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Exciting News for All-The Android Users!

Tech News  |  2022-4-1 10:17 GM1901 1732348

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Hey T-Fans,
Don't you get irritated or embarrassed by the notifications flashing like storage is almost full, with no space left to download more data? If yes,  worry not as we have super exciting news for all android users. Soon android smartphones will support a killer storage-saving trick. For users who are into heavy usage or into mobile gaming, every gigabyte of storage is crucial for them.
Till now, the only option for android users to create space in their smartphones was to uninstall the less frequently used apps or clear the stored user data. But, soon this issue will end. Google is working on Archived APKs that will allow the users to free up to 60 percent of the storage space taken up by an app on their smartphones.
Storage saving will be an opt-in feature which means that the developers can now choose to enable the app archiving system. This feature will be rolled out for Android smartphone users later this year, most likely as part of the Android 13 update.
Are you all excited to have more space? This feature will bring a huge change in the life of android users and will make their life much easier!
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yes... ❤️
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India ka number 1brand Tecno phone
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beautiful phone
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