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Are you #TECNOGramWorthy? 📸

Photography  |  2022-11-26 10:44 79265

Hey T Fans, 🔥

We consume a lot more architecture today through photographs than through actual, concrete spatial experiences because of our culture's obsession with images. Architectural photography has several benefits, including the ability to gain a visual comprehension of structures that one may never have the chance to see in person and the creation of a priceless resource that helps us broaden our understanding of architectural terms.  

The following advice aims to enhance not only the visual appeal of your architectural photography but also the narratives that may be conveyed by it, going beyond the specific photographs to convey how buildings relate to their environments, to space, and to time.

1️⃣ Shoot in a variety of weather conditions and times of day
When photographing architectural marvels, people frequently go for the most dramatic lighting, such as just after sunset when the shadows are long and the colors are vibrant. Although technique frequently yields incredibly evocative photographs, it only really captures the ambiance of the structure at one particular moment in time. A complete picture of the building's interaction with its surroundings can be created by taking a series of photos at various times of the day or even in varied weather conditions.

2️⃣ Prioritize good lighting
No of the situation, having adequate lighting should always be a top consideration while taking pictures. Excellent architectural lighting plays a significant role in defining one's idea of what is significant in that particular architectural project by helping to accentuate a space, a particular structure, or an ambiance.

3️⃣ Look for a unique angle
Playing with perspective may be incredibly rewarding in addition to being amusing. Finding a different perspective might reveal an underappreciated form or abstraction of a building's detail, which may lead to a newfound level of beauty and appreciation for its form.

4️⃣ Try not to objectify the building
Imagine your surprise upon entering a structure that you have only ever seen in photographs taken from that one favorable aspect. One of the worst mistakes architectural photography makes is objectifying a structure to the point where one can only see it from one perspective. Once more, Till sums it up beautifully: "It is less the inflated urban myth that architects plan buildings with a view to specific images of them, but rather that photography becomes the major source of reference for architecture." It is difficult but not impossible to attempt to capture the entire spatial environment of the building.

✅  Now get to it, guys; share your beautiful photographs with us and win amazing prizes. Today is the last day to participate.

TS-Photography Contest - _TECNOgramWorthy Reminder-AR.jpg

See you soon, folks.
Practice, explore, and most of all, enjoy!

💯 Please note to know all the rules of the contest please read our previous article - https://in-spot.tecno.com/in/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=130025&extra=

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