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What is a Day Without Friends? 👯

Festivities  |  2022-8-5 10:38 214941

Hey T Friends,

Friendship day is just around the corner, and we all can agree that a day without friends is a day wasted. And this brings us to the task of the day.

TS - Friendship Day - AR - 3.jpg

Today, all you have to do is use your imagination, think outside the box and fill in the blank mentioned below.

“A day without my sacha friend is like_____”

Tell us your answers in the comments, and let us see the most amazing, funniest and adorable answers. And while you are at it, don’t forget to tag that sacha dost that you cannot go without talking for a single day.

Stay tuned for more upcoming tasks, and don’t forget to join us for more exciting events planned here at the TECNO Spot community.

Till then, #StopAtNothing fam, see you next time.

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4 #

A day without my sacha friend is like my bank account without any money.  Join Rahul Tiwari
2022-8-5 22:40 Like(2)

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suchita khushbu tooba abhi aman sushil sneha
2022-8-5 13:42 Like(1)

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2022-8-5 13:24 Like(1)



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