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Camon 16 Premier Sale Is Live | Welcome To The Era Of Photography Revolution


TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-15152637

Presenting The First & The Only Smartphone Sporting Both 64MP Quad Camera & 48MP+ 8MP Dual Front Selfie Cameras Hello, T-Fans! Call us the Transformers, because we are here to transform your smartphone photography and videography experience like never witnessed before! Introducing the all jazzed up CAMON 16 Premier. The much-awaited sale of this new-age smartphone is finally live! CAMON 16 Premier is the first and the only smartphone that comes with both 64MP Quad camera and 48MP+ 8MP Dual front selfie cameras. This brand-new launch is here to revolutionise the way you use smartphones by kick-starting an era of higher camera pixels, premium AI powered Ultra Night lens and pop-up cameras! It packs a mega 4500 mAh battery, premium 6.85 FHD+ display, a hardcore 2.0Ghz Octa-core Helio G90T processor and 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. All this and more at an unreal price of INR 16,999. Impressed? We think, yes! Let’s see how this premium device will rock your lives- 1. Premier 48MP + 8MP Dual Punch hole cameras like never seen before! First, let us click a selfie, T-Fan! The front camera of CAMON 16 Premier comes with segment-first 48MP primary selfie lens as well as an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens. It also intelligently switches to the 105˚ Wide Angle mode when it detects 3 or more faces. Perfect squad selfie, anyone? Sporting kickass features like Ultra Night Video, AI Video beauty, Video Portrait, Slow motion, AR Shot 3.0, it is certain to transform your photography experience! 2. 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera to capture moments like a pro The stunning blend of 64MP primary lens with Sony IMX 686 sensor makes CAMON 16 Premier the primary gadget for all your professional quality social-sharing needs of photography and videography on the go! It also comes with an 8MP lens for 119˚ Super Wide photos and Macro shots, a 2MP Polar Night Video sensor for shooting clear videos in the dark and a 2MP Bokeh Lens. 3. Revolutionary videography experience at 4K High-definition The exquisite video shooting functions of the all new CAMON 16 Premier stand witness to the power of technology and how! The Professional Video mode can capture IMAX level 4K images, record 4K Videos at 30fps and Super Slow-Motion videos at 960 fps. Insta reels, here we come! 4. Powerful processor for hardcore gaming experience The TECNO CAMON 16 Premier houses a powerful Mediatek G90T Processor with Hyper Engine Gaming Technology, providing for an incredible gaming experience. So, you can enjoy hang-free gaming sessions with your pals non-stop! 5. Magnificent 6.85 FHD+ display for max clarity CAMON 16 Premier features a big 6.85 FHD+ display with 90% screen-to-body ratio and HDR10+ to provide for an immersive viewing experience. Now you can watch your favourite movies on the CAMON 16 Premier smartphone with max clarity. How about FRIENDS reruns? 6. High Capacity 4500 mAh battery for non-stop action With a 4500 mAh battery, CAMON 16 Premier provides a standby time of 28 days, calling time of 42 hours and music playback of 140 hours. It has a USB Type C port with heat pipe cooling that prevents the smartphone from heating up and has a full charging time of 129 hours. So, back-to-back gaming sessions? Yes please! This new-age smartphone is here to ring in the era revolutionary videography experience. So, what are you waiting for? ‘CAMON’, now! Go, get yours by clicking on the link below:
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Your Most-Voted Photography Hack is here!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-162137

Hey T-Fans, Thanks to your votes and your love for photography, we know the hack that is going to turn all our pictures into professional ones. So the most voted winner of the photography hack poll is "passing of light through cups and creating elusive patterned images". T-Boy would like to congratulate all the T-Fans who’ve voted for this hack because now you get to learn from the Praveen Bhat, one of the best portfolio photographers in the country! Check out this great tutorial video created by him to help you master this photography hack using nothing but simple everyday objects, and the ultra Clear 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera of the all new CAMON 16 PREMIER! Now that you know how it’s done, use this hack to click amazing pictures with your TECNO smartphones and share them for everyone to appreciate on TECNO Spot! So get ready to sharpen your photography skills and click like a pro with the CAMON 16 Premier! Get it on Flipkart today for just Rs.16,999/-: Read all >>

