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Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge! 👯

Festivities  |  2022-8-3 16:02 0529

Hey T Friends, 🤗

Bollywood is famous for its iconic friendships, from Jai and Veeru, Rahul and Anjali; Akash, Sameer or Sidharth to Aditi and Jay, letting us imagine the perfect lives with our best friends.

And their iconic dialogues - “Tu hai to I’ll be alright” to suna hi hoga, right?

Friends are the people who never let go of our hands in happiness or sorrow. Most of the time, their presence makes everything so much better; boasting about our achievements never felt better in front of them, and getting hyped from them after ticking off items on our bucket lists cannot be compared to anything else; right?

Haha, we are sure you guys are already on the nostalgic path, but hold on, fam; before you call up your BFFs, don’t forget about the contest.

So, are you ready for TASK 2?

TS - Friendship Day 2- AR_.jpg

Part 1: While we all love binge-watching epic friendship movies, how many of you can actually tell us the name of the movie from which this dialogue was said?

Share your guess in the comments, and let's see who all can guess with the hint in the picture above.

Part 2: No, no, guys, don’t go to the comments section already! This is way too simple for our lovely Bollywood fans. Along with your guess, tell us one offbeat moment you and your friend experienced in the comments.

And get one step closer to becoming the selected winners of our contest. What are you waiting for? Tell us your guesses and the moment now, and don’t forget to add your best friend(s) to our community. 💛
- We will share 4 TASKS this week
- Participate in all 4
- Answer all 4 correctly to stand a chance to win


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9 #

Vaha dekha ki baki sab dost bahar hi baithe the sirf hum do ki vajah se.... uss din dosti ka matalab samaj aaya tha! Aur vo din mein kabhi nhi bhul sakta agar vo sab ander chale jate to phir hame exam centre mein ghusne bhi nahi dete....
Isiliye kehte hain life aise dost ka hona bohot jaruri hai jo tumhare liye liye pure Board Exam ko hi rok de such..vo din bhi kya din the..😇🤩

#FriendshipDay #Tecno #StopAtNothing
My Friends- @ta_run @Tecno-Fan @Aashif
      @Mahesh_Bhai @Aslam02 @Manish 02
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8 #

Hi 👋 Spot Team'& Friend's
           Happy Friendship Day ❤️ To @ll
Mera Jawab "B'  Dosti Pyar Hai...📍
  Yeh baat mere school time ki hai jab hamare Board Exam Chl rahe the board exam ka pahela din to thik chala gya aache se exam diya phir park mein sabne thodi der baat karke sab apne apne ghar chale gye lekin 2 din baad ek or exam tha exam ka time morning 9 baje tha .. or let ho gya mein or mera dost dono ek hi bike pe jate the vah bhi let ho gya hum jaldi se bike chala ke centre pahuc
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Tecno-Fan 7 #

Hello T-Fans And TECNO Spot Team

Here Is My Entry ⛔

𝘼𝙣𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙧 - 𝘽 𝙋𝙮𝙖𝙖𝙧 𝘿𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙞 𝙃𝙖𝙞

Special Moments With Friend (Yaari Dosti Wala Pyaar)

Ek Saccha Dost Wahi Hota Hai Jo Aapka Hamesha Saath Rahe Or Har Pareshani Mai Khada Rahe .

Let's Go Some old Special Moments Story With My friend

Mujhe Yaad Hai -
Mai Or Mera  Dost Hum Police ka Physical Dene Jane Wale The,  But Us Time Mere  Leg 🦵 Moch Aayi Hui Thi and  Doctor, family Sabne bola Beta Tum Rest Karo Lekin main  Nhi mana Or Main Apne Mom Dad Ka Aashirvaad leke  Physical Dene Ke Liye Apne Dost Ke Saath Nikal Gaya,  Or Jis Dost Ke Saath gaya wo mera Bhut Accha Dost hai Aaj Bhi Or Usne meri har Jagah Help Ki Safar mai, Isse mera Josh Or Bad Gaya Or Maine Than Liya ki Nahi Ab To Mujhe Physical Paas karke he jana hai.

Jab Hum Centre Phuch Gaye Or Waha Rent par room liya night Aaram karne ke liye Fir Mere dost ne meri leg main Moch Ki  malish ki ,  Or Market se Fruit 🍓 And Milk 🥛 Laya  Ye Daikh kar mujhe Bhut Khushi Hui Aaj ke Jamane mai bhi aisa Dost mila hai mujhe 👬.
Fir hum Morning Mai Uth ke Apne Center Phuch Gaye or Physical mai hissa liya mere Dost ne First Race Clear ki time mai or Main Last Time Ke under Race Clear ki because mere leg 🦵 mai moch thi  ye Daikh kar mai or mera Dost bhut happy Hue Hum dono physical clear kar liya 😇 Fir Hum Ghar Lot te Time Party and Full Enjoyment 🥳🎉 Karte Aaye. Fir Ghar Phuch Kar Humare Family wale bhi  Sab Happy Hue.
This is My Special Moments Story With My friend 💓
I hope you like My Special Moments Story (Yaari Dosti Wala Pyaar) Pasand Aaya Hoga.

@Krish_88 and @kumar_23 My friends,  Join This Amazing Contest. Let's Win Together🕺🤩
Biggest Wish To Win. Me (Tecno-Fan) ,Krish_88 and Kumar_23 This Wonderful Contest 🙌🤩🕺😊

@TecnoSpotIN , @TecnoSpotINDIA , @TIA


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  • : Really the best inspiring story that we have heard this friendship day. It has made our celebration more fruitful. 💙

    2022-8-7 21:44

5 #

@aryanjain join me in this wonderful contest
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4 #

Answer - B

Best moment- when we are together then we forget everything else , this is what friendship is which makes you feel like someone is thier with you who will always support you in any circumstances. we play together, we watch movies together, we hang out together. Thier is a very special bond between us.
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3 #

Answer :- B ✔️

best moment - It’s totally normal if you like to snuggle with your bestie. You can snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie, or even cuddle in bed if one of you has had a bad day. that day comes in my school life and friends winding up me 🙋

@santanu @tecno-fan @vermaji
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2 #

Answer: B. Pyaar Dosti hai.

Offbeat moment with friend:  Once in my college life, I would teach a girl student English, my friend also taught her Mathematics but on different days. I couldn't even know how he fell in love with her. Even her parents were amazed when they came to know it. They loved both of us very much. But after this news, they started ignoring my friend, but still loved me. My friend stopped teaching her. He took all information from me. But she refused him. Join @Tech-Fun
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