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🥊 KBC - Round 2 🥊

POVA 4  |  2022-12-26 13:36 19711

Hey TECNO Lovers, 💪

When we were left alone with our younger siblings during those childhood winter breaks, our favorite in-house games would usually end up with boxing each other. Right? You are not alone.

Today, on the occasion of boxing day, let's have a virtual boxing match where the members will have a virtual match to guess the right answer for the next round of KBC. Ready?

Here goes the question.

TS-POVA 4 Boxing Day- KBC -AR.jpg

         ❇️ No boxing and no fighting over the right answer, guys. We will be sharing the right option soon. Hold your horses, the day is coming. Till then, tell us your guesses in the comments section below. ❇️

That’s all for today, folks. We hope you have the greatest last week of 2022.

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