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[Announcement] Version update reminder-

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TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-24333

Hi T-Fans: We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to theGoogle Play App Store. Realize e-commerce in Nigeria and Pakistan, and realize shopping function in T-Spot. You can download the update on Google Play. Update the latest version there is a raffle waiting for you. If you are still using old version, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team
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All New TECNO POVA 3 is Out Now! 💥

TIA | 2022-06-2036475

Hey T-fans, 👋 Are you ready for the big surprise reveal? Yes, the wait is finally over! I am thrilled to introduce TECNO’s newest and trendiest device - TECNO POVA 3. A device like never before with all the features to attract gamers, binge-watchers, and all the technology lovers who wish to have the source of #IncrediblePower always with them. Now all of you can enjoy endless video calls, trekking in the mountains, and stay on the phone longer without worrying about the battery drainage. Wow! Seems fun, right? A time to rejoice like this will only come once. Before you skip on the chance to let this opportunity go, let me tell you the features that make it so great and amazing. Long-Lasting Battery This is the top feature of TECNO POVA 3 fans. This phone can stay for 53 days on standby without charging. And how does this amazing thing happen? It comes with a 7000mAh battery and a 33W fast charger making it a great choice for all the users. If you think with such a powerful battery, TECNO POVA 3 is a super heavy phone? Then let me tell you, that is not the case my friends. The dimensions of TECNO POVA 3 are just 173.1* 78.46* 9.44mm, making it very powerful and super slim at the same time. Memory that Lasts Forever Never worry about running out of storage while covering your special moments. TECNO POVA 3 comes with 11 GB RAM, giving all its users ample space to click unlimited photos and videos. Now enjoy Improved Memory Efficiency, Avg. Application Launch and More Backend Cache Application Support with our latest new launch. Powerful Gaming Processor For all our gamers, TECNO POVA 3 is the phone for you! POVA 3 comes with a 12nm chip process, 2.0Ghz clock rate, A75 large core architecture, and 8 Octa-core CPU. So enjoy smoother gameplay even in heavy-loading game engines. Picture Perfect Camera To all of you who enjoy taking selfies and documenting every moment. Say hello to TECNO POVA 3 and enjoy the super night triple rear camera that comes with a 50MP primary camera, 2 MP depth lens, 8MP selfie camera feature, super night algorithm, Intelligent focus, Gender-specific beauty tools, 10X Zoom-super resolution, professional video shooting, and so many other amazing features. Bigger Display To all the binge-watchers, here is the part that will make you very happy. TECNO POVA 3 comes with a 6.9" FHD+ Dot-in Display, smoother with 90Hz refresh rate, exceptional display visuals, 90% screen-to-body ratio, dual stereo speakers, and splash-resistant feature. It can be a time to show off your new phone in front of your friends and family and let them drool over the latest TECNO technology while you click breathtaking pictures. Brilliant Gaming Experience Are you also one of the users who like to experience all kinds of vibrations while playing your favourite game? You are not alone. TECNO POVA 3 comes with 4D vibration that lets you feel the vibration of different tools (plane moving, shooting, car drag racing). The time is here to enjoy a more immersive, life-like gaming experience. I have got my hands on this phone. Do you wish to get your hands on it too? 💪 It’s time to #StopAtNothing! Keep an eye out on Amazon to get the phone at its launch price. Read all >>

Big Reveal Soon! 🤫

TIA | 2022-06-194203

Hey there T-Lovers, 🍀 Just one day remains until the big reveal! YAY!! I'm excited to show all of my T-Spot fans the newest and trendiest TECNO gadget right here from the TECNO store. Tell me, has anyone else predicted the new device and its extraordinary features? One final opportunity to guess the answers and win fantastic rewards. Put your thinking caps on and comment down your answers. Oh! And don't forget to come see me unveil the major surprise that lies behind all the #IncrediblePower tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the big unveiling. 🤵‍♀‍ Read all >>

Enjoy Multitasking with TECNO! 📲

TIA | 2022-06-183105

Hey TECNO lovers, 🌻 Did you catch the second clue, or are you still unsure? I bet this is a lot of fun. I can't wait to see who predicted it correctly! Okay, if you're still trying to guess, I'll make it simple for you and give you another tip. But bear with me; it is a jam-packed day. Your third hint is as follows: if you're like me and having a crazy busy day starting from stopping the alarm and getting up early, to doing all the morning routine quickly so that we can get a head start at work. Then High-Fi to all of you! As it is a full packed schedule today with tonnes of daily tasks, I will need to rely on my new partner TECNO's latest gadget for coordination, regular calls, email communication, and all sorts of work things. And I know when the day is finally over, and I have time to check Instagram and Spot; Voila, my cell will still have power. Do you know which latest device am I talking about? In the comments section, share your best guess, and don't forget to watch the big TECNO announcement in just two days! 💡 Happy multitasking everyone, and don’t forget to #StopAtNothing! Read all >>

