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It’s Giveaway Time - TECNO Festival CARnival 🪔

Festivities  |  2022-9-25 10:33 82347

Hellooo, T Fanistas, 🤩

Make some noise with all that is happening this week! Share emoji, messages and good vibes because our CARnival is just starting.

Now that the big secret is out about the major TECNO Festive CARnival, we are now heading towards sharing an inside story on the one thing you all have been asking around.

The festivities belong to you and are designed specially for you TECNO fam! Now, now, read ahead to know the prizes that are up for grabs.


Well we have three kinds of very exciting new TECNO prizes and that too truck load to win in the lucky draw during this one whole month till the end of October 2022.

1️⃣ Firstly, you have the most TECNO Goodies and they are all many new things that you would like to own for yourself to show off to your friends.

2️⃣ Secondly, this one is obvious, you have a lot of TECNO Smartphones that you can win after you buy a TECNO Smartphone either from amazon or from your retail stores! Get not one but two or maybe three or……. Ya ya fans you are reading it right. There is a chance to win multiple gifts just by buying one new TECNO smartphone.

3️⃣ And lastly, but wait for it, the biggest prizes are the bumper rewards. Our picture with this article is speaking all about it. For most of you who were asking how to win it?

Check our previous article for the entire process of registration: https://in-spot.tecno.com/in/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=128364&extra=

Wow guys, so many gifts!!!

No, no, not already hear us out first; there is more to this party right now.

This just made your Sunday, right? We just cannot contain our excitement. So go ahead, buy your TECNO device, register for the giveaway and win amazing and exciting prizes don’t forget to tell us how excited you are about the giveaway in the comment section.

We will see you next time, guys; happy Sunday, fam, jam!! ☘️

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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it is amazing💕😍
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I love tecno brand ❤❤❤❤
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