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Which one is better TECNO Spark 8 or Realme C20?


TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-18378

Dear T-fans, Spark 8 has hit the market, and it has already become a favourite among the community. But whenever such an all-rounder smartphone is introduced, comparisons are always followed. So, today, we will compare the TECNO Spark 8 and the Realme C20 to see if Spark 8 is actually what it claims to be. So, let’s begin. FeaturesTECNO Spark 8Realme C20 Battery5000mAh 5000mAh Display6.52” Dot Notch Screen6.5” Camera16MP AI-dual rear camera with quad flash + 8MP selfie camera with dual flash8MP AI primary camera + 5MP AI selfie camera Memory64GB ROM+2GB RAM32GB ROM+2GB RAM Operating systemHiOS 7.6 based on Android™ 11Realme UI based on Android 10 Spark 8 comes with a bigger screen and a bigger memory capacity. Hence, with a slight price increase, you get better and advanced features, along with a terrific camera. It also has some unique features that are not seen in Realme C20. For example, the peek proof feature, Vault 2.0 to guard your privacy, the option to monitor your kids’ online activities, DTS stereo sound effects and many more. Hence, Spark 8 is the clear winner of this comparison. So, head out to your nearest retail store and get your Spark 8 today!
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TECNO SPARK 8- The Best Budget Smartphone of 2021 is now available in a store ne

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-16910889

Hey T-fans, We know you all are very excited about the launching of the latest TECNO Spark 8. We can already feel the buzz of excitement in the T-community. Spark 8 is our latest addition to our famous Spark series. And hence, you can already imagine that this smartphone will bring you the best features at the best price. At TECNO, we believe that your budget should not be a constraint for enjoying premium quality products and services. And Spark 8 has been driven by that idea. At just INR 7999, we bring you this stylish smartphone that comes with unique features like an AI-powered 16MP dual rear camera with an F1.8 aperture for the clearest and most spectacular images. Why should a smartphone only be about clicking pictures? Why can’t it be a tool that unleashes your creativity? Well, with the new Spark 8 camera, you can get as creative as you want. The camera brings you specifications like bokeh, Smile shot, Smile portrait and AI HDR, all of which allows you to play with your photography skills and hone them to the next level. We also got you some incredible videography specs like 1080P time-lapse, slow motion and AR shot, which will give you some jaw-dropping reels and short videos for your social media. #Tecno #Spark8 #BadeSapnoKaSpark Read all >>

Gear Up For The Latest Spark 8 On 15th September

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-142315662

Hey T-fans, You all heard about the launching of our latest new addition to the Spark series - Spark 8. Spark 8 has been designed to bring you the best that a smartphone can offer, and it is also within your budget. So we heard you when you said that you want phones that offer value. Well, the wait is over because Spark 8 has it all. Priced at just INR 7999, Spark 8 gives you an enormous memory capacity of 64GB with the option to expand it up to 256GB. Well, you do not have to worry about downloading those apps, images, videos and songs anymore! The smartphone is also equipped with a 16MP AI dual primary camera to give you the most stunning pictures. With its F.18 aperture, you will get vivid images even in low light settings. The camera also has some notable additional features like Smile Shot, Smile Shot, and AI HDR. In addition, the pro shooting modes like 1080P time-lapse, slow motion, and AR shot will give you spectacular videos and reels to ramp up that social media presence of yours. All those cool features are supported by a mammoth 5000mAh battery. Yes, we made sure you have a big battery so that you can enjoy the Spark 8 without any hiccups. In addition, the camera comes with a 47 days standby time which means you get 132 hours of music, 34 hours of calling, and 21 hours of video playback. Enjoy all this and more on a 6.52” display for immersive viewing. Spark 8 will be available in retail stores from 15th September. So, mark your calendar and get your hands on this latest TECNO smartphone at the soonest! Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING as you rise above yourself!

