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Winner Announcement | TECNO Love Letter


TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-03-018431

Dear T-Fans, There is nothing more precious than a love letter. Old school or not, all of us have craved this beautiful expression of feelings. Whenever spoken words don’t feel enough, we swiftly start typing our feelings to our beloveds. Over valentine week, we received so many love letters addressed to lovers, friends, family and T-Boy. Thank you for your responses. It was so heart-whelming to read every letter of honesty and love, that T-Boy was reaching for tissues all day. Today, we bring to you the winner of the ‘TECNO Love Letters’ challenge. So, hold on to your seats because the award of the best love letter goes to Sheonath. Sheonath penned down his feelings for his mother and poured his heart out about their relationship. His words have opened the doors to his love, respect and belief in his mother. Check his entry here: Congratulations, your words have reached thousands of hearts. And it is because of your beautiful letter to your mother, T-Boy has decided to give the prize to your mother. She wins TECNO’s brand new Spark 6 Go smartphone and wireless Bluetooth speakers. For the rest of the T-Fans, don’t lose hope because you know we are all in for the joy of activities. So much more fun activities await!
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Prep Tips To Run Like A Pro | TECNO India Virtual Run I Register Now

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-1911822

Hello, T-Fans! We all know that you all are as excited as we are for TECNO India Virtual Run- One-of-a-kind marathon where you can run ANYWHERE and ANYTIME on the 13th and 14th of March 2021. With the run being just the corner, many of you must be wondering where to start to boost your stamina. Worry not, as usual T-boy is here for your rescue. So buckle up your seat belts and let’s get started with the prep forthe fun virtual run of the season! 1. Alternate between running and walking to improve your race timing There is nothing better than developing a habit of running or walking regularly. But if you alternate between the two, you get the best of both worlds. It will decrease the amount of stress your body takes and help you go farther. This exercise is an essential for every runner who is taking part in the TECNO India Virtual Run! Toh Milkha, walk, run and repeat. Level WalkRunRepeat Beginners1-2 minutes 1-30 secs4-5 times Intermediate 1-2 minutes 1-5 minutes 4-5 times Pro30 secs- 1 minutes 6-6 minutes 4-5 times 2. Increase your leg strength by doing 10 squats daily Squats help in building endurance and make for a dynamic strength exercise. Adding squats to your workout routine will help you boost your performance and work your leg muscle. Start from 3 sets of 10 squats daily and increase the number gradually and be TECNO India Virtual Run ready! So, put on your running pants and drop it like it is ‘SQUAT’! 3. Boost your endurance by doing a plank for 30 seconds everyday Planks make for a great exercise to burn calories and work multiple muscles at a time. They will also help by making your body more flexible and take your endurance and stamina to the next level. As Kris J. Simpson said “If you think a minute goes by fast, you have done a plank before.” Don’t worry, we are not asking to target 1 minute, in the beginning. Start from 30 seconds daily and increase the number gradually. So get ready, fam. And don’t forget to get yourself registered for the race in case you haven’t registered yourself yet. Head to TECNO’s online portal and register now- Read all >>

TECNO Virtual Meet: Get your Questions answered

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-1817474

Virtual Meet
Hey T-Fans, Isn’t it exciting to meet the people who develop products that have become an inevitable part of your life? Isn’t it so amazing to finally meet the people who are behind your favourite brand This is what the TECNO Virtual Meet is about. TECNO is doing a virtual meet and greet with its T-Fans. Our T-Fans, from all around the nation are invited to be part of the online meet, wherein you get to meet other community members and team TECNO India. The Virtual Meet will be on February 23, 2021, where there will be an interactive session with the Community Head, Marketing Head and the Product Manager. The registration window is from February 11 to February 21. Post registrations, we will contact the selected fans via email or WhatsApp group. Since the online meet has limited seats, not everyone will be able to attend to ask their questions. But that’s not a problem for our T-Fans. You can ask your questions in the comment section below and we’ll make sure that they get answered during the event. The questions can range from product information, anything and everything about TECNO and its future plans and happenings on TECNO Spot. Get typing T-Fans, unload your questions below! Read all >>

