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[Reminder] Explore the Unexplored TECNO Device! ⏰

The Beta Testing Programme  |  2022-7-29 11:53 194151

TS - Global Test - AR.jpg

Hey TECNO Fans,

Great response from so many fans so far! If you have not yet participated in our activity, read ahead to know more about it.

TECNO is soon launching a new device where we need T-Fans to volunteer, test and experience the device before launching it for the world.

This is your chance to get your hands on the TECNO device, explore it and share your experienced information before anyone else. Sounds interesting? Know how you can be a part of this amazing activity.
  • Trial Periods: 7 - 8 Months
  • Users need to use the device as the main device
  • Minimum duration to use phone each day - 4 hours
  • You will have to find bugs and issues
  • Users also have to fill out questionnaires with the right and true information
  • The suitable current phone preference is of $300

Registration Process
  • Visit Transsion User Trial and  fill out the form
  • Qualified candidates will be notified on the phone

TECNO is looking for 13 T-Spot Fans, and the qualified candidates will get points from the global Trassion fans community by submitting bugs, meeting the standard of using time, and filling in the questionnaire. Finally, fans who get the top 80% of the accumulated points can receive a trial phone as a reward.

Sounds exciting right? What are you waiting for Fam? Hurry & register now, get the chance to win points and a trial phone as a reward. The registration will close on 31.07.22!! So, make sure you do not miss this amazing opportunity!!

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Roman Verma 10 #

Do those people ,who have participated in the previous Fans Trial also need to re-register?@tecnospotin
2022-7-29 21:09 Like(2)
  • : Not not required to register again, if you have already registered.

    2022-8-7 19:20

AjijulhoqueAj12 9 #

2022-7-29 18:09 Like(1)

AjijulhoqueAj12 8 #

I'm joining
2022-7-29 18:08 Like(1)
  • TECNO SPOT IN : Great to see you participate in this program. 😊

    2022-8-7 19:19

Tecno-Fan 7 #

DONE ✅ TECNO Team , And I'm super Duper Excited 🕺🤩
Thanks for This Great opportunity
2022-7-29 16:02 Like(2)
  • : Great to see you participate in this program. 😊

    2022-8-7 19:19

39293eff 6 #

plz solve this Querrey that hi account is very difficult matter for me so slove
2022-7-29 15:13 Like(1)
  • : Hello, please share your query in detail for us to help you with the best solution.

    2022-8-7 19:17

39293eff 5 #

just learning after some time my experience with techno
2022-7-29 15:12 Like(1)

66996349 4 #

phantom x me android 12 ka update kab aa rha
2022-7-29 14:25 Like(1)
  • TECNO SPOT IN : Hi, You will receive a notification when the next update is rolled out.

    2022-8-7 19:18

7830e742 3 #

good tecno
2022-7-29 14:24 Like(1)
  • : Thank you ☺️

    2022-8-7 19:14

kumar_23 2 #

Already Done Team'✅
2022-7-29 12:10 Like(4)
  • : great 😃👍

    2022-8-7 19:15



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