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What is the Rule Of Odds in Photography?

Photography  |  2022-11-28 14:04 0100

Hi friends,

The feature-packed cameras in your phones have always nudged you to take up mobile photography as a hobby. No wonder, millions of others have also adopted mobile photography as one of their hobbies. Meanwhile, a subtle pressure to click better pictures is also slowly becoming the norm. Reason why, we’ve these easy to follow tricks and tips for you.These easy tricks will help you click better pictures in no time. In the previous article we have learned what is The Rule of thirdand how to get a better picture by following this rule. In this article we will learn about the "RULE OF ODD" for getting attractive photos. So let's get started without wasting time.

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The rule of odds states that when you’re including a group of subjects in your photo, an odd number, rather than an even number will produce a more interesting, and more visually pleasing composition.

In food photography, we’re often photographing a group of subjects, whether it’s cupcakes, pieces of fruit, several bowls of pasta or anything else, so it’s a rule that can be applied often.

Why The Rule Of Odds?

Your eye tends to naturally wander to the middle of a group, so using the rule of odds in your food photography, is a great, easy way to draw your viewers eye to exactly the part of the photo you want them to focus on.The fact that we are going away from our human nature is what makes this form of composition so special. What I mean is that humans have a natural tendency to organize things in even numbers. It’s just human nature. For example, if a group consists of two or four parts, our brain will attempt to divide them into two groups right away.

It can't be done with odd numbers, can it? When the elements of an image are placed according to the law of odds, the viewer's eye is able to move around the image more easily. As a result, the image has a greater sense of harmony. In some ways, that's what makes it special and attractive in itself.

Performing Rule of Odds:

This rule can be used in any kind of photography.  However, some photographic styles offer you more creative and very striking images. Let's look at some examples and how you can do it the way I just described.

How Many Subjects Do You Need for the Rule of Odds?

Let us understand that as the rule of odds says that there must be an odd number, but how true are these odd numbers? We'll try not to make it a very large odd number, not because you can't count them as odd or even,because we don't want to lose the odds rule points.

The arrangement of the vertices of 3 to 5 elements is more likely to attract the human mind. The easiest way to get started with the law of odds would be to get hold of the basic and simple things you find around you every day.  And also make sure the background is simple too, and once you have the background you can choose some objects, like pens, rocks, food, fruit,A stones, eggs etc, just make sure they are odd numbered .


There are many ways you can show your creativity and rule of odds through flowers, trees, and even animals.You can also use birds in the nest and much more.

Thank you very much for reading If you have any questions and queries ask in the comments section. Coming soon with another photography related topic.

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