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[Winner Announcement] Ganesh Chaturthi Art Contest 🎁

Festivities  |  2022-9-6 13:57 16489

Hey, T-Artists!  😃

How is your Ganesh Chaturthi celebration and visarjan going?  We sure are having an amazing time seeing so many of you participate in our first time ever art contest.

We did not know that we have many talented kalakaar in the house. Inspired by all our participants and your fabulous artwork.  Thank you for sharing them with us.

And now without any further ado, let’s see who among the T-Artists participants topped the contest!

TS - Ganesh Chaturthi winners-AR.jpg

Congratulations TECNO-Fan, Lucky Kumar & Krish_88. You have impressed us with your artistic entry. You have won a TECNO goodie each. Please email us your address to send your reward.

Email ID: tecnomobileindia.spot@gmail.com (If you have previously shared it, then no need to reshare if the address is the same)

Here is the amazing art work of our winners.




And don’t forget to participate in our ongoing Teacher’s Day Contest.

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11 #

2022-9-7 11:28 Like(3)

10 #

unfortunately i missed this contest. hoping to see more creative contests like this. congratulations winners🎉
2022-9-7 10:06 Like(4)
  • : participate in ongoing contest.. masti ki pathshala.

    2022-9-7 11:58

9 #

I'm So Grateful To Win Ganesh Chaturthi Art Contest .

Thanku You

@TECNO SPOT India For Selecting My Ganesh Chaturthi Art Entry Post.


And Congratulations to All My Friends

2022-9-7 01:00 Like(4)

8 #

congratulations  😍
2022-9-6 22:05 Like(2)

7 #

Congratulations 🎊
mere mitron 😇
thanks Team'❣️
2022-9-6 20:55 Like(2)

6 #

Thanks dear Official team. Congratulations to all the co-winners
2022-9-6 19:34 Like(2)

5 #

congratulations all winners 👏👏🏆🏆🏆
2022-9-6 16:36 Like(2)

511125720 4 #

my skin demo warranty for 13manth
2022-9-6 15:32 Like(1)
  • : This contest has ended but we do keep coming with new ones every alternate days. so stay tuned for the next one.

    2022-9-6 18:09

  • 33953331 : how can I participated

    2022-9-6 15:34

3 #

can I participate
2022-9-6 15:02 Like(1)
  • : This contest has ended but we have many more to come in the next few days. Stay tuned.

    2022-9-6 18:10



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