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Meri pyari maa ❤️

santanu | 2021-05-115360

Tecno Gallery
This post was last edited by santanu at 2021-5-12 08:49 Maa, the word itself describes everything.There is no word to define the term 'maa'❤️Everybody gets emotional when the word 'maa'❤️ comes in the mind.I remember, that whenever I fall sick I just see my 'maa'❤️ how selflessly she takes care of me.We, the children are just like the flowers of the pot , whenever the flowers shrivels up we give water to itand the flower blossoms again , same way whenever we the children are sad ,a 'pyaar bhara hug from maa'❤️ makes the day.Never ever leave your child's hand 'maa'❤️.If you are there with your child then that child is the strongest person in the world.Thank you for everything what you gave and did to me.❤️Read all >>

Cardio workouts can improve respiratory function

Bharat | 2021-05-100135

Physical Health
Hi T-fans Any activity which ramps up your breathing- is a good way to restore lung capacity and function when you are on the road to recovery.Experts suggest patients pick up moderate or brisk physical exercises or sports which can elevate heart rate and promote blood flow. Go for regular walks (if safe), pick up home workouts and cardio activities which are good for your respiratory health. Yoga asanas can also help restore functionality and boost immunity. Aerobic activities may help too.Remember to be regular with your workouts, but take it slow, initially. Athletes have also been advised to kickstart recovery with rehab exercises which benefit pulmonary health, before moving on to other fast-paced and intense movements. THANK YOU Read all >>

Have foods which help boost lung capacity

Bharat | 2021-05-10188

Physical Health
Hi T-fans Might be this will be help for increases your lungs capacity so that it can bare the effect of corona in lungs A good vitamin and mineral-rich diet boost immunity and there are certain foods which cut out toxins and help you breathe easier as well. It could be an easy way to manage and promote better lung health at home.While as a rule, one should avoid consuming an excess of processed and refined foods, seasonal produce like beets, green tea, blueberries, tomatoes, nuts and seeds boost lung capacity. Jaggery, citrus foods should be had in abundance as well.Garlic and turmeric are powerful antioxidant-rich foods which are said to have anti-viral properties.Make sure to have a lot of Omega-3 rich foods, which are particularly helpful in controlling inflammation in the lungs and cut down the risk of other respiratory ailments.Experts also recommend people to follow a rich nutrient-dense diet and skip weight loss-aiding diets which may devoid you of needed nutrients for a while post recovery. THANK YOU Read all >>

May 2021 TECNOgrapher Challenge: Meri Pyari Maa

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-05-09141888

Tecno Gallery
Dear T-Fans, Mother’s Day is around the corner and we’re sure you must be looking for grand and small gestures to make your mom feel special on this notable day. While our mothers are the Spark of our homes and our lives, always, we shouldn’t hesitate to express our gratitude and let our hearts out to make them feel special. After all, “Love is what love does!” So, dear T-Fans, to help you in your expression and see renditions of “tu kitni achi hai”, we bring to you The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge – May edition with the theme “Meri Pyari Maa” To participate in the contest- • Click a picture of your mother • Write a heartfelt message • Post the picture and the message under May 2021 TECNOgrapher Challenge of Tecno Gallery forum Top entries will be featured on our Social Platforms and few lucky winners will get a chance to win TECNO Goodies and other surprises. Entries accepted till 27th May 2021 So what are you waiting for, ‘mumma’s kids?’ Click that beautiful picture of your mom right away. There’s nothing to lose, only love to be shared, hearts and prizes to we won! Read all >>