T-Spot Throwback: Rewind 2020

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-1511550

Hey T-Fans, Welcome to the throwback hour! Here is the RECAP of T- Spot in 2020! “Yaadon ki baraat nikli Hai aaj dil ke dwaare!” Disclaimer: The series of events displayed here are only some of the best things that happened on T-Spot in the last year. We are sure that there were many more exciting things each day. This community believes in the best interest of T-Spot members and survives and thrives because of them! We had a great run in 2020. Cheers, T-Fans! It’s now time to hold back and quickly recap the year in a nutshell. So, stay along and see this compilation of the best of 2020! Let’s get going. 1. Smartphones Launched in 2020 Bringing you segment first features at unimaginable prices has always been our objective. Thank you for bringing TECNO into your lives and being a part of our community Click here to check out the best phones of 2020: 2. Eye Catching clicks shared on T-Spot We, the TECNO family are photography enthusiasts! We love capturing every priceless moment. Believing in the magic of scintillating photos and memories they hold, T-Spot has been a platform for sharing the best of photos. Click here to explore some of the amazing captures: 3. Fun threads shared on T-Spot We say, we hear. We laugh, we cry a tear. We're all in this together and that makes us special! A community thrives because of its members and we are glad to have amazing people who engage with us. Click here to read some interesting threads by T-Fans: 4. Top Contests Play| Win| Rejoice: T-Spot has held some amazing contests round the year. We are happy to receive an astounding response to all your activities. Find the best of Contests here: 5. Major Milestones of 2020 2020 was the year where we moved together and conquered several milestones. Accomplishments| Awards| Promising Products, Happy Customers and a growing family, we at TECNO received love in abundance and are grateful for it. Find the Major Milestones here: Read all >>

Photography hacks with Technology Gyan | CAMON 16 Premier

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-144644

Hi T-Fans! Top Tech YouTuber Technology Gyan shares his verdict on the TECNO CAMON 16 Premier with a unique mobile photography tips and tricks video with the smartphone. Impressed with the all-new CAMON 16 Premier camera performance he said "I really liked this smartphone personally, with the specs at this price point of INR 16,999, it is praiseworthy. TECNO has focused on photography, with 64MP quad camera and 48 MP dual selfie camera. Definitely, photography lovers will like this phone." Check out his video on the CAMON 16 Premier now for a detailed review and learn some amazing photography hacks today! Check out the CAMON 16 Premier on Flipkart now: Read all >>

Flipkart Activity Alert: Awaken the Sherlock in you and stand a chance to win POVA

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-16159

Hey T-Fans, Imagine that you are engrossed into a thrilling crime show which has literally got all the breathtaking twists and turns and before any spoilers or hints, you suddenly know who the killer is. Has this ever happened to you? T-Boy is always disappointed at how his amazing detective skills are never rewarded! But wait, what if we told you that now, you can actually be a part of the latest crime show? Join T-Boy in digging through the details. Background: This interactive Crime Show will introduce you to Adi, the protagonist and an inimitable detective. Within the show, you will witness real-life murders, crafted like a puzzle. The show will be on for 30 days from January 9, 2021, to February 8, 2021. What do you have to do: Find out the killer before Adi reveals him/her in each episode. And what’s even more exciting is that all the participants with the correct answer in a particular episode will be declared as winners. What do you win: Prizes will be in the form of a Mystery Box. The elements will consist of: - 10 Supercoins - 2500 Winners - 15 Supercoins - 1000 Winners - Rs.50 Flipkart gift vouchers - 500 Winners - Rs.1000 Flipkart Gift vouchers - 25 Winners - TECNO POVA - 1 lucky winner! The rewards will be credited to your account on or before May 31, 2021. And don’t forget that unlocking the Mystery Box is a mandatory step to be eligible for the reward. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the link below and log in to your Flipkart account. Get your Sherlock mode on now! Disclaimer: This is a Flipkart Activity and not a TECNO Spot activity. You can take part in it via the Flipkart app. Read all >>

