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It's Dosti Week!!! 👯

Festivities  |  2022-8-2 15:44 319335

Hey T-Friends, 🤗

We all can agree that our entire year revolves around our friends, from night outs to new beginnings to being there for each other for life. Hence celebrating a day for our best buds is just not enough.

Let's make this a week filled with celebrations so sp-e-cial because our best friends deserve it, and while we hit the nostalgic road of buying so many friendship bands to hang with them for the entire day, let's all agree our friends are all ears for our endless conversations and never give up on us. Obviously, they are our best friends for all the right reasons, right?

Ah, missing your friends already? While we wait for the weekend to catch up, let us all get into the mood of friendship’s day with the first contest of this month.

TS - Friendship Day - AR.jpg

Okay, while writing this, my best friend for sure crossed my mind, and I am sure while you are reading this, your closest friend came to your mind.


- We will share 4 TASKS this week
- Participate in all 4
- Answer all 4 correctly to stand a chance to win

So, what are you waiting for?

Here is the first and most simple TASK 1.

Who is your best friend? Mention their name in the comment section and stand a chance to win TECNO goodies for you and your friend.

And don’t forget to invite them to join the TECNO Spot community if they haven’t already because while they are your partner in crime, make them your partner here also.

Get to it, fam; mention the name of your bestfriend(s) now!! 💛

Until next time guys, stay safe and excited for this year’s Friendship’s day!!

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