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-06228109

Share your story
Hey T-Fans, "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves" - Edmund Hillary's words couldn't be more true for Anupama Rani who worked to rise above herself, kept climbing one step at a time to #StopAtNothing to conquer her dream. It's your turn now. Don't forget to tell us your "Stop At Nothing Move" and stand a chance to win the incredible POVA 2. Bonus points for taking a screenshot of your entries and sharing them as stories, tagging us! Participate now: (long press to open the link) #TecnoStopAtNothing #YourMove Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING to conquer each day!

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-0637159

Share your story
Hey T-Fans, It's time to shine the spotlight on Satvik's #StopAtNothing attitude, which helped him ace the transition from offline to virtual events. His passion to embrace challenges is what kept him going, to entertain his audience with his anchoring skills, and deliver high-quality shows. It's your turn now. Don't forget to tell us your "Stop At Nothing Move" and stand a chance to win the incredible POVA 2. Bonus points for taking a screenshot of your entries and sharing them as stories, tagging us! Participate now: (long press to open the link) #TecnoStopAtNothing #YourMove Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING to find your passion!

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-05128726

Share your story
Hey T-Fans, #StopAtNothing to become the best version of yourself. Here is an inspiring story of Narayan Gupta, who was determined to find his passion and consistently worked on perfecting his skills. It's your turn now. Tell us your "Stop At Nothing Move" and stand a chance to win the incredible POVA 2. Bonus points for taking a screenshot of your entries and sharing them on your stories, tagging us! Participate now: (long press to open the link) #TecnoStopAtNothing #YourMove Read all >>

Happy Teachers' Day

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-055418

Hey T-Fans, Each of us is born with wings, but it's our teachers who help us fly towards a bright future. A very Happy Teachers' Day to all the mentors helping us realize all those 'Bade Sapne' we strive to achieve. #Tecno #Spark8 #BadeSapnoKaSpark Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING, as you explore your artistic talents!

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-0216923

Share your story
Hey T-Fans, Do you often find yourself buzzing with creativity as you find inspiration in everyday things? #StopAtNothing as you paint, sculpt, draw, and explore your artistic talents with TECNO. TECNO aspires to empower you in your quest for the future you have always imagined. Share with us your dream and the unique journey that you undertake. We will select 3 lucky winners whose story of hard work and perseverance resonates with us. TECNO, along with T-Spot, will help you build your empire! Participate now: (long press to open the link) #TecnoStopAtNothing #YourMove Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING - TECNO Unveils Its New Brand Slogan. Share your story and win

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-08-2748254

Dear T-fans,<br /> We have exciting news for you all. TECNO, today launched its new brand slogan of Stop At Nothing. The slogan “Stop At Nothing” pays tribute to those who continue to push forward against all odds. #StopAtNothing represents TECNO’s recognition of human progress and people’s pursuit for purpose, potential and excellence.<br /> #StopAtNothing is TECNO’s next step in delivering on a promise of unlocking the best of contemporary smartphone technologies and making it accessible for global emerging markets.<br /> TECNO’s brand campaign celebrates “progressive mavericks” and those “young at heart”, the youth who admirably stayed resilient in the face of adversity. <br /> As a brand, TECNO has been chasing excellence since its inception. Breaking barriers to deliver the best to you is a daily affair here, and we “stop at nothing”. We believe in a customer-centric approach, and we have endeavoured to offer technology that empowers people and helps them connect with the best version of themselves. And as a testament to our spirit, our devices have delivered to your expectations every single time. In fact, TECNO Mobile has set the bar high for smartphone users and also the smartphone market. Now, everyone with a smartphone knows precisely what they want and at what price. <br /> The affable, tech-savvy Gen Z, who hustles every day to create a world of their dreams, is our inspiration. And hence, with our new brand logo, we aspire to capture this youthful attitude and energy to develop our latest devices that will be packed with the most advanced technology and cutting-edge design. Just like the new-age consumer of today, we promise to learn and progress every day, and we will “STOP AT NOTHING”. <br /> With this new slogan, we hope to forge a more authentic and intimate connection with our community, where we share our common ideals of growth and empowerment. Together let’s show the nay-sayers that with the combined power and passion of our community, we continue to chase excellence every day because we “STOP AT NOTHING”. So Dear fans, head to and tell us your story, tell us your dream. We will select 3 lucky winners who have been persistence in their dream. Tecno Spot will guard the original dream with you. STOP AT NOTHING Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING, as you set trends with your aesthetic choices!

