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Gesture Call Picker for the Busy You

HIOS  |  2020-7-6 17:15 6394

Hello T-Fans,

Gone are the days, when we used to do just one thing at a time. Multitasking is not a skill anymore but has become the new normal. We eat while watching movies, we work while listening to podcasts and whatnot. We are expected to be available at multiple things, so much so that it has become awkward to be “too busy to miss a call.”


When it is about friends, you don’t want to let go of any messages or calls from their end. When it is about your office, your boss doesn’t want you to let go of any message or call. Who can be busy enough to ignore the boss, after all?  We mean, imagine a Work from Home situation when you are doing the dishes and your boss calls you. How would you receive the call with those messy hands?

Thanks to TECNO’s product innovation, you need not juggle between the dishes and your phone now. HIOS version 5.0 and above, allows you to reject or receive phone calls without actually touching the phone with its amazing GESTURE CALL PICKER. How cool!

How does the Gesture Call Picker work?
Once the function is enabled, it allows you to pick or reject a call with simple gestures without actually touching the phone. You can do the gesture from about 15 cm away from the screen.

Learn the Gestures
“V” Gesture (the peace sign) is used to pick a call
“Palm” Gesture (the Hi-Fi sign) is used to reject a call.
Once the phone is received, the speaker is turned on automatically and you can start talking.  (Yes! Without letting them know about the dishes)

How to Activate the Gesture Call Picker on your Phone
-       Go to Settings
-       Click on Micro Intelligence
-       Select answer with a gesture
The answer and reject buttons will then be replaced with the V and Palm sign on your phone.
So, Multi-task with TECNO now. And make sure, you answer all calls from your office!

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Ravi_18 6 #

amazing feature
2020-7-22 21:34 Like(1)

274200842835 5 #

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Ammu 4 #

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ts9500003240 3 #

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Sumit Verma 2 #

That's great feature, I love it
2020-7-6 18:03 Like(1)



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