#TecnoCares – We will deliver TECNO smartphone at your Doorstep

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-05-07111332

Hey T-Fans, With rising cases of COVID-19 the best way to stay safe is to stay at home. But this also means no going out, no shopping, no way to stay connected with bahar ki duniya. Worry not T-Fans, aakhir hum kab kaam aayenge! Here at TECNO, we care about your safety and comfort. In these dire times, our top priority is to care for our family of T-fans and we will STOP AT NOTHING to provide them with the best-in class service. Toh COVID-19 restrictions ko dhyan me rakhte hue, agar aap store pe nahi jaa sakte, to kyu na store ko aap tak laya jaye? Under our #TecnoCares initiative, we are proud to announce that we have started home delivery of your favourite TECNO smartphones right at your doorstep! Apne favourite TECNO smartphones ki ghar baithe-baithe shopping karne ke liye, follow these steps: ]Step 1: Visit Step 2: Enter your pincode to get the retailer list and their details Step 3: Select your nearest retailer and call to place your home delivery order And that’s it, your brand new TECNO smartphone will reach you in the comfort and safety of your home! So go and order one now! Read all >>

Reasons Why Your Device Keep Turning Off!

SAMV | 2021-04-300140

This post was last edited by SAMV at 2021-4-30 22:50 Hello T-Fans! It is always fun when making use of your Android phone. However, sometimes, we begin to notice some issues, and of these issues is when your phone starts going off even when not in use. Well, the thing, worry not! Your phone might not necessarily have an issue. In the rest part of this article I'll share with you some of the reasons I've come to understand why your Tecno phone might go off on its own. The first reason why your phone might turn off itself is due to what we call internal self rest. Just like humans, after long hours of working, we take a rest. The same thing goes with devices. After a long period of use the system of the night offline in order to reload its memory. It's usually nothing to worry about as it'll come back on. If it doesn't then contact your phone service office. Another reason why your device might go off is due to the battery. Most times when our phone dies, the first thing we check is the battery to ascertain if it's charged or not. So, in a situation where your battery has little current, your device might go off regularly. So the suggested solution here is to charge your phone properly and with the right charger. High CPU usage is another reason why your phone might go off. When you make use of several apps on your background, it can result in slowing down the phone. More so, a long term usage of apps will require your CPU to reset your phone and will make it keep turning off automatically. To resolve this issue, you should try closing some of your apps or freezing them.Read all >>

It's quiz time! Can you answer it right?

SAMV | 2021-04-2731578

TECNO Trivia
Let's have a brain teaser, guys! Can you solve the below #TECNO Phone Puzzle? A.55 B.35 C.75 D.100 Tell us the right answer in the comment below. Don't forget to share it among your friends, so they can join in. Read all >>

National Technology Day: Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future

Rehan Sheikh | 2021-05-112136

Dear T-Fans, We’ve been experiencing magic in the form of technology each day! Every advancement that happens now, looks like a fantasy of the past decades. Who thought we could video call people, call cabs at our doorstep, have maps to literally reach any corner of the world, and be able to communicate across borders in a jiffy! It’s magical, yet it is true and we’re living this magic each day! Thanks to the science and technological prowess of the nation and the world. National Technology Day is celebrated every year on May 11, to commemorate the scientific and technological achievements of Indian scientists and engineers. It marks the date when India conducted its first nuclear test in Pokhran, in 1998! “Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future” is the theme this year. Sustainability seems to be the most acceptable philosophy around the globe, and we as individuals have to change our lifestyles and promote it constantly. Here’s a Fun fact, dear T-Fans! Many school and college experiments turn out to be global discoveries. As a throwback, share in the comment section: your experiments, discoveries and innovations. Kitna scientific sochte the aap? Let’s talk science! Read all >>

#COVIDEmergency: Let’s STOP AT NOTHING & be there for each other

Arijeet Talapatra | 2021-05-052518

COVID Help Centre
Dear T-Fans, I hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy. We are all in the middle of the pandemic and each day is getting more and more difficult by the second. These are difficult times that our nation is going through and every hand that is offered in help makes a difference for the community. I believe that community like ours can be of immense help to those in need. Hence, in these extremely difficult times, under the #TecnoCares initiative let us all use TECNO SPOT to amplify messages of COVID related emergencies and help our fellow community members looking for leads on resources. I urge every member of TECNO SPOT family to help each other out by posting verified leads and useful COVID related information under the COVID Help Centre forum of TECNO SPOT. You can make a difference no matter who you are or what your situation is by doing 1 help at a time. There are many ways to get involved and give back even though you are quarantined at home. Don't forget to specify the necessary details like type of requirement, city, contact, etc. in your requests. Let’s STOP AT NOTHING and help people around us in fighting this virus. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy! Read all >>