CAMON 16 Premier SALE Goes Live Tomorrow | Get Ready For The Photography Revolution

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-153511

Hello, T-Fans! The future of photography is to change tomorrow. Because tomorrow, TECNO’s much awaited launch- CAMON 16 Premier goes on Sale. It will revolutionise the way you use smartphones by jump-starting an era of higher camera pixels, premium AI powered Ultra Night lens and pop-up cameras! Please be seated, ladies and gentleman, we are about to start the show. The new-age smartphone, CAMON 16 Premieris the first and the only smartphone that comes with both 64MP Quad camera and 48MP + 8MP Dual front selfie cameras. It sports a mega 4500 mAh battery with 18w fast charge, premium 6.85 FHD+ display, a hardcore 2.0Ghz Octa-core Helio G90T processor and 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage at an unbeatable price of INR 16,999! May we lay out some of the features of this innovative and disruptive masterpiece, and remind you what’s in store for you: 1. The front camera of CAMON 16 Premier comes with segment-first 48MP primary selfie lens as well as an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens to transform your photography experience. With features like Ultra Night Video, AI Video beauty, Video Portrait, Slow motion, AR Shot 3.0, you can make picture perfect moments even more special. 2. The revolutionary 64MP primary lens along with the power of Sony IMX 686 sensor will help you click professional quality images on the go and rock your world! 3. With the powerful Mediatek G90T Processor and Hyper Engine Gaming Technology you will be able to enjoy hardcore gaming sessions with your squad. Call of Duty, anyone? 4. Next we have the jumbo 6.85 FHD+ display of CAMON 16 Premier with 90% screen-to-body ratio and 90Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling, greater image stability and premier smartphone usage experience. 5. And let’s not forget the hero feature that runs the show - High Capacity 4500 mAh battery. With a standby time of 28 days, calling time of 42 hours and music playback of 140 hours, this stunner won’t have you running for the charger every hour! All this and so much more, all packed in a revolution of a smartphone - CAMON 16 Premier- that goes on sale tomorrow. So start your countdowns, fam. And don’t forget to check out this new-age smartphone by clicking on the link below: Read all >>

It is POLL time: Vote for your favorite hack to transform your photography game

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-1311402

Hey T-Fans, Gone are the days when capturing high-quality photographs was a task performed by only experts, using high-end equipment. Today, you don't have to employ an expert in the field or invest in an expensive DSLR camera for a perfect photograph. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can click professional like shots using your TECNO smartphones that comes with amazing camera features. That’s not it, TECNO’S CAMON series has become synonymous to CAMERA. The newest addition to the series is the all-new CAMON 16 Premier. It is outrightly the most fun and easy shortcut to Pro Photography. Its segment-first 48MP+8MP Dual Dot-in AI Selfie Camera and the charismatic 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera truly makes it a game changer when it comes to Mobile Photography. Last year, T-Boy saw so many of our talented T-Fans explore their photography skills and shared some really amazing shots with us on TECNO SPOT . Why not make 2021 even more interesting, and unlock endless possibilities with TECNO? Let’s gear up to click some mind-blowing shots using cool photography hacks. We have something really exciting planned for all our TECNOgraphers. T-Boy is bringing you the opportunity to learn from the Experts. Choose a hack that you want to learn from the poll below and we will invite a professional photographer to create a tutorial video with Tips & Tricks based on the most voted for option. Excited to knowhow the all new TECNO CAMON 16 Premier smartphone can take amazing shots? Don’twait up. Vote for the hack you are most excited to learn about, NOW! Read all >>

Lohri da Spark, T- Fans de naal!