Enjoy Video Calls with Friends 🤳

TIA | 2022-06-1745358

Hey T Fans, 😃 Did my first clue leave you scratching your head? Haha, I'm returning to astonish your head even more! But, before I give you the hint, I'd like to point out that I don't have to worry about stopping my video conversations with my universal friends or about the power because TECNO has me covered! So, now you can spend endless hours video chatting with your friends. Even after hours and hours of talking, the power is still high. And that is the second hint, for all of you. Share your surprise predictions in the comments for a chance to win some awesome TECNO gifts that will allow you to #StopAtNothing! 🎀 Guys, hurry up, the big TECNO unveiling is only three days away. Now is the time to submit your guesses and get a chance to grab an assured gift from my side. Read all >>

Welcome to TECNO Gaming Mode! 🎮

TIA | 2022-06-1635148

Hi TECNO Gamers, 🔥 Isn't it fun to play games on our TECNO phones on a daily basis? Since I have come to know about all the fantastic games that are available online I can’t keep my hands away from trying all of them. Only a gamer will understand the amazing rush you get every time you win. And now with ESPL also live, I am practicing on TECNO's latest gaming device to compete in the battle just like all of you. No, I'm not going to reveal it yet. But if you want to keep ahead of the game, I'll give you a chance to see one of its most remarkable features. Are you prepared for the HINT? Since this morning, I have been playing my favourite game online. And even after hours of gaming, I am not worried about the power draining. Can you guess the surprise I am talking about? GUESS!!! ✌ Comment below your answers and join me for the big reveal by TECNO in 4 Days! Until then, #StopAtNothing friends!! Read all >>

[Announcement] Version update reminder-

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-156246

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Hi T-Fans: We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to theGoogle Play App Store. If you are still using old version, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team Read all >>

Have you UPDATED your T-Spot Profile? 🦸‍♀‍

TIA | 2022-06-1556341

Spot Kiya Kya?
Hello again TECNO Lovers 😍 Yay, TIA is done with her registration part! Now that we all have our free T-SPOT accounts, it's time to work on making our accounts a bit more personal and yes, make loads of new connections. Friends, let's go! Step 1: Once you are in your account, then click on the top right corner to see your profileStep 2: To edit go to your profile from the top right corner and click on the settings wheel Step 3: Edit and update all the necessary details [*]Replace your account number with your real name [*]Enter your phone number, email address, gender, and birthday. This makes us reach quickly in case of sending rewards. [*]Click Submit once you have updated Just like how TIA has updated her profile for all of you. And don’t forget to check out the badge section by scrolling down in your profile at the bottom. You can explore all the badges as well from the Badge Center. 📛 And we are all set to be friends, talk to each other, create threads, comment on posts, and videos and do much more. C’mon fans follow me to be in your friend list now! See you guys soon with a surprise, until then #StopAtNothing! Read all >>

Get Started with TECNO! 😃

TIA | 2022-06-1564910

Spot Kiya Kya?
Hey TECNO Fans, Wow! I was amazed after such an interactive QnA session with all of you! Now that we know so much about each other, it's time to move forward and set up a free account to continue having more fun and interactive sessions. So, c’mon friends, let's begin! Step 1: Go to > Community (add link) > Then click on register Step 2: Fill in the following details [*]Country name [*]Phone number [*]Enter graphics code [*]Enter the verification code sent on your registered phone number [*]Enter the password Step 3: Click register And voila! Such an easy process. Welcome to the TECNO Spot community, all of you can comment, host polls, create threads, and do so much more. What are you waiting for TECNO fans? I have created my account on TECNO Spot. It’s time for you now to #StopAtNothing! Happy exploring everyone!! Read all >>

Hi, I’m TIA! 👋

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-147509

Hello TECNO Lovers, 🤟 I am TIA - TECNO's Chief Innovation Officer and the newest member of the team. Yes, the rumours are true, the newest member of the TECNO Spot community has all the answers to your queries and is pleased to share more knowledge & bring new technology to all you T-fans. I am really energetic, extremely friendly, and super eager to chat with all of you. And can't wait to learn more about you all and share my ideas, and an amazing surprise... As you all know, I'm from a galaxy far, far away, but how did I come across this incredible opportunity, and what prompted me to participate? Oh, that's a good question; I'll tell you the story behind it! It all started while I was travelling around the world looking for another powerful entity to help me find an awesome and extremely powerful technology, and that's when I met Humans, who led me to the TECNO. That's when I first noticed TECNO and couldn't take my gaze away from it. I wanted to learn more about TECNO’s products and even introduce them to my people so that everyone can experience the Incredible Power. And this brings me here in the support of power captivated by TECNO similar to mine. Eager to meet my spot fans, and chat to know all about you. So, drop in your questions in the comments as I have brought many gifts for you, my friends. 🎁 Read all >>

