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Kitne Apps Hai? 🧐

Q&A  |  2022-11-15 12:45 186725

Hey TECNO Lovers, 💙

Happy Tuesday, everyone. We always switch between apps on our Mobile. Instagram, Snapchat, Phone Camera, Photo Gallery, Games, and so much more.

The core of your smartphone usage experience is made up of apps. While a small percentage of users still favor web pages over applications, the bulk of us use apps, especially on smartphones (maybe a poll for another day).


Nowadays, there is an app for everything. The list could go on and include apps for investing, ordering food, getting a massage, and more.

Some time back, smartphones had only 8GB of storage. You had to be selective about the apps you installed back then. Consequently, technology has evolved and improved. How many apps do you currently have loaded on your phone?

Let's count the number of apps on your phone using the steps below:

Apps & Notifications
“See all X apps”

Follow these easy steps, and tell us how many apps are installed on your TECNO phone at the moment; no cheating 😛

Start commenting, guys! and don’t forget to mention the TECNO Smartphone device name.

We will see you soon. Have a great day ahead.

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12 #

Ye T-point ka kya use hai.?  Team'
2022-11-16 10:06 Like(0)

11 #

Total 98 application ✌️
2022-11-16 10:04 Like(0)

10 #

2022-11-16 09:43 Like(0)

9 #

2022-11-15 20:29 Like(0)

8 #

only 55🤣✌️
2022-11-15 19:07 Like(1)

7 #

I'm using currently 112 apps in our Tecno device.
2022-11-15 17:15 Like(2)

6 #

techno apps
2022-11-15 15:30 Like(1)

5 #

148 apps
2022-11-15 15:28 Like(1)

4 #

26 only
2022-11-15 15:26 Like(1)



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