SAMV | 2021-01-136136

Lohri diyaan lakh lakh vadaiyaan, T Fans! ‘Ishar aaye, dalidar jaye, dalidar di jarh chulhe paye’ 2021 is now filled with a festive spark sweetened by the warm company of friends and family and truckloads of sweets, popcorn, gazzak, Rewari and dancing around bonfire. Lohri is celebrated all over India to welcome the harvest season. We get together with our loved ones and spend an evening of joy and merriment with them around a bonfire dancing to the beats of dhols. Young boys and girls flock around the colony scouring for Lohri gifts and treats while the old sing and narrate folklore tales. So dear T-Fans we hope that you have a blissful Llohri and that the warmth of the burning flames fill up your lives with positivity and burn away all your sorrows and distress. Do share pictures of your Lohri celebrations with your TECNO Spot family as well. Make the festival come alive and capture the beautiful flames and colours through the ultra-clear lens of the all-new CAMON 16 Premier! Can’t wait to see the colourful, vibrant festive pictures! Have a spectacular evening.We hope that this harvest festival ushers in Goodness, Peace, Health and Happiness for our TECNO Fam. Wishing you loads of luck, happiness and prosperity, T-Fans! Read all >>

CAMON Premier 16 with segment’s first 48MP dual selfie camera smartphone is here @ just Rs.16,9...

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-13131388

Premier camera performance for the Best YOU @ Rs.16,999/-Hey T-Fans, It’s time to upgrade yourself, go limitless, and fetch the best of You! It’s time to go from Normal to Premium! It’s time to welcome the prodigy in the TECNO family, the premier performer: CAMON 16 Premier! Get Ready for All Eyes On You for just Rs.16,999/- Aakhir kya khoob hai iski baat, aisa soch rahe haina aap? Straight out of its popular camera-centric CAMON smartphone series TECNO launches its CAMON 16 Premier smartphone that is a premium flagship experience in every aspect.TECNO CAMON 16 Premier, a smartphone that is touted to be a game changer in its category with unprecedented premium camera capabilities. Living up to its ‘segment-first’ reputation, CAMON 16 Premier is set to transform the smartphone videography experience of its category consumers. Its segment-first 48MP+8MP high megapixel Dual Dot-in AI Selfie Camera with professional modes, its charismatic 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera with Sony IMX 686 Sensor, 6.85 FHD+ Display for an all-immersive viewing experience, along with an advanced powerful Helio G90T Processor makes it awe-inspiring. Not only this, it boasts of unique video shooting functions such as Super Hybrid Image Stabilization to capture and record 4K Videos at 30fps, Super Slow Motion videos at 960 FPS as well as Professional 1080P Polar Night Lens Clear capturing crisp images in low-lit environments. Well, to make it even better, the device has been equipped with High-Capacity 4500mAh Battery with 18W Fast-Charging for uninterrupted usage. Hai na Ekdum First-Class! Scroll down to see the detailed features of this prodigy and you’ll be compelled to sing, ‘Pehli Nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar dia!’ Industry-First 48 + 8MP Dual Dot-in AI Selfie Camera Click the selfie that you’ve always been dreaming with the Industry- first 48MP+8MP high megapixel Dual Selfie Camera in CAMON 16 Premier. Its 8MP wide-angle lens, it intelligently switches to 105˚ wide-angle mode when it detects three or more faces which gives you premier group selfies where everyone fits in the frame. Not just you, it shall be loved by all friends too. Get advanced features like Ultra Night Video, AI Video beauty, Video Portrait, Slow motion, AR Shot 3.0, dual front flash and much more for a premier experience. 64MP AI Quad Rear Camera with Sony IMX 686 Sensor You will be in the awe of every picture clicked with Premier 64 MP lens powered with Sony IMX 686 senor. The smartphone has an additional 8MP lens for 119˚ Super Wide photos and Macro shots, a 2MP 1080P Polar Night Video sensor for shooting clear videos in the dark and a 2MP Bokeh Lens for professional output. With 1/1.7 Large Size Sensor and Super Night Shot 2.0 supported by TAIVOS, you can experience the best of night photography. You can also experience professional videography features like Anti Shake video with Super Hybrid Image Stabilization (HIS), 4K@30fps recording which is cinema-like quality, 1080P Night video shooting, Auto Eye Autofocus, 960FPS super Slow Motion and many more attractive modes. 6.85 FHD+ Dual Dot-in Display CAMON 16 Premier comes with a large 6.85 FHD+ Dual Dot- in Display. It is Large and handy with 90% screen to body ratio, 2K ultra-clear resolution and HDR10+ support for an immersive visual experience. With a 90Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling, greater image stability, 480 nits brightness, it gives you the best viewing experience. Binging series, gaming or video calling, all of it would just get better! Helio G90T blazing fast gaming Processor You may now play heavy games incredibly smoothly. CAMON 16 Premier’s Helio G90T Processor with Mali G76 GPU, its exclusive HyperEngine game technology will make your gaming performance fast and smooth and amazing like never before! High-Capacity 4500mAh Battery with 18W Fast-Charging CAMON 16 Premier’s 4500mAh battery and 18W Type-C fast-charger charge your device in just 129 minutes! You also get long-lasting power optimisation with AI Battery Lab 2.0 along with superior Ultra Power Saving Mode to never run out of Power! It has a standby time of 28 Days, calling for 42 hours and non-stop music for 140 hours! Yes, you may sigh! We may go on and on, for the CAMON 16 Premier has left us in awe! Its 8GB high-capacity RAM and 128GB internal storage shall help you multitask, store a lot, with uninterrupted seamless usage. A premier look & feel is an add-on. Its ergonomic arc design, sleek frame and metal texture with woven lattice pattern, will add style to your life! Camon 16 Premier, as the name suggests, is all about Premier Photography & Videography, Premier Performance, Premier Design and Premier Experience, made for the Premier You! Check it out here! Read all >>