Get Vaccinated

Rishabh | 2021-05-081140

Hi friends, I request you all to please register for vaccination agar abhi tak nahi kiya ho to. For any doubt comment below and I will answer.Read all >>

Do not search on google even forgetting it, you may have to bear a huge loss

Roman Verma | 2021-05-061155

Hello T-fans... WELCOME ON T-SPOT Often, many people consider Google as a doctor. In case of any disease, they put their symptoms and start searching for medicines. Do not forget this too. It can also threaten your life The use of the Internet has seen an increase in the coronary period. Along with this, cases of online fraud are also increasing rapidly. Hackers make users the most victims on Google. On Google, we often search for such information which is harmful for us. Hackers keep staring at these searches and as soon as you search them you become a victim of their fraud. We are telling you about some search that you should not do. # Do not take bank information: - Online banking and transactions have increased more than ever in the Corona era. It has many advantages and disadvantages. Hackers who fraud online create a URL like a bank. After this, whenever we enter the name of that bank, we get caught in their net and steal money from our account. Therefore, always take information about the bank from Google's official website. #Do not search customer care number: - We often search on Google for any customer care number. Most people are victims of online fraud because of this. Hackers create fake website of the company and put their number and email id on Google and we give them the information sought. By which they make a dent in our account. We should not forget to search any customer care number on Google. Take the customer care number from the company's official website. #Do not follow Google Doctor: - Often, many people consider Google as a doctor. In case of any disease, they put their symptoms and start searching for medicines. Do not forget this too. It also threatens your life. It is not wrong to collect information about the disease, but according to any website on Google, its treatment or taking medicines can prove very harmful. # Get information about the schemes from the government website only: - The Central Government promotes Digital India and puts information about all the schemes on the Internet. These schemes have their own website, from where you can get all the information related to that plan. Often cyber criminal frauds make fake websites like government websites. We also need to avoid this. Read all >>

Hello T-fans, People do different things on their WhatsApp and you’ll agree tha

एम डी नसीम अहमद | 2021-05-07183

Hello T-fans, People do different things on their WhatsApp and you’ll agree that Flashlight Notification is the coolest thing ever to be added to WhatsApp. How do you see it to have your phone’s flashlight blink when there is an incoming call from whatsapp or when you receive a message on your phone? Cool right?  That’s what you get with the Flashlight Notification. With this feature, you can differentiate between phone calls and WhatsApp calls while setting yourself apart from other people. Also, this is really a very good accessibility feature for the deaf and hearing impaired that uses LED flash, to provide a visible clue for incoming notifications. How to turn on whatsapp flashlight notification on any TECNO device.First you need to have social turbo on your TECNO device. If you don’t have that, you can download it from HiOS lab and install. If you already have it, all you have to do is open your social turbo app in settings and enable flashlight notification and you are good to go. Just imagine you are with your friends on a Friday night partying and somehow you are lost in the moment because you don’t want to miss out the fun and just at that moment there is an urgent incoming call via whatsapp from your boss, You’ll have no idea about the call and you would have missed it but flashlight notification feature won't let you do that. The flashlight notification will pop up to help draw your attention to the device. Whether you need flash notifications or you just want them for cool points, once you enable the feature, all you have to do is leave your device screen-down, you won’t just hear notifications come in your phone, there will be a notification light too. feel free to share with us your experience using flash light notification feature in the comment section.Read all >>

Make Way for Captain America: Chris Evans Comes Onboard as TECNO Global Ambassador

