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How many pictures did you click today!! 📸

Photography  |  2022-6-29 11:05 187985


Many many wishes T Fans,  🤩

The most loved feature of our phone is the camera, right? Always ready to click outstanding pictures, selfies and capture the moment on the go. Well, you are not alone. We are in this together! On this camera day, we bring to you some amazing TECNO camera features to make sure that you are using your camera to its full efficiency.

But before we dive into the details, let us tell you the history behind camera day. A hundred years ago, when the first camera was discovered, people were amazed at this invention. With the years of evolution, the pictures on paper have transformed into digital images. On June 29 every year, this day is dedicated to camera lovers as National Camera Day.

Your TECNO phones are equipped with incredible features to make you stand out from the crowd. Here are the different modes of TECNO phone cameras to take a look at:
Want to click a selfie without tapping? - AI CAM Mode
If you are also one of those users that absolutely wish for your camera to be intelligent enough to click your selfie by detecting your smile, then this mode is specifically made for you. Turn on your AI Cam mode and enjoy capturing some splendid shots.
Want to blur out the background? - Portrait Mode
If you want to have all the attention and the surrounding blurred out, then portrait mode is the right choice for you. Enjoy all the focus on you every moment with this mode.
Want to click clear night pictures?- Super Night Mode
Going for a night party or a night camp? Super night mode is perfect for your night shots. This is the time to stun everyone even with a low-light scene. Even the darkest of the shots are captured sharply to keep everyone wanting for that amazing pic clicked in the middle of the night.
Magic Pixel Mode
Add magic to your shots and make your friends and family go gaga over those pictures. Swish and flick to magic pixel mode and see the magic happening to your pictures. A mode from our CAMON series that will help all aspiring photographers.

Yes, Yes! We heard you. We have something for everyone! For our triple camera users, go ahead by experimenting with Telephoto Style- for distant scenes, the ultra-wide style, or for complete landscape scenes. And not only these, here are some basic tips to get the best mobile shots:

Tips & Tricks to take better photos

- Clean the lens for a crystal clear finish
- Set the focus to get a sharpness to your subject
- Adjust exposure for perfect brightness
- Keep your phone steady
- Use HDR for evenly lit shots
- In dark keep the phone on a flat surface for a steady shot
- For capturing multiple shots, hold the camera button for few seconds and get burst of images
- To capture the 180 degree to 360 degree shot panorama is the best

Who would have thought that such amazing camera modes can make your pictures perfect? Well, TECNO did and is super excited to share all these amazing features and tricks to let its users take some breathtaking pictures.

So, TECNO lovers, tell us which feature you enjoy the most in the comment section. And yes, don’t forget to share this article with your camera-centric friends and wish them happy camera day, from us too.  📣

Until next time, till then #StopAtNothing!

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Roman Verma 5 #

2022-6-29 14:16 Like(1)
  • : @me bisakto chele

    2022-9-2 16:01

Roman Verma 4 #

I have clicked a lots of pic today with our friends in college because of last day college 😓😓❣️❣️
2022-6-29 14:16 Like(3)

Sumit Verma 3 #

2022-6-29 12:41 Like(1)
  • : batao sir tecno pova 5G me Android 12 kab la rahe ho??

    2022-9-28 21:02


    2022-7-2 18:55

Satyavan 2 #

Happy camera day 🤳📸
2022-6-29 11:26 Like(2)
  • :

    2022-8-17 18:12

  • TECNO SPOT IN : Thank you for the wishes and same to you, Satyavan. 😃

    2022-7-2 18:55



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