keep goggling👀 Read all >>

We Are Up The Ladder Of Smartphone Brands In India 🚀

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-0524720

Hurray T-Fans, 🙌 It is a big day for all of us. TECNO has ranked 3rd among the top smartphone brands in India in Counterpoint Market Share Report Sub 10K, April 2022. It could have not been possible without our family of fans. We thank you all for your contribution in reaching this milestone. This year has definitely been special for all of us with this great news. Keep showering your love and motivating us to #StopAtNothing. The day to be on top is not far away now! 🥳 Read all >>

Happy World Doughnut Day 🍩

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-04106203

Spot Kiya Kya?
Hello T-Fans, ✌🏼 June has started with a sweet and green weekend. This sure lifts the spirits for all of us, right! Today is a special day that was started to celebrate war soldiers on the globe. And how was this celebrated with DOUGHNUTS. Since 1917, this has spread throughout the world, with our continent being the most prominent in adopting this day to celebrate in our own unique ways.. So today we have a fun puzzle for you to solve and get those cravings set to eat these round, fried,mouth watering desserts. Solve it if you can? (BOOJHO TO JANE?) 😋 Read all >>

Ayushmann Khurrana continues to be TECNO Mobile India’s Brand Ambassador 📢

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-0456316

Hello T-Fans, Another big announcement from TECNO for all of you to jump off your chairs! We are ecstatic to announce the continuation of our partnership with our dashing and talented brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana. With his admirable work and his influence on today’s Indian youth we will definitely keep pushing our motto of #StopAtNothing and keep innovating for all our fans. We are thrilled to the core with an even more exciting journey going forward. How do you feel about this exciting news! This is how we feel 😁😍🤩 🥳🎊 Read all >>

Level up Your T-Points: Win Exciting Rewards! 🫶

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-03106231

Hey T-fans! 😀 How are you all doing? Your regular responses and interactions on our platform have thrilled us. Seeing all these responses, we have come up with an exciting idea that can help you gain rewards. Interacting and commenting on Spot has always fetched you points, but now, you can redeem them for exciting gifts. Yes, you heard it right! Amazing gifts and vouchers for you all. Every action you take on the spot, whether it's for daily check-ins, regular interactions on the page, or posting your own content, earns you T-points that can be redeemed later AFTER ACCUMULATING A CERTAIN NUMBER OF POINTS. Now, you can win amazing goodies like sling bags, amazon vouchers or discounts on the purchase of TECNO phones. To redeem the rewards from your points, you will have to share the screenshots. Isn’t it so amazing that now you can gain Tecno points with every action on the spot; you will now be rewarded for your active responses? Start interacting on our page and level up your points now. Amazing goodies and offers are waiting for you now. Stay active and win amazing rewards! 🎁 Read all >>

It Is Poll Time! 🎯

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-02511383

Hey T-Fans, Recently we had a visit at our factory and the Tech Guru of India #RajivMakhani had put our phone to a daring “Drop Test”. He had dropped a phone from a height of 5 feet onto a granite stone. Which phone did #RajivMakhani use for drop test? 🔍 #Hint: Read all >>

#TECNOTechTalk: Finally, You Can Share Large Files on Whatsapp!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-0116652

Tech News
Hey T-Fans, Have you all heard about the all-new feature where you can send WhatsApp files of up to 2GB? Yes, you heard it right. Till date, it was possible to send files of up to 100 MB only, but this hassle is about to end. Soon, you will be able to send files of up to 2GB. Isn’t it amazing? Just imagine sharing an entire movie via Whatsapp using your favorite TECNO smartphone, Chillzzz Right? For this amazing feature, you need to ensure that your Whatsapp is updated. The 2GB feature is available on the latest Whatsapp version v2.22.8.5 for Android. To take advantage of this feature, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: - Open WhatsApp- On Whatsapp, tap on the contact to whom you want to send the file or document.- Hit the Plus/ pin icon on your app.- Choose the document option from the menu that pops up.- A built-in file manager would appear, from where you will have to select the file, which could be a document or something else.- Tap on Send, and the file will be transferred to the contact in just a few minutes without any hassle. Soon, this update will roll out in the Indian market via the beta version and later via stable releases too. Are you all excited? Stay connected to know more about the upcoming tech features in Tecno Tech Talk! Read all >>

[Winner Announcement] Come And Congratulate Your Fellow Fans

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-31118072

DrumRoll Please T-Fans, 🥁 Congratulations to the winners for winning free couple movie tickets of Anek. @Chanchal_n @SumitVerma@TheMaahiWay@Roman Verma@23842500131183616 You have won free couple movie tickets of ANEK for our recent #AnekMeEkPartner and 'Play and Win' contests. Thank you for your constant participation, fans. The movie is getting highly rated by critics andloved by many. It really brings Indians together to stand for a united HINDUSTAN. We encourage all our fans to go and watch the movie now. Winners please PM us your email id so that we can share the ticket details with you. Keep it up fans and stay tuned for many more exciting activities. We have a lot planned for the month of June. Read all >>

