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Connect The Dots & Map Your Route! 🚏📍

Activities  |  2022-11-12 11:19 126526

Hey T fans, 🔴-⚪️-🔵

Children’s day is just a day away, How is the contest so far going for you!

Now that you guys have so many things from your childhood, let’s take it up a notch and built our own map. The game is called reverse scavenger hunt.

It's time to join the puzzle and create a path that works for yourself.  🧐


How do you do it? Find it out here.

Join all the pieces correctly by either cutting them out or naming them.🤓

If you join the cut out pieces it will be much easier to draw your route from home to school to the playground. But if you are naming them then you can mention the route as well in the comments by simply numbering it as well.

A sample of the first way is attached as the first comment below. 🤗

Now it's your turn, guys, to create your map and share your childhood path for all these locations marked in the picture. Submit your entries  in the comments below. 🙌

And stand a chance to be the winner of #BackToChildhood Contest. Exciting TECNO Goodies are waiting for you. 🎁

That’s all for today, guys; we will see you soon. Have a great weekend ahead.

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