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Miska, Mouskaa, Mickey Mouse! 😻

Activities  |  2022-11-18 09:14 177169

Hey T fans, 🐭

Who is familiar with this tune? At some point, we all are! But why are we talking about this tune today? Is TECNO taking its members to Disneyland, or is it something else? Read ahead to find out about it.

🚂 The background to Mickey Mouse's creation is a well-known tale. Walt was riding the train home, feeling devastated after losing creative control of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, when he got an idea for a new star. He built an icon that we would all come to know and adore with the assistance of his artistic collaborator Ub Iwerks and apprentice Les Clark.

And that is how our favorite Mickey Mouse came to life. Mind blown, right?

Still don’t know why we are suddenly talking about Mickey Mouse. Well, because it's time for some birthday bells. Yes, you thought right. It's Mickey Mouse’s birthday today. Yayyyy!!


Wish Mickey a Happy birthday and tell us when is your birthday in the comment section. 💛

We would love to wish you as well just like Mickey. 🙌

Get to it, guys; Mickey is waiting for your wishes.
That’s all for today, guys; we will see you soon. Till then, stay safe and never let your inner child go. 👶

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