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-0125985

Share your story
Hey T-Fans, Are you someone who is fascinated by designing, modeling, or expressing themselves through fashion? #StopAtNothing as you set trends with your aesthetic choices and sail through the runway of life with TECNO. TECNO aspires to empower you in your quest for the future you have always imagined. Share with us your dream and the unique journey that you undertake. We will select 3 lucky winners whose story of hard work and perseverance resonates with us. TECNO, along with T-Spot, will help you build your empire! Participate now: (long press to open the link) #TecnoStopAtNothing #YourMove Read all >>

STOP AT NOTHING - Don't Stop the Entertainer in you

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-09-0266590

Share your story
Hey T-Fans, Is bewitching people through your diverse talents your forte? #StopAtNothing as you captivate audiences through singing, dancing, performing, or whatever other artistic talents you've got up your sleeve with TECNO. TECNO aspires to empower you in your quest for the future you have always imagined. Share with us your dream and the unique journey that you undertake. We will select 3 lucky winners whose story of hard work and perseverance resonates with us. TECNO, along with T-Spot, will help you build your empire! Participate now: (long press to open the link) #TecnoStopAtNothing #YourMove Read all >>

Upgrade to a new lifestyle with Spark 7 Pro

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-06-0451006

Hey T-Fans, We are sure you are already pretty impressed with best in class feature of TECNO SPARK 7 Pro. What you may not have noticed so far is its amazing look & trendy design. With a matte classy finish and a sleek design, TECNO SPARK 7Pro will definitely set you apart in the crowd and help you lead the fashion. Today's let's talk design, shall we? The Spark 7 Pro has been designed keeping the optimum Golden Ratio in mind, with an aesthetic segmentation. The phone’s design has a three-dimensional vertical split design, and exquisite details. The Spark 7’s SWAG worthy slim design and sleek build have ultra-high precision with laser mold engraving and a glowing silk-like flowing optical metal texture. We are just in awe of the all-new SPARK 7 Pro. To buy, click here- Read all >>

TECNO Brings You Its First Retail Store In Delhi

TECNO SPOT India | 2021-08-251812412

Dear T-fans, Your love for us has been nothing short of exceptional. With only a few years in India, you have showered us with your invaluable love and trust, which has helped us grow as a brand and pushed us to deliver you the latest technology that empowers you. Hence, we thought of making this amazing relationship with you even stronger by offering you the first-ever exclusive retail outlet of TECNO Mobile. The store is located at the TECNO-branded Laxmi Nagar metro station in Delhi, close to one of the busiest mobile cluster markets in Delhi. Following our mantra of “STOP AT NOTHING”, this retail outlet revives our commitment to providing each one of you with an impeccable retail experience. Another core goal that we strive to achieve with our first-ever outlet is to know our T-community better. Therefore, we hope we will understand your requirements and expectations from TECNO and deliver you the appropriate solutions better. The TECNO Laxmi Nagar metro outlet will house the brand’s most popular smartphone series like the camera-centric Camon, the powerful POVA series, and the all-rounder Spark series. The outlet will also have our latest launch, POVA 2, along with the Camon 16 and Spark 7 range. This one-of-a-kind exclusive retail outlet is a milestone in the brand’s journey in India so far, and with it, we aspire to drive engagement by capturing the attention of smartphone users who take the metro to commute. Mr Arijeet Talaptra, CEO, Transsion India, inaugurated the outlet and expressed, “Brand TECNO’s first-ever exclusive retail store is an addition to our overall 50,000+ multi-brand retail outlets that will allow customers to touch and feel their favourite TECNO products before making a buying decision. We strive to live up to the demands of our consumers, by providing them a premium and an immersive retail experience. Strategically located in one of the busiest areas of the city, the exclusive retail outlet is also equipped to follow all necessary hygiene & safety protocols as per the government’s guidelines, making it a fully safe zone for daily consumers to experience their favorite TECNO products.” 2021 has been a phenomenal year for TECNO. We undertook several initiatives as a part of our commitment to the Indian market. Some of them include appointing popular Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana as the brand ambassador and rebranding the TECNO Marol Naka metro station in Mumbai. This year another feather to our cap was that we sold11 million+ units in India, a landmark occasion indeed. This achievement makes us believe that we have triumphantly served our Indian customers. Moreover, according to a recent Counterpoint report, TECNO has stabilized a firm position among the elite ‘Top 6 smartphone brands’ club in the INR 5,000-10,000 category in India. We have also lined up some exciting offers for our retail outlet customers to mark this milestone. We can exclusive benefits like: The availability of the SPARK 7Pro & CAMON 16 at Rs.10,999 & Rs.11,499 respectively Complimentary Bluetooth earbuds worth Rs. 1499 with every purchase of POVA 6GB, CAMON 16 & SPARK 7 PRO Additional assured gifts on the launch day So, dear friends, we hope to see you soon at the outlet! Do visit us and let us know your experience in the comments section. Read all >>