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-05-035603

Marvel fans in the house please give a loud cheer because it's not every day that Captain America becomes our partner! Yes, you read that right, today we are pleased to announce our partnership with internationally renowned actor Chris Evans as global brand ambassador for TECNO. Best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Universe series of films, the charismatic Chris Evans embodies many of the qualities that have been synonymous with TECNO, especially TECNO’s ‘Stop at Nothing’ brand philosophy which aims to inspire people to always keep ‘young at heart’ and never stop pursuing excellence. But you don’t have to take our word for it, we asked Chris himself. Speaking about partnering with TECNO, Chris Evans said he is “happy to partner with TECNO, an innovative smartphone brand which provides consumers in emerging markets with the newest smartphone technology. Whether it’s a phone call with someone you love or an image you capture to keep as a meaningful memory, smartphone technology is at the centre of it all. It is really inspiring to work with such a great brand that stops at nothing to encourage people in those markets to explore more possibilities”. It definitely seems like our new Global Brand Ambassador totally gets our motto and mantra! Do let us know in the comments section what other movies Chris Evans has worked in? Read all >>

I'm with you.

Roman Verma | 2021-05-040338

Hello dear T-fans.... WELCOME ON T-SPOT PAGE We wish a good health for you and your family . Just one request......If you or someone you know has a covid related emergency, make sure to tag us @tecnomobileindia in your #COVIDEmergency posts and we will amplify it on our stories so that your message reaches more people and you get help as soon as possible. As India fights the second wave of COVID-19, we are here to extend a helping hand and do our bit as a responsible brand of this great country. Regards:- TECNO TEAM #Stay home stay safe. #Help needy people. Read all >>

This Mother’s Day, gift a TECNO Smartphone to your Smart Mom

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-05-07101158

Hey T-fans, On a lighter note, the first benefit of reading this is that we are here to remind you that this Sunday on May 9 is Mother’s Day so that you can save yourself from another oh-no-mai-iss-baar-bhi-bhool-gaya moment. Now, moving on to a more serious note, Maa ke liye gift sochna - it's not an easy task! After all they give us the gift of life, so whatever little we can do for them to show much we appreciate them, it can never be enough. Par koshish toh kar hi sakte hain, right? This Mother’s Day, choose from TECNO’s extensive range of feature-rich and budget-friendly smartphones for your Mom. She’s a super smart superwoman who always has a solution for all your problems, isn’t it? So take this opportunity to give her a smart gift of her own. TECNO smartphones have the latest technology, a host of cool new features, a pleasing beautiful design, a solid battery life and they’re the perfect and most dependable way to stay connected with friends and family in any part of the world, especially in times such as these. Moreover, as an added bonus, you don’t need to go out to keep your special Mother’s Day gift a surprise. Simply log onto online stores like Flipkart or Amazon or just head to the TECNO website to have your favourite smartphone home-delivered for your favourite person! Surprise your mother by gifting her something. Make her feel special, not just on Mother's Day but every day! Read all >>

How to record whatApp call in your Tecno smartphone

Roman Verma | 2021-05-062296

Hey T-fans…. welcome In addition to sending chats, photos and videos, you can also make audio calls and video calls through WhatsApp. People who have network problems in their phones or people who use Wi-Y make more WhatsApp calls. Many people also make WhatsApp calls because you cannot record it. Currently, no such feature has been provided by WhatsApp. Yes, if you want to record the call made on WhatsApp, then for this third party app help will have to be taken. We are telling you a very simple trick, so that you can record any WhatsApp call. Know what changes will have to be made for this. # Android users record like this: - - If you use Android phone, then you will have to take help of third party app to record the call. - You can download cube call recorder or any other app in your phone. - Now open the app and go to WhatsApp. Now call the person whose call you want to record. - If you see the Cube Call Widget in the app, then understand that your call is being recorded. - If for some reason you see an error in the phone, then you will have to open the app again. - Now go to the settings of the app, click on force voice in the voice call here. Read all >>

