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Happy Children’s Day 👶👧🧒🎊

Activities  |  2022-11-14 15:42 115195

Hey, T-kids! 👶

It’s 14th November fans, the day to celebrate all the kids around us and within us.

Wishing all of you a very very happy BAAL DIWAS!

There are some things that we can’t buy, one of such things is our childhood.  

Remember the innocence and playfulness that you carried with you when you were a child and enjoy the spirit of the day. It is all about being joyful.

TS - EXTENDED TS-Children’s Day Contest - _BackToChildhood WA-PN.jpg

And on this note we have a happy surprise for all our fans, the #BackToChildhood Contest is extended by one more day. 🤗

So if you wish to participate check out all our previous articles:

Make sure that you drop in your entries for all the above only then you will be eligible to be considered for final evaluation. 💯

3 Exciting TECNO Goodies are waiting for you. 🎁

Please note if you are not able to access these links on your mobile device, we would request you to open them from your computer. 🙌

Hurry up fans and get on with sharing your exciting childhood experience with us. The last entry day and time is 14th November 2022, 11:59 pm. 🔥

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7 #

Happy Children's Day To All T-Fans And TECNO Spot Official Team Members 🤩🤩

Done All Step Wish To Win 🙌

2022-11-14 23:23 Like(3)

6 #

Happy Children's day
2022-11-14 18:13 Like(2)

5 #

Participated in all of them.
Happy Children's Day
2022-11-14 17:28 Like(2)

4 #

happy children's day to all  already participated ❤️❤️
2022-11-14 16:14 Like(3)

3 #

done team 👍

Happy Childrens Day 🎉
2022-11-14 16:04 Like(2)

2 #

Done ✅ team'
2022-11-14 15:47 Like(2)



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