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[Tips & Tricks] "learn about these hacks before photography "

Photography  |  2022-9-22 13:56 01304

Hello dear friends… Your welcome

    For people, photography is more a hobby than a means of earning. But if this hobby of yours becomes your means of earning then what to say. This is a very strange hobby. Once it is applied, then understand that it does not leave. Then no matter where you go in any street, everything seems to be a photo object. You want to be able to click that thing with the best angle.
     If we talk about the camera for photography, is it necessary to have heavy expensive cameras and lenses for photography?
    The answer is absolutely no..! If we know the basics of photography well then there is no need for any heavy fancy camera. I myself click almost all my photos with tecno mobile. And Tecno is living up to my expectations day by day (features and camera matters). If you want to become a best photographer then you should know about photography…

1. Learn to hold the camera properly..
        It may sound a bit strange, but many new photographers do not hold their camera correctly, which causes camera shake and blurred images. Tripods are the best way to prevent camera shake, so it's important to hold your camera properly to avoid camera shake during photography.
     Although all this gradually comes on its own, before you finally develop your own way of holding the camera, it is important that you always hold your camera with both hands. The closer you hold the camera to your body, the more accurately you will be able to hold it. If you need extra stability, you can take a shaw by bending your knees.

2. Start shooting in RAW…
     RAW is a file format like jpeg, it captures all the image data recorded by your camera sensor instead of compressing it. When you click a photo in RAW, you will not only get high quality images but you will also have more control in post processing. For example, you'll be able to fix problems with photos, such as overexposure, underexposure, or setting color temp, white balance, and contrast with ease.
     One negative side of clicking in raw format is that the size of the image file becomes more, which makes it fill up the memory more quickly. Additionally, RAW images always require some post processing, so you'll need to invest in photo editing software. Although nowadays almost no one posts the photo without editing it. Overall shooting in RAW can change your image quality amazingly, so if you have the time and space, it's definitely worth giving it a try.

3. Understand the Exposure Triangle.....
   Although it may seem a bit difficult at first for beginners, it is the most important aspect of photography. The three most important elements of the exposure triangle are; ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. When you're shooting in manual mode, you'll need to be able to balance all three to get sharp, well-lit images.

4. Best for wide aperture portraits
     When you click a human or an animal, your subject should be the main focus of the image and the best way to achieve this is to use a wide aperture. This will keep your subject sharp, while blurring out any disturbance in the background.
      Keep in mind that the lowest f/number means the widest aperture and the wider the aperture, the better the effect. Some lenses can go below f/1.2, but can click good photos even at an aperture of f/5.6. If you don't want to tinker with the aperture, switch to (Av or A) mode in your camera and try to take a few shots with different apertures.

5.Narrow aperture is best for landscape
     Landscape images require a different approach, as everything from rocks to large mountains in front of you must be in sharp focus. So when you shoot landscapes you want everything to be in focus. You can click in Av or A mode without worrying about shutter speed.

6.Learn to Adjust the White Valence…..
       White valance can help you capture color more accurately. Different types of lighting have different characteristics, so if you don't adjust the white valence, the colors in your photography may be slightly blue, orange, or green, or on temp.

6. Learn to Use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes..
           Aperture Priority mode lets you select the aperture you want to have and then the camera adjusts the shutter speed accordingly. For example, if you're clicking an image and want to blur the background, you can just select a wide aperture and the camera will do the rest automatically.

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