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[Tips & Tricks] Understanding rule of third in photography!

Photography  |  2022-8-30 23:48 0318

Hi friends!

"Rule of thirds" also known as ``Rule of thumb" is the way of composing frames in photography. With the help of which you can present your photography with more beauty. The Rule of Thirds is divided into 9 equal squares with the help of 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines, which you can see in the grid below. In this, you have to place your main element in any dividing line or cut point, which attracts the attention of your viewer to the center shown by you.


The rule of thirds in photography is not a set rule, it is just a guideline, which is not mandatory to use. It cannot even be said that if you are not using it, then you are violating any act. With the help of some examples, you will be able to understand how integral the Rule of thirds plays in your photography.


Rule of thirds is being used not from today but since when photography did not even originate. It was first used in painting, where the painter found that instead of keeping the object in the center, if placed slightly to the right, left or off-center from its place, then its beauty becomes more refined and beautiful. And the picture becomes more interesting and pleasing to the eye than before.

images (1).jpeg

As you have seen, the Rule of Thirds plays an important and strong role in composing any picture or image. You have seen that if we place a particular main object on a line or its intersection point of the grid, you can follow this rule to get an interesting and attractive picture.

How to use the Rule of thirds in photography?

It's not always possible to divide it into nine parts of a grid by following the rule of thirds, so you should always keep in mind while taking a picture, the main object should be off-center. You should turn on the grid option from your camera's settings so that you already know where to point your main object by following the rule of thirds.

Sometimes it is not possible to follow these rules. And sometimes it happens that because of these rules, we fail to get some special moments. To avoid such problems, you should always leave some extra space when creating your frame, by doing this you can bring your pictures under the rule even during post processing.

images (2).jpeg

Remember, it is not a set rule that you have to use them. The photographer is also an artist, he knows what to show in his picture, with the help of rule of thirds, you can enhance your composition even more. Just as our everyday life is surrounded by laws, photography is also based on rules, it helps you to make a frame perfect.

How to enable grid line in TECNO Phone to follow the rule of third:

1.Open camera

2.Click on setting icon on upper right hand corner

3 You will get a grid option click to enable it.


I have tried to tell you in simple language what the rule of thirds is and how we can use it to enhance the beauty of pictures.
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