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TECNO HiOS: Shh! The Apps are Hidden

SPARK POWER 2  |  2020-6-23 13:12 7646

Hello T-Fans!
No matter how strong your TECNO smartphone’s password is, there are always times when you hand over your unlocked phone to someone else.

Picture 1.png

Our smartphones generally contain a lot of information about us in the form of chats, pictures, bank details, passwords, and notes. We want to keep this intimate information to ourselves and hesitate to let someone else access our phones. TECNO takes your privacy just as seriously as you do and has come up with a way to prevent anyone other than you from accessing your private information!

The Hide Apps feature on TECNO HiOS allows you to protect your apps from the prying eyes of those around you. You can now hide your apps in such a way that only you can access them. Do you want to know how to access this feature?

Setting up this feature is very simple. Just swipe up with two fingers on your Home Screen and your hidden screen is unveiled. Click on Add/Remove and select the app(s) you want to hide. You can further enhance the security by clicking on the Settings icon and setting up a strong password needed to access the hidden apps.

Isn’t this great? Let us know whether you find this feature useful!

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ts2356892 7 #

2020-7-5 18:09 Like(1)

262572301105 6 #

2020-7-2 15:59 Like(1)

Sivashankar.S 5 #

but hiddn APK is displayed when SETTING >All APK  is opened.. this is not happening in XOS... hidden APK will not show even if settings open... major flaw in HIOS ????????????
2020-6-25 15:39 Like(1)

256524585960 4 #

2020-6-24 14:21 Like(1)

johnmeshak 3 #

you have much more
2020-6-24 09:27 Like(2)

Sumit Verma 2 #

2020-6-23 13:18 Like(0)



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