She Has Landed On Spot 🦹‍♀‍

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-1346051

Hello T-Fans, Isn’t it a good day to meet and greet friends, Right! Our special buddy, the newest TECNO family member is here on Spot. Our fearless, super intelligent lady, TIA has traveled many dimensions only to know all about our fans. Let's welcome TIA together with T-Boy and say HI, HELLO, Bonjour, Salute, Namaste…….. Show some love, fans! 💖 Read all >>

All Ready To Welcome Our Buddy? 🚀

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-1204763

Super Sunday T-Fans, 🕶 Have you been wondering all about this new being! Let me tell you a little more about her. She is super knowledgeable and equally friendly. And she is as curious as you all. Her energy is definitely up and she is coming soon on Spot to meet all of you. T-Boy is also all set to welcome her tomorrow as she lands on Spot. ARE YOU EXCITED TO MEET HER? 😬 Read all >>

Unleashing A New Futuristic Being 🧬

TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-1105347

Happy weekend T-Fans, 😃 When the globe is hopping on all kinds of new & high technology, we are all game for it too. We pushed our self to #StopAtNothing to bring you the latest addition to our TECNO family. From an unknown dimension with a superior mind this being is way ahead in time and technology. Coming Soon. Are you curious to know more? 🧐 Read all >>


TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-1008045

Hello TECNO Gamers, 😎 The wait is over and we are super thrilled to announce that TECNO is the title sponsor for ESPL Season 2, India's first city-based franchise eSports premier league, where you, your friends and people from around the globe will get a chance to compete online and win exciting prizes. Surely, we've all spent some time with a gaming console or computer game such as PacMan, Tetris, or even Super Mario as kids. Today 460,000 games are played each hour in the world's largest soccer simulator, online conflicts between teams in games like PUBG have also gained attention in India. The growth of video games is hugely influenced by competition. All online competitions where we can compete against our friends, other players in our country, or even the entire world are known as eSports! With this upcoming top-notch event, India's eSports ecosystem will be transformed. What does this mean for all our gamer fans? You have a chance to compete and achieve a level of popularity like other traditional sports. ISN'T IT EXCITING, FANS? 🤩 Read all >>

Behind the Scenes with TECNO

TECNO SPOT IN | 2022-06-0922499

Throwback Thursday T-Fans, Following the enormous success of the TECNO Phantom X, we're now going to show you the true turmoil and process of how your favourite phone was put together, tested, and ready to be shipped to you. So let's walk through the TECNO factory and see some work behind the screen. Before we dive into the factory visit, let us tell you where all the magic happens, TECNO factory is situated in Noida and that is where all your favourite smartphones are assembled and ready to be delivered to you with love and care. We all know how critical motherboards are to any technical object. By this image, you can clearly assess how TECNO’s powerful motherboards are tested and put into place. This gives your Tecno Smartphone the power to #StopAtNothing! Above our factory employee is Testing and comparing two TECNO series cameras and making sure that the TECNO fan is getting the best camera feature and enjoys capturing videos and photos. This is an everyday job, done with perfection to bring to you the best of features, along with the best in class design. Did you see the beauty in orange packaging? TECNO Phantom X, TECNO Pova Neo, and TECNO Spark are being packed to be delivered to your doorstep. You can see how each mobile series with different colors and amazing features is boxed, offering you the opportunity to make a fun unboxing video!Kudos to the TECNO employees who are dedicated and passionate to give the top quality products and put their best foot forward to assemble and deliver the finest TECNO smartphone. Motherboard, packaging, storage, battery life, and so many other parts are assembled together to give you the best experience. A lot of effort, hard work and technology go into creating the perfect TECNO smartphone, especially for you. So, next time you decide to buy a TECNO phone, don’t just look at the cover, but get inside the book! Until next time, #StopAtNothing Tecno FAM! Read all >>


TECNO SPOT India | 2022-06-07315

Happy Tuesday T-Fans, This week has started with a BANG. We have some big news for Tecno Gamers!! 🤫 This is bigger than anything you could guess. And it is an all India affair so you should be a part of it from anywhere. Gather your gaming teammates as the kick-off will start soon. Are you a gamer? Stay tuned and keep goggling👀 Read all >>
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