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Review of Spark 8

SPARK 8  |  2021-12-30 09:00 V2132 161696

Hi T-Fans,
Everyone needs a smartphone but while choosing a smartphone, we continuously think but we couldn't get clarity and finally end up buying a silly smartphone. Am I right?

While buying a phone, definitely you might have these questions revolving in your brain.

1) Which phone is suitable for me?
2) Which brand is best?
3) What are the features I need?
4) Whether my required features are there in the chosen phone or not
5) After choosing a smartphone, is this profitable to me Or not?

Guys, I am giving a review of "Spark 8T" after experiencing it. Definitely, you all will get clarity, regarding those questions which I mentioned above. Friends, I am the one who uses Spark 8 and I am also a user like you all. I too also get confused to get the answers to those questions, but after using Spark 8 I got all answers for those questions. Since I experienced for three months and I found what are the best in Spark 8

If you ask me, it is totally good

I can simply give you ratings for the phone but you are the one who has to really use it to feel its amazing features. But I can tell you, what are the best features of Spark 8

The first thing is touch action speed was so good and smoother and of course, with its jumbo display entertainment factors just get more fun. Having a rear camera with dual AI lens is just amazing. Screen to Body Ratio of the display is too good. The processor is so good that the phone does not hang. Coming to in-built camera options, it is having film videos, slow motion what not everything in it. It comes with a 5000mah battery capacity. Its USB is C-type and the fact is it takes less time to charge. The body design is amazing and the colour of it is wonderful and I really saying that it is a PRO.
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tecno_coco 7 #

I am using tecno spark 8t and this is super cool but I have one ☝ problem with its battery🔋 but right now it's not big issue .
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508249180 6 #

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508172680 5 #

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508067860 4 #

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Prags Author3 #

Hey Tecno team I hope you like my review
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TECNO SPOT India 2 #

Thanks for the appreciation. It's always good to hear from a Happy Customer and we are glad that you liked TECNO Spark 8. Keep writing to us.
Team TECNO India
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