[Winner announcement] Phone Master 2020 December event

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-1113344

Phone Master
Dear T-Fans, Happy 2021 & we have brought our first good news to you~ Let's congrats to winner of Phone Master december event. TestimonyGiftie santhi kumari Ramesh Abhishek Ranjan Gbamisola Satyavan Jaypee _goody_ sirmie prince \ (We'll be in touch with you by this Thursday, please wait patiently~~) You know what they say? The best is yet to come. We'll be with you with the year ahead & bring you lots of fun! Today's topic: What's the first photo you took in 2021? Read all >>

#GamingKing Lucky winners for December 2020 announced!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-116253

Dear AHA Fans: The December gaming-king competition has ended. After a fierce competition, the following users have won TECNO-Pova Phones on the December Gaming King event. 1. Deeman 2. ThePeculiar According to our competition rules, these 2 people below have been chosen as our winners. There is no 1st or 2nd place. Please join us in congratulating them! Stay tuned for more. If you are among the 2 winners, please send us your phone numbers, country code, tecno spot id and address on or before January 8th 2021. Thank you everyone for participating, and have a blessed 2021! #PlayMoreLiveMore Read all >>


TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-11495

Hello T-Fans, Last year, we held the Experience HiOS 7 offline event where we told you to visit a store to take a picture of you experiencing an HiOS 7 device. However, only a few people were able to do it and some sighted legit reasons why they couldn't. We still had to pick a few who put in an effort and below are the list of winners selected: First place ($50) God loves me Second Place ($10) 30068716 ahiadzro Joshuaboy 30160526 Third Place ($5) ts7043249146 yusuf_mahfooz Dani z9 Arijay Olamide Lovybaby mpraise28 ts08155900295 Android ts30172381 ts07052166697 66048755020 30200241 WINNERS ARE TO SEND IN THEIR DETAILS (NAME, PHONE NUMBER, COUNTRY AND A SCREENSHOT OF THEIR NAME ON THE LIST) LATEST IN 48 HOURS OR RISK FORFEITING THEIR PRIZES Read all >>

