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[Winner Announcement] Kaun Banega Champion 😎

Festivities  |  2022-8-18 13:12 153983

Hey, T-patriots!

How was your Independence day long weekend? We sure did have an amazing time seeing so many of you participate in our KBC Contest.

Many of you made us proud by giving all the correct answers. Before we announce the winners let us tell you what the right answers are:

Q1 Who wrote the national anthem of India?
A1 Rabindranath Tagore

Q2 The official Independence Day celebration by the Indian government takes place at?
A2 Red Fort

Q3 What is the national motto of India?
A3 Satyameva Jayate

Q4 What is the exact colour of the Indian Flag?
A4 Deep Saffron, White, Dark Green

And now without any further ado, let’s see who among the participants won the contest!

TS - Independence Day Quiz Winner - AR.jpg

Congratulations “prince084” for being the champion of the first KBC. 🥳

You have won a TECNO goodie. Please email us your address to send your reward.

And don’t forget to participate in our ongoing World Photography Contest

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Congratulations @prince084
Enjoy your Day and Please Share your Tecno Hamper Gift 🎁 Under the Topic #MyTecnoGift

Thanks for the Provide Amazing Contest
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congratulations 🎉🎉
2022-8-18 20:18 Like(2)

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congratulations bro
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Congratulations dear
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    2022-8-30 17:12

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Thank You So much dear Team !
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Congratulations 🎇 Brother
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congratulations 🎉
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