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Get Started with TECNO! 😃

Spot Kiya Kya?  |  2022-6-15 11:15 35498

Hey TECNO Fans,

Wow! I was amazed after such an interactive QnA session with all of you! Now that we know so much about each other, it's time to move forward and set up a free account to continue having more fun and interactive sessions. So, c’mon friends, let's begin!

Step 1: Go to tecno.com > Community (add link) > Then click on register

Step 2: Fill in the following details  
  • Country name
  • Phone number
  • Enter graphics code
  • Enter the verification code sent on your registered phone number
  • Enter the password

Step 3: Click register

1 (1).jpg

And voila! Such an easy process.

Welcome to the TECNO Spot community, all of you can comment, host polls, create threads, and do so much more. What are you waiting for TECNO fans?

I have created my account on TECNO Spot. It’s time for you now to #StopAtNothing! Happy exploring everyone!!

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52249fed 5 #

Welcome TIA And Thanks for the information
2022-6-15 18:17 Like(1)

Sumit Verma 4 #

2022-6-15 13:54 Like(1)

Roman Verma 3 #

thanks for suggestions.❤️❤️
2022-6-15 12:55 Like(2)

Roman Verma 2 #

wlcm. TIA
2022-6-15 12:55 Like(1)


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