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#BackToChilhood - Happy Kindness Day! 😇

Activities  |  2022-11-13 08:28 19508

Hey TECNO Lovers, 💙

Always be kind; you never know what the other person is going through!!

An old saying but the right one. Today, on kindness day, we want all of you to go back to your childhood and jog your memory.

_BackToChildhood - World Kindness Day.jpg

Tell us a kindness act you did in school with teachers, friends, family or strangers that made you feel proud of yourself. 🤗

Some examples are mentioned in the pic to help you kick start the process to remember the old days.🙌

Tell us in the comments and recall that moment again. And for the first time, let's complement each other by appreciating other T fans' story tales. 🔥

Let’s get to it, guys. We will see you soon. Till then have a great day ahead.

Please Note: This is the last activity of the CHildren’s Day Contest. Today will be the 🙂 LAST DAY OF THE CONTEST 🙂. Hurry and participate now to stand a chance to win exciting prizes. 🎁

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Sumit Verma 3 #

I remember once we were playing cricket with our friends in the field outside the village, suddenly a man's bike slipped and fell, and he got hurt, we all picked him him and his belongings were scattered  He picked it up and we asked for water but he refused and went away, later while playing I got a mobile on the same, and I took it and gave it to Papa Papa called him and returned the mobile, and then he said  Thank you.
2022-11-13 15:26 Like(5)

2 #

Once i was coming from my home , and i met a Stranger in a very bad condition his clothes were totally torn and he was asking for water. so i gave him food, water & money . I have a conversation with him , where he tell his name and share his lif journey and problems with me
2022-11-13 14:03 Like(4)



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