T-Boy Tips | Connect to multiple Bluetooth devices!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-1714375

Hey T-Fans, Do you ever face a problem connecting your multiple Bluetooth devices to your smartphone? Sometimes it gets super annoying to enjoy the music or connect to a call while you’re stuck connecting to a Bluetooth device. We’ve got all the solutions! With Bluetooth 5.0, the new Bluetooth standard which allows for higher bandwidth, longer range and also the ability to connect play audio from multiple Bluetooth audio devices at a time. And while this feature is meant to come as standard for all Bluetooth 5.0 enabled devices, most OEMs rather hide it deep down in the developer option and never talk about it. But not TECNO! So let’s dig deeper. How do you enable this? 1. You need to enable developer mode first by opening settings, scrolling down to SYSTEM settings. 2. Scroll down to ABOUT PHONE, continuously tab on BUILD NUMBER until developer mode is enabled. 3. Now that you have enabled developer mode, you need to head into developer options which you will now find in the system settings 4. In Bluetooth developer options, scroll down to where you will find MAXIMUM CONNECTED BLUETOOTH AUDIO DEVICES 5. Set the number of Bluetooth audio devices you want to connect then exit T-Boy Pro Tip: This feature will only work with Bluetooth audio devices and not phone, PC or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Also, do not forget connecting multiple devices reduces the distance covered by your device Bluetooth. Happy connecting! Read all >>

Get Ready To Run Anywhere & Anytime I Register for TECNO India Virtual Run Now

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-16121721

Hello, T-Fans! Working from home or studying has been fun for all of us, but won’t you agree that our health goals have taken a hit during this elongated period? With double the work and no motivation to get out and exercise, we have turned into couch potatoes. Well, not all of us (Exceptions are always there, right?) Giggles!But for all those who have been looking for a way to kick-start or get back to their fitness regime, worry not, we got you covered. TECNO is here with one of its kind ‘Virtual Run’ that will get you back on your feet, push you hard to tie your laces and get excited about fitness once again. We present to you…wait for it, one-of-its-kindTECNO India Virtual Run! Now run ANYWHERE & ANYTIME on 13th & 14th of March. Register NOW ( TECNO India Virtual Run is a flagship initiative by TECNO Mobiles to create fun-filled Fitness Experience for all. With this Run we aim to ride on the national wave of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT. The run is open to all – fitness enthusiasts, amateur runners, professional runners, and beginners. What is A Virtual Run you ask? Let us simplify it for you. A Virtual Run is a race you can run at any time, at any location, at your pace, outside, in the park or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. All you have to do is, keep your smartphone with you, download fitness tracking App & you are good to go. So get ready to run towards a healthier lifestyle! All you have to do is register online, follow the simple steps below and get ready to win exciting prizes! “So what are your plans for the second weekend of March?” Me: Pick Your Own Battle/ Challenge: 1. POVA Performance Walk – 2KM Walk If you are a beginner, new to running or haven’t been much active physically, you can pick a smaller goal for yourself. The best part? You can do it along with your family, friends or your squad for some wellness, chit-chat and get a dose of fresh air. After all, 2KM walk is almost like a cake walk. Ye to hum Indian Aese hi kr lete hai 2. POVA Speed Run – 5KM Run If you want to put your racing skills to test and also get ahead of your fitness goals, then this race format is for you! It is best to build your stamina to achieve bigger goals. Trust us, it’s fun to run. 3. POVA Power Run – 10KM Run The last but not the least is the ultimategoal of 10KM. If you are someone who loves a challenge, then pick this option and get ready to race! Get your running shoes ready and let’s play Thoda sa aage, sab Milkha Singh banke Bhaage. Here’s how you can participate: Step 1: Registration 1. Visit our online portal and choose the race category – 2KM, 5KM and 10KM run. 2. Enter registration details and make payment for registration fee. (please note: the amount is not refundable/ or reversed) 3. You will receive an email & SMS with details. Step 2: Download the App 1. Registered participants will receive an app download link (TECNO India Run App) on email and SMS, 7 days before the event. 2. Download the STRAVA app and link to the TECNO India Run App with a simple click 3. You can check out all the race notifications, leader board and personal details on the app itself. Step 3: Race Day! 1. Simply choose your own starting line, whether it's a treadmill or a neighbourhood street. 2. Record your activity on the STRAVA app and sync it on to the main TECNO India Run app. 3. The app will keep a tab on your data and will also show you the leadership board. What’s in for you? Once you complete the race, you will be notified about the exciting goodies that we have in store for you! Let us all race towards healthy, happy and fun run Stay Tuned to know more… Read all >>