SPARK Go 2021: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Answered for you!

Product Manager_TECNO | 2021-07-073580

Spark Go 2021
Dear T-Fans, Every product at TECNO comes with unique features. Every product is manufactured with strong innovative technology at its core. We have always believed in the power of information and I, Rishabh Goyal, the Product Manager Lead for TECNO India, am here to bring that power of information to you. Our latest innovation, SPARK Go 2021 has become the hot topic in our T-SPOT community. So many of our T-Fans are extremely excited about this smartphone and have enquired time and again about its superpowers. For all the questions, we are here with the answers. From the hottest features to awesome designs to exciting price, I am here to answer all the Frequently Asked Questions about SPARK Go 2021. Let’s start! Q. Where can I buy the Spark Go 2021? A. The Spark Go 2021 is available on Amazon. Here is the link, if you would like to buy the phone - Q. What is the price of the Spark Go 2021? A. The Spark Go 2021 with best combination of features like Big 6.52 Dot Notch HD+, 5000 mAh battery with upto 36 daysstandby, 13MP AI dual rear and 8MP front camera, Fingerprint sensor, audio sharing feature and much more is available at the surprisingly low price of Rs.6499. You can get it now on Amazon: Q. Is the screen of Spark Go 2021 bright enough to be used comfortably? Also, does the phone have automatic brightness optimization option? A. Yes, absolutely. Spark Go 2021 Big 6.52 screen comes with a brightness of 480nits, which is perfect for binge watching on Spark Go 2021 in any lighting environment. It also comes with Automatic brightness optimization depending on the surrounding lighting. Q. What is the purpose of the second back camera (AI Camera)? A. AI Lens works with 13MP primary camera and is helpful in auto scene detection, enhances portrait and beauty effect and improves the image quality by using an AI Algorithm Q. Can the fingerprint sensor be programmed to accept calls? A. Yes. Spark Go 2021 has an advanced fingerprint sensor at the back which can unlock the device in just 0.2 seconds. Apart from unlocking your device, not only you can accept Calls but take Pictures and Dismiss Alarm. Q. How long can I play games and watch movies on the Spark Go 2021? A. With Spark Go 2021 you can Play your games for upto 14 hours, watch videos for upto 21 hours and listen to your favourite music for upto 145 hours. Q. What is the standby time of the battery? How many hours of calling time does it have? A. The 5000mAh battery of the Spark Go 2021 provides a stand by time of upto 36 daysand calling time of upto 27 hours. Q. What is Audio Share feature in Spark Go 2021? Audio share feature amplifies your fun as you can connect 2 Bluetooth earphones and enjoy the same movie or music together with family or friends. Moreover, you can also connect 3 Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the party. Not only this, each connected device has a separate volume control for easy handling. Q. Which version of Android is present on the Spark Go 2021? A. The Spark Go 2021 runs on HiOS 6.2 which is based on Android 10 (Go Edition) Q. Why is Android Go being used instead of Android? A. Android Go has many benefits such as less memory consumption, 15% faster app loading times, more data saving, less power consumption and improved overall performance. Q. How is HiOS better than stock Android? A. HiOS is based on Android 10 for enhancing user experience. HiOS has many localized and customized features for improving user experience like Social Turbo for enhanced whatsapp experience, Smart panel, Gesture Navigation, Vaultand many more Q. Which processor is present in the Spark Go 2021? A. The Spark Go 2021 is powered by the 12nm Mediatek Helio A20 with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz. Q. How many storage variants is the Spark Go 2021 available in? A. The Spark Go 2021 is available in a single 2+32GB variant with expandable storage up to 256GB with the help of 3-in-1 slots. Q. Can the Spark Go 2021 support multitasking? A. The MediaTek Helio A20 can easily handle multitasking and shift smoothly between multiple apps. Q. Is free screen replacement available for the Spark Go 2021? A. Yes. The Spark Go 2021 comes with 1 time screen replacement promise which is valid for 100 daysfrom the date of purchase. Q. Does it support dual VoLTE and SD card at the same time? A. Yes, Spark Go 2021 has triple slot and It supports two nano size Dual VoLTE SIM Card and SD card up to 256GB at the same time Q. What is User available memory in Spark Go 2021? A. Spark Go 2021 comes with 2+32GB memory configuration in which 22.32GB is available for users Q. Do TECNO phones heat while using? A. Heating of the phone depends upon many factors in which some main factors are Ambient Temperature, Apps usage, duration of usage etc. Under standard conditions, there is no issue of heating Now that you know everything about our #EntertainmentReloaded Spark Go 2021, don’t forget to get yours on amazon now from - Read all >>