Are You Up For Our #AnekMeEkPartner Contest! 🆓

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-301113

Hey T-Fans, We have extended the contest for one more day for all of you. This is the last time you can get ANEK movie tickets for free. We have had an overwhelming response towards the movie. Tell us all about your #AnekMeEkPartner who pushes you to #StopAtNothing to win in every mission, just like TECNO the #StopAtNothing partner of ANEK. Follow the steps to participate: [*]🔥 Describe us how your partner inspires you to #StopAtNothing [*] ✔ Share your and your partner’s name [*]💬 You can share your entries in the comment section The contest ends today. So hurry up & submit your entries.T&C Apply: Read all >>

Looking for Anek Movie Tickets! 👀

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-2814737

Hey T-Fans, What are your plans for the evening? 🌃 Our celebrations for the weekend are on with the new movie Anek, (Now in cinemas).Tickets are flying from the counter and the show is housefull. Come be a part of our celebration and participate in our contest #AnekMeEkPartner. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO -Share your story with that one person who pushes you to #StopAtNothing and inspires you to succeed in all your missions, just like TECNO the #StopAtNothing partner in ANEK. Don’t forget to share your your and your partners names to get a chance to win the movie tickets for 🆓. Last day to send your entries is 30th May, 2022. 🙂T&C Apply: Read all >>

Are You Up For Our #AnekMeEkPartner Contest! 🆓

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-2824574

Happy weekend T-Fans, The movie Anek is out in cinemas and we are ready to celebrate it with all of you. Are you ready to tell us all about your #AnekMeEkPartner who pushes you to #StopAtNothing to win in every mission, just like TECNO the #StopAtNothing partner of ANEK. Follow the steps to participate: [*]🔥 Describe us how your partner inspire you to #StopAtNothing [*]✔ Share your and your partner’s name [*]💬 You can share your entries in the comment section The contest ends on 30th May, 2022. So hurry up & submit your entries. T&C Apply: Read all >>

#AnekMeEkPartner Contest Launch

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-2755340

Bollywood T-Fans, We have a big announcement for you. We are honored to tell you that TECNO is the proud partner of Anek on its mission to #StopAtNothing. Our Brand Ambassador, Ayushmann Khurrana’s action-packed thriller, ANEK is here in theaters only. Ayushman in Anek is looking for answers to“North Indian nahi, South Indian nahi, East Indian nahi, West Indian nahi, sirf Indian kaise hota hai aadmi?” This sure has kept us on our toes, do you feel the same! Do you wish to know the answer for free? If YES, take part in our #AnekMeEkPartner contest. All of us have a person in our life who stands out for us and we look up to them as our role model and who inspires you to Stop at Nothing. We would love to know who pushes you to #StopAtNothing in this contest. Steps to Follow:In the comments share the name of your partner along with your name and describe how they push you to #StopAtNothing. Participate now to stand a chance to win free movie tickets for Anek. The last date to enter is 30th May 2022. ** T&C: Read all >>

The Fab Fest Is ON!

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-2517247

Hey T-Fans, 😃 We have a FAB sale to meet all your diverse needs. Fab Phones Fest is here with the best offers on our bestselling phones. We have all kinds of fab here. The Spark of Big Dreams both Spark 8T and Spark 8 Pro are first time available atsuch huge discounts and Pop 5 Lte at just Rs 6599. Last but not the least, grab our flagship phone Phantom X at exclusive launch price only on Amazon. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers! Click here to check: 💫 Read all >>

[Announcement] Congratulations to Manchester City on crowning the Premier League

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-2435684

Hi T-Fans:As the final match of this season goes to an end, we’ve glad to see Manchester City Football Club, our global partner, secure the Premier League crown for 2021/22 Season. If you still celebrate Man City’s fourth league title in five years, or still obsess in the dramatic fightback in the final day... On the dramatic final day, despite going 2-0 down to Aston Villa, Man City thrillingly turned the game with three goals within the last 7 minutes, to consistantly dominant the force and crown the 2021/22 Premier League Champions. With the essence of Stop At Nothing, Man City has successfully shown remarkable performance in this season. What is #StopAtNothing? It's a slogan, it's a spirit, it's a motto ...... It's the power to dream, to think, to do, to never give up! It's the years and moments that TECNO and Man City have come together, it's the determination and courage behind Man City's victory. Eventually overturned with the score of 3:2, creating another decade of miracles! Congratulations to Manchester City again for winning the Premier League!Read all >>

Hurry The Finish Line Is Near

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-05-2405533

The race is on T-Fans, 🏁 Last day for an upgrade to get our discounted Tecno phones. We are eager to see you with the next stylish device in your hand with all the incredible features. The time for you to avail this offer is gonna close soon. What are you waiting for? 🤔 No time to think, just go for it 🏃 Read all >>

It is time to Upgrade!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-05-22016511

Grab it now T-Fans, 🤗 Before it is too late. Become the owner of our flagship phone or the fastest 5G phone now. If this does not give you a kick you can always pop ahead in life too. Our phones are all up for the creative reasons you wish for an upgrade. Check it out on amazon right now- Which one among these will you pick for yourself? Let us know to be our lucky T-Spot fan and we will send you a T-Merchandize to complement your new upgraded phone. 🎁 Read all >>
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