Get Ready for the first ever TECNO Virtual Fan Meet? Register NOW!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-12181407

Virtual Meet
Hey T-Fans, There’s a difference between buying a product from a brand and getting involved with the brand to discuss the important matters, just like it happens in every family. Here at TECNO SPOT, you would agree that we have unlocked a brand and consumer relation and now have become a community, a family.Here we are open to discussions, sharing ours thoughts, keep each other engaged via comments, blogs and entertained through fun activities. We are sure you will agree that we have strengthened our ties stronger with every passing month. Since you have been connected and have been with us throughout with us in our growing TECNO SPOT , we thought why not take it to another step? Trust us when we say you are extremely valuable to us. Hence we are coming up with a nationwide virtual Fan meet up for you, exclusively for you our T-Fans. The meet will be conducted via video call and this will allow you to know and meet the people behind our beloved T-Boy and TECNO SPOT community. Excited? Take out your calendars and save the dates because you just CAN NOT miss this opportunity. The Virtual Meet will be on February 23, 2021, where you will have a fun Question-Answer session and game with the TECNO Brand Lead, Community Lead,and the TECNO India Product Manager. That’s not it, the selected T-Fans vis-a-vis the attendees for the virtual meet will get an assured gift. And a lucky winner will get, wait - for - it, a brand new TECNO Smartphone! A Virtual Meet packed with so many Gifts! Is it Christmas already? But before we get there let’s mark checks on things to do. How to register? You can register for the meet on this google form between February 11 and February 22 2021. Post registrations, we will contact the selected fans via email or WhatsApp group. Google Form: Register NOW! Limited seats only. Read all >>

We Value Your Feedback! Take this short survey

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-0817909

Hey T-fans! We are always trying to improve our products and communication for you so that we can reach you at the right time and right Spot. It is important for us that we are able to communicate what you want to hear, so that it can add value in your decision-making process. So here we are with this short Survey around TECNO’s recent launch- POVA Smartphone. This is a quick survey and will require 2 minutes of your time. Your valuable input will be of great help. Please fill up the Google form given below. Link: Thanks in advance! Read all >>

First time Runner? Welcome to the club!

SAMV | 2021-02-220101

Dear T-Fans, It’s not very difficult to spot a first-time runner. A run is not about how many miles you make according to the set timer, is it? It is about your mind and your own personal fitness. But what are ‘musts’ for your first run? 1. Do a Half-RunAim to run the half-run slightly faster than your run goal pace. 2. Add Speed to Your Longest RunThis run will teach you how to make your effort while you're getting tired. 3. Hydrate: Pre, During and Post RunIdentify how often you have aid stations in your run, and practise drinking at that pace. 4. Dress RightDon't run the marathon in a cotton T-shirt, wear lightweight textiles which do not bind to your skin. 5. Run in a way you know bestStick to your schedule and what you have done during your training. Always disregard any "can't-miss" diet tips coming from friends at this stage. For more details and registrations, visit- TECNO – INDIA RUN Read all >>

Unlock The Best Offers On Spark Series | TECNO Unstoppable Days Sale is LIVE!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-150307

