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Enjoy Multitasking with TECNO! 📲

Activities  |  2022-6-18 09:48 06325

Hey TECNO lovers, 🌻

Did you catch the second clue, or are you still unsure? I bet this is a lot of fun. I can't wait to see who predicted it correctly!

Okay, if you're still trying to guess, I'll make it simple for you and give you another tip. But bear with me; it is a jam-packed day.

Your third hint is as follows: if you're like me and having a crazy busy day starting from stopping the alarm and getting up early, to doing all the morning routine quickly so that we can get a head start at work. Then High-Fi to all of you!

As it is a full packed schedule today with tonnes of daily tasks, I will need to rely on my new partner TECNO's latest gadget for coordination, regular calls, email communication, and all sorts of work things.

And I know when the day is finally over, and I have time to check Instagram and Spot; Voila, my cell will still have power.

2 Days - AR.jpg

Do you know which latest device am I talking about? In the comments section, share your best guess, and don't forget to watch the big TECNO announcement in just two days! 💡

Happy multitasking everyone, and don’t forget to #StopAtNothing!

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Roman Verma 4 #

very nice


2022-6-18 17:27 Like(2)
  • TIA : Thanks, Roman I like your energy 👌

    2022-6-20 13:07

Satyavan 3 #

wow amazing feature🔥
2022-6-18 11:19 Like(3)
  • TIA : Thank you Satyavan. Good to know you get my vibe. 👍

    2022-6-20 13:09

Sumit Verma 2 #

That's great 👍
2022-6-18 10:17 Like(1)
  • TIA : Thanks, Sumit 🤓

    2022-6-20 13:10


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