This Father’s Day, Gift a TECNO Smartphone to the Man Who Always Has Your Back!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-06-20121906

Hey T-Fans, First of all, let us do one public service announcement and remind you guys that this Sunday on June 20 is Father’s Day (so you don’t forget it this year also!) When we think about it, Papa, Dad, Abba, whatever we may call them, fathers are our own personal superheroes, but with one major twist - they never ask to be in the limelight. Whether it is getting us everything we need as kids or supporting our dreams and life goals while growing up, they do it silently, but we always know we can rely on them. So this Father’s Day, get something dependable for the Dad you can always depend on. Choose from TECNO’s extensive range of feature-rich and budget-friendly smartphones for the super smart superman who always has a solution for all your problems. Personally, we suggest you go for an of the Spark 7 series phone- Spark 7, Spark 7 Pro & Spark 7T because your father definitely deserves the latest tech. Since he always gets the best option for you, then why not give him the best smartphone too? Especially when it comes at such a budget-friendly price starting at INR 7499 only! Check out the SPARK 7 Series now: TECNO smartphones have the latest technology, a host of cool new features, a pleasing beautiful design, a solid battery life and they’re the perfect and most dependable way to stay connected with friends and family in any part of the world, especially in times such as these. You don’t need to go out to keep your special Father’s Day gift a surprise. Simply log onto online stores like Flipkart or Amazon or just head to the TECNO website to have your favourite smartphone home-delivered for your favourite person! This Father’s day, STOP AT NOTHING to show love to your lovely dad! Read all >>

Guess the price and win new Spark 7T

Roman Verma | 2021-06-0916431

This post was last edited by Roman Verma at 2021-6-9 18:23 Hello guys… As you all know that TECNO SPARK 7T is going to launch on 11th June with many SparkFull features. It is packed with features like 48MP AI Dual Rear Camera with secondry camera sensor and LED flashlight, 6000mAh Battery, 6.52" HD+ IPS Display and powerful Octa-Core processor and the latest HiOS 7.6. Talking about the design, customers will get a glimpse of Waterdrop Style Notch in the front of the phone, while there will be three color variants of the phone. Stay tuned for more details, Launching Soon on Amazon! There is a amazing activity for you . Guess the price on Amazon and win new spark 7T...Click here Participate in our TECNO SPOT puzzle challenge activity and win new Spark 7T....Click here for more information Read all >>
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