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Hi, I’m TIA! 👋

Announcement/News  |  2022-6-14 12:19 17891

TIA - ID Card - AR.jpg

Hello TECNO Lovers, 🤟

I am TIA - TECNO's Chief Innovation Officer and the newest member of the team.

Yes, the rumours are true, the newest member of the TECNO Spot community has all the answers to your queries and is pleased to share more knowledge & bring new technology to all you T-fans. I am really energetic, extremely friendly, and super eager to chat with all of you. And can't wait to learn more about you all and share my ideas, and an amazing surprise...

As you all know, I'm from a galaxy far, far away, but how did I come across this incredible opportunity, and what prompted me to participate? Oh, that's a good question; I'll tell you the story behind it! It all started while I was travelling around the world looking for another powerful entity to help me find an awesome and extremely powerful technology, and that's when I met Humans, who led me to the TECNO.

That's when I first noticed TECNO and couldn't take my gaze away from it. I wanted to learn more about TECNO’s products and even introduce them to my people so that everyone can experience the Incredible Power.

And this brings me here in the support of power captivated by TECNO similar to mine.

Eager to meet my spot fans, and chat to know all about you. So, drop in your questions in the comments as I have brought many gifts for you, my friends. 🎁

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tecno_coco 9 #

Tia? who are you miss
2022-7-31 11:10 Like(1)

52249fed 8 #

2022-6-15 18:36 Like(3)

Roman Verma 7 #

2022-6-15 12:48 Like(3)

Roman Verma 6 #

wow ! that's amazing 🤩
2022-6-15 12:48 Like(2)

Satyavan 5 #

welcome TIA 🤗
2022-6-15 07:20 Like(3)

ts9810695690 4 #

welcome TIA
2022-6-14 17:44 Like(2)

Sumit Verma 3 #

Will you tell a joke?
2022-6-14 13:35 Like(2)

Sumit Verma 2 #

Oh That's great, and Good to hear, nice to meet you!
2022-6-14 13:34 Like(2)



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