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Problem- Solving with Innovation: CAMON 15

CAMON 15  |  2020-7-6 17:28 2334

Hello T-Fans,

What’s smart in a smartphone, if there’s no innovation! Believing that user problems can be solved with product innovation, TECNO relies on its unique approach to address problems faced by mobile phone users. It works to enhance user experience and TECNO CAMON 15 has taken it to a whole new level.

T-Boy shares how CAMON 15 is the SOLUTION-
  • Get Rid of Erroneous OTG Connection POP Up and Stagnate Headphone Icon


  • The ‘OTG Connection pop-up appears due to the presence of moisture or any liquid in the USB Port. With the “OTG Connected” notification, the phone refuses to get charged. On the other hand, the headphone icon is displayed by dirt or any unwanted material in the device’s audio port. In this case, the phone seems to trick you by showing headphones without them actually being present.

  • Here’s the solution. TECNO CAMON 15 comes with a phone case with an extension covering both, the USB and the Audio Port.

  • The case does not just solve the above problems but also has added on benefits. Its durability, resistance to scratch, streamlined texture to enhance the grip deserves praise.
  • Full - length Screenshots

  • Not just external imagery, the efficacy of TECNO’s camera is enhanced to work for internal imagery too. You can record contents with a click, without any lag.
  • Night Time Photography

  • When is the perfect time for photography, you ask? CAMON 15 answers, “Every time.” With the night mode powered by TAIVOS (Tecno's AI Vision Optimization Solution), one click is what it takes to add beauty to the night. Even in low-light conditions, the camera performs greatly.
  • Myopic Display

  • Bezel- free, 6.6 HD+ ultra view and colour-rich display transcends the boundaries of mobile phone displays. You may say Bye-Bye to hindrances in immersive viewing experience with this phone.
The Guinness Book of World Record Holder, CAMON 15 has extended the meaning and use of mobile phones. Share what you find the best in CAMON 15.

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very nice
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