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🥁 Tecno Festive CARnival Bumper Winners are here! 🥁

Festivities  |  2022-11-3 13:45 217845

Hey, T fans, 🤩

Today is the big day guys, the final winner for the biggest bumper reward that is the CAR will be revealed today. Excited?

Before the big name, we would like to thank all our participants for their active contribution in the TECNO Festive CARnival.

Now the time of truth!


Congratulations to SUDHIR KUMAR FROM NEW DELHI FOR WINNING A BRAND NEW CAR and getting the top gem of the TECNO Festive CARnival.


And a big round of applause to RAKHAL KHAMARI FROM WEST BENGAL & PRADEEP BADRI LAL FROM MADHYA PRADESH for winning the last two bumper bikes of the exclusive CARnival that we had planned for all our TECNO family members.

Many party treats are due from all our winners, right Fam! 😛

On this note guys the CARnival weekly lucky draws have come to an end but the updates for post CARnival events will be shared soon.

That’s all for today guys, send in your congratulations for our winners in the comments below.

We will be back with many more amazing activities.

Till then, stay amazing and #StopAtNothing.

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golu bariwa 20 #

2022-12-6 20:02 Like(1)
  • : Hello how can we help you?

    2022-12-7 23:07

golu bariwa 19 #

hii hello
2022-12-6 19:52 Like(1)

18 #

congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
2022-11-6 06:14 Like(2)

17 #

congratulations to all winners 🎉🎉
2022-11-4 09:55 Like(3)

16 #

2022-11-4 09:29 Like(3)

15 #

2022-11-4 06:38 Like(3)

14 #

hi my naam is siraj sayyed
2022-11-4 06:26 Like(4)
  • : Hello how can we help you?

    2022-11-11 17:37

13 #

Congrats to all winners
2022-11-4 04:22 Like(3)

12 #

Big Congratulations All Winner 🏆

Tecno Company You are Best All product and i love Tecno

2022-11-3 22:04 Like(4)



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