Hello, T-Fans! Your weekend just got 10 times better because the TECNO Unstoppable Days sale is now live on Flipkart. You can buy your dream TECNO smartphones at jaw-dropping prices and additional offers between 12th and 15th of February. If like Babu Rao aapko bhi ‘aise dhak-dhak ho rela hai’, then brace yourselves because the Badshahs of Entertainment, bole toh the dynamic SPARK series, is also up for grabs! Spark 6 Go With the all new Spark 6 Go, you get a premium smartphone loaded with segment-first features like 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal memory, 6.52 HD+ Display, 13 MP AI dual rear camera, 5000 mAh battery, 1.8GHz Helio A20 Quad core Processor, and dher sara swag at an unbeatable price of Rs.8,499 thanks to TECNO Unstoppable Days on Flipkart during which you get an additional Prepaid Offer of Rs. 200! Spark Go 2020 This rockstar boasts of a BIG 6.52 Notch HD+Display, jumbo 5000 mAh battery, hosts 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage, expandable up to 512 GB, and a powerful 13 MP + Al Lens camera setup with unique features for the perfect photography experience. Grab the premium Spark Go 2020 at an unimaginable price of Rs. 6999 on Flipkart! Spark Power 2 Air With a jumbo 6000 mAh battery, gigantic 7 HD+ Display, 13 MP AI Quad Rear camera, Spark Power 2 Air is here to rock your lives. Get ready for power play entertainment with dual speakers + stereo sound, Quad Core A22 Processor 2.0Ghz, 3GB RAM with 32 GB internal storage expandable up to 256 GB! All this and much more will be available at an unreal slashed price of Rs. 7,999 only during the TECNO Unstoppable Sale. So what are you waiting for? Make your weekend better and brighter with the SPARK series and TECNO Unstoppable Days. Shop now on Flipkart: Get. Set. Be Unstoppable! Read all >>

TECNO Unstoppable Days: Get the new POVA at slashed prices!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-134633

Hey T-Fans, Did you hear the latest scoop in the T-SPOT universe? If not, T-Boy is here with the latest samachar. So get ready with your chai because this news is amazing. Your favourite TECNO smartphones are here with slashed prices in the Unstoppable TECNO days and if you are a gamer, it’s going to be so much more fun! TECNO POVA is here to up your smartphone game with its powerful MediaTek Helio G80 processor, 6000mAh battery, 18W Dual IC Flash Charge and 6.8 Dot-in Display and much more! TECNO POVA is all about upgrading your gaming skills with the amazing Helio G80 Gaming Processor, tailored to take your mobile gaming experience up a notch. With robust CPU and GPU configurations, you will definitely ace every level of your favourite games without worrying about the phone overheating. If this is what your heart desires, get TECNO POVA between February 11 and 15 to avail at a marvellous price of Rs.9,999/- on prepaid orders on Flipkart. Check it out now! We also have an amazing Valentine’s Day offer for you! You can now get the TECNO POVA with O Cost EMI, with 0 Down Payment and at 0 Processing Fee at retailers near you! So what are you waiting for! Get your gaming upgrade today! Read all >>

TECNOgrapher Challenge

RowdyBoy | 2021-02-115303

Tecno Gallery
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#Tecnographer Challenge The Final Show

vaibhavkadam914 | 2021-02-1042292

Tecno Gallery
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TECNOgrapher Challenge Final Round

Mom calls me pandu | 2021-02-10304837

Tecno Gallery
Hello guys , thanks for supporting me and made me one of the winner .hope I will get the same response for this Round too. Thank you for your loveRead all >>

