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TECNOCares: TECNO Pandemic Insurance Survey, FILL NOW!

Feedback & Suggestions  |  2020-7-10 15:30 18692

Hello there, T-Fans!

The pandemic may have spoiled some plans for us, but we are definitely not letting it break us down! TECNO cares for you and thus we have a unique insurance stored for you. Check it out!

WeChat Image_20200710140136.png

T-Boy sure hopes that our adored-Fans are going great. And we intend to make you just a tad bit happier. While every TECNO device has our guarantee, it is still ideal to get insurance for your device. This is especially true during the pandemic when repair services and other facilities are very hard to find. Insurance will keep your device covered. We have taken it up a notch and made sure that your health is taken care of too. We are planning to offer an excellent insurance scheme for our wonderful T-Fans whenever they purchase a TECNO device. This insurance will offer you USD 140 of infectious disease insurance.
We would also like to hear from you. Because at T-Spot, YOUR VOICE IS HEARD THE LOUDEST.
So, let’s get on with the survey.

Once done, simply take a screenshot of the same and post it in the comments section.
Share the survey form with your friends and families and help them get this added advantage as well.

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275045564202 19 #

best tecno mobile
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pubg q accha calta tecno i2 me
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