Meme Activity Alert | Time To Showcase Your Creative Self- India vs US Meme

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-0812832

Hello, T-Fans! 2020 was an interestingyear, it was a year of memes from netizens and contentcreators, who gave us a much-needed laugh with their humour and creative imaginations combined. From a random meme trend like ‘BINOD’, to an addictive pieceof parody music ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ createdby Yashraj Mukhate and Coffin dancers- memes spread like wildfire on the internet, keeping the people encouraged andoccupied, all along during the never-ending lockdown period. The year 2021 is no less. It has just started anddesi meme-makers are already on a roll churning out hilarious memes to keep everyone’s virtual spirits high. If you are a social media citizen like us, then we are sure you have also come across memes like this newly viral America versus India joke. From sipping kulhad wali chai to Baraati dance -no matter how fancy we get, phir bhi dil hai desi. But sometimes we can’t hel pbut notice the stark contrast between our culture and that of other countries. These amusing differences have actually started a meme fest on the internet and we can’t stop laughing out loud. Toh isi baat pe ek activity ho jaye? Let’s share the laugh with the community, like we have often do. After all, T-Boyloves memes and so does the TECNO Spot Fam! So here is an opportunity for your inner memer to shine. All you have to do is share a US versus India meme in the comment section below. Check out these memes to understand wha texactly we are talking about- America: Silence please!India: TECNO users in India will definitely relate to this Okay, one last meme. All the love-birds staying in touch with each other using your TECNO devices will relate max- America: My crush is calling meIndia: Now we are handing over the stage to you.All you witty musketeers, here is what you gotta do- [*]Think ofa US versus India meme [*]Drop itin the comment section Brownie points if you can come up with something around our amazing smartphones. That’s all.Let the meme fest begin! T-Boy is waitingfor you to bring out your inner desi. Aakhir India ki baat hai!Get. Set. LOL. Read all >>

Unleash Your Power Winner Announcement | Who Won The POVA?

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-01-0423989

Hello, T-Fans! With great power comes great… prizes! It is true. ‘Unleash Your Power’ challenge is finally over. And it is time to reveal which two lucky winners won the beast. But before we do so, let us take a moment to recall what awaits for you at the end of the tunnel. The top 2 champions will take home the brand new TECNO POVA and will also get to feature on our Social Media handles. How amazing is that! We also want to appreciate all the superhero entries. We are delighted to receive such an overwhelming response to the contest. So, thank you, all you real life Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shaktimaan and Son Paris out there! Now that you are all hyped up, it is winner announcement o’clock. The two super-winners of this challenge are: 1. Bhanu Prakash with the highest no. of votes (49%) 2. Satvik with second highest votes (24.26%) Congratulations, to you both! Just like the all new POVA, you unleashed your power, performed brilliantly, and wowed us with your skills! And we know, we know. We have not forgotten about the shortlisted entries. The shortlisted participants from Round 1 will also receive TECNO goodies! Taaliyan bajti rehni chahiye, folks! And don’t forget to check out the power of the beast, POVA, on Flipkart: Read all >>

C'mon & try to find the answer!

SAMV | 2021-01-1319255

This post was last edited by SAMV at 2021-1-13 09:13 Hello T-fans, Here is a new challenge for you, join us try to give correct answer. Recently TECNO launch it's latest flagship device TECNO CAMON 16 PREMIER. So this puzzle is related to CAMON 16 PREMIER. Click to know more about CAMON 16 PREMIER Find the right path of CAMON 16 PREMIER in the below given image? And post your answer in the comment section. Click to know more about CAMON 16 PREMIER. Read all >>

thankyou tecno for this gift

CHINKI | 2021-01-122100

tooooo muucccchhh cuuuute Read all >>
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