The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge: Winner Announcement

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-158457

Tecno Gallery
Hey T-Fans, It is the time that we all have been waiting for. The results for the final round of The Great TECNOgrapher Challenge are here. Throughout this activity, we received amazing entries from you all, dear T-Fans. Thanks for your participation. Are you excited to see if your photograph/ Photo galleryis the one which impressed your fellow TECNO Fans and made you win a brand new TECNO smartphone? Because T-Boy sure is! So, the winner is *Drum roll* Mom calls me pandu Many Congratulations to you, Mom calls me pandu. TECNO SPOT community fans has chosen you as the ‘The Great TECNOgrapher’ of the month. You were the most voted for ‘THE GREAT TECNOgrapher Challenge’ activity. Stay tuned to T-SPOT for many such activities because the next Super T-Star could be you! Read all >>

Ultimate TECNO Days: New Prices for CAMON series out now!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-141168

Hey T-Fans, SALE! SALE! SALE! Yes, you read that right. Your favourite TECNO smartphones are now available at discounted prices. And for all the Photography lovers, we have just the treat for you. Thanks to the Ultimate TECNO Days, CAMON series is now here with new pocket-friendly prices. Check them out now: Let’s start with CAMON 16 The very first in its price segment, CAMON 16 comes with 64 MP Primary Lens, 2 MP Blurred Depth of Field Lens, 2 MP Macro Lens and an AI Lens with Penta Flash and Auto Eye Focus: a feature which has been restricted to DSLRs and very high-end smartphones so far. Now, isn’t that amazing! Not only that, the camera features include Night Portrait, Macro, Body-shaping, 10x Zoom, 120 frames Slow-motion, Video Bokeh, 2K QHD video recording and is also equipped TECNO's revolutionary TAIVOS™ technology. This enables you to click like a pro, anytime, anywhere! This perfect smartphone will be your perfect companion now at Rs Rs 11,499 only! As for those, who had CAMON 15 in their carts hoping that the prices would drop, this is your moment, T-Fans! Having rightly earned the position of ‘The Photography King’, it has a 16MP dot-In Selfie camera with dual front flash. On the rear, it has 48MP AI Quad camera setup with Quad flash, f1.79 aperture, big 1/2" sensor. Moreover, CAMON 15 smartphone resolve a critical issue of clicking pictures in low light conditions with its Super Night Lens powered by DSP AI chip. CAMON 15 pushes you to “Find the New You”. The phone has everything you have been looking for at a pocket-friendly price with premium features. Are you excited to know the new prices? Well, you can now get CAMON 15 at *Drum Rolls* Rs 9,999 only. Read all >>

#TECNOgraphers: The final show!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2021-02-0911488

Tecno Gallery
Hey T-Fans, It’s time to clean those camera lenses and switch on your photography mode because we are now in the final round of TECNOgraphers. All the previous pictures shared by you were so amazing and full of creativity and it only made the decision tougher. You have all proven that a picture is definitely worth a thousand words! For the final round of TECNOgraphers, the competition will be between the winners of the first three rounds. So here our Top Three Tecnograpohers who have emerged as winners of the Weekly Challenges, with the help of your votes: 1. vaibhavkadam914 2. Mom calls me Pandu 3. RowdyBoy How exciting is that! T-Boy has been impatiently waiting for this final showdown So, the three winners of the previous rounds, here is what you have to do: Round 2: Online Exhibition •Publish a Thread under TECNOgrapher Challenge with the best of your work •Get Maximum comments on your thread Create the thread with a minimum of five of your best pictures and get your clan to shower all the likes and comments on them. The TECNOgrapher with the most comments on his thread by 15th Feb, 12 PM takes the victory home. The Ultimate winner gets a brand new TECNO smartphone So, what are you waiting for, Click, Share, and Win! Rules: 1. All pictures must be clicked from TECNO Smartphone 2. All pictures should bear the watermark 3. Wrongfully Edited Pictures or taken off the internet will be disqualified, resulting in cancelation of the participation. TECNO India team’s decision will be final and binding. 4. The copyright of the photo must belong to the participant 5. Preferred size: 1080 x 2160 Disclaimer TECNO reserves the right to use the content for other marketing activities and advertising, for example, putting the content in HiTheme-Wallpaper store, T-SPOT Homepage, or TECNO social media accounts. Read all >>
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