Make you immune system strong

Prateek | 2021-05-040101

Useful tips Read all >>

The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge: Result for April Edition is here!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-05-0415823

Tecno Gallery
Hey T-Fans, If there ever were a secret society of creative geniuses, you will be our go-to gang. T-Boy had no doubt that his T-Fans were talented but this month’s TECNOgrapher challenge has shown a different level of artistic brilliance. We are so thankful to all of you for sharing your amazing, talented and just wow pictures with us. All of you were mind-blowing. We will admit that this month’s theme, ‘Renditions of Number 7’, was a thinker but to our top three winners, it seems they were made for these pictures. So, this month’s top 3 winners of The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge after evaluating all aspects like creativity, concept, clarity, comments etc and keeping in mind the spirit of the contest are....... *Drumrolls* Congratulations nexusphotohraphy on clicking the award-winning Rendition of 7. Cheer up as you get a brand-new SPARK 7 for your winning entry. Wohoo! Besides this we also have 2 runner ups this month. Congratulations to our first runner up, Kyle68, on winning an Amazon Voucher worth INR 1000 and our second runner up, Hitler, on winning an Amazon Voucher worth INR 500 for their marvelous renditions of 7. Your creative outputs have gathered so many praises across social media. Apart from the top 3 winners, TECNO’s management team has selected 3 more entries to be rewarded this month for their creative renditions of 7 which are as follows: Congratulations Santhi Kumari, Durga Prasad and Gaurav Patel for securing this special reward this month. People like you complete the TECNO family and make it the brand it is today! That’s it for this month but don’t forget to get ready for the ‘May challenge’! Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy! Read all >>

From a Survivor to a Hero: Donate Plasma, Save Lives

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-04-30111083

Dear T-Fans, These are strange times. While social media has now become a war room, all of us netizens and citizens are fighting this battle together against the Covid19 pandemic! Every day we’re seeing friends and family members tapping on to their contacts earnestly in search of plasma, medicines, hospital beds with the hope to win this all! Plasma therapy, known as Convalescent plasma therapy is a method that has helped to save the lives of some critical patients of coronavirus. In this treatment, plasma, the yellowish liquid part of the blood, is extracted from a person who has recovered from Covid and injected into a patient who is suffering from the disease. The plasma contains antibodies that can help a patient fight the virus and recover from the disease. If you’ve been a Covid survivor, you can be a hero now and save lives. The donor must visit the hospital/plasma bank centre where she/he will undergo tests to map the status of serum protein, CBC (complete blood counts) and ABO RhD blood group. Other tests include checking for the hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, HIV, malaria, and syphilis. Depending on how many days have passed since the recovery, the donor will also have to take an antibody screening test as per the ICMR kit method. You Can Donate Plasma if: 1. You were tested positive for COVID-19 2. You have fully recovered and are free of symptoms for 28-30 days 3. You are between 18-60 years old Make sure you test negative and consult a doctor before donating plasma. You Cannot Donate Plasma if: 1. Your weight is less than 50 kg 2. You have ever been pregnant 3. You are diabetic and on insulin 4. Your Blood Pressure is more than 140 and diastolic less than 60 or more than 90 5. You have uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension with a change in medication in the last 28 days 6. You are a Cancer Survivor 7. You have chronic kidney/heart/lung or liver disease. Is it Safe? People are scared and skeptical about plasma donation because the process is different from the usual blood donation. However, truth be told, it’s completely safe and there will be no health issue that you’ll face. You can get up and do your chores in less than an hour! Where can you donate plasma? There are various credible sources that match donors with patients who need Plasma.Some of them are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Alternatively, you can also reach to your nearest blood bank and donate blood/plasma there. Take the step now! If you have won the fight against corona, help others in their fight too! Stay safe, stay healthy! Read all >>
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