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Enjoy A Superior Smartphone Experience With HIOS 7.6 Only With TECNO SPARK 8 4GB

SPARK 8  |  2021-12-2 10:20 GM1901 3730782

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Hey T-fans,

Let’s discuss another exciting yet super important feature of the latest TECNO SPARK 8 variant- SPARK 8 4GB. It’s the operating system of this model.

TECNO SPARK 8 4GB is powered by the HIOS 7.6 based on Android 11. This operating system comes with outstanding features like -

  • Refreshed zero screen
  • Film album (Pic Film)
  • Story album
  • Document auto-rotate manager
  • Voice changer
  • Kids mode
  • Phone cloner
  • Peak proof
  • App twin with fingerprint
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Vault 2.0

The refreshed brand-new zero screens come with smart squares, Gaussian blur, and rounded corners. In addition, you get to enjoy a modern and elegant layout with well-spaced blanks.

The Pic Film feature offers you a wide range of professional templates that turns your pictures into eye-catching videos for you to save and share. Similarly, the Story Album feature filters your albums by themes and automatically applies meaningful templates. You can also play around with the albums by applying themes, music, and aspect ratio according to your liking and making it even more attractive.

Have ample fun with your friends and family with the SPARK 8 4Gb variant as you disguise your voice with the Voice Changer feature. We also have the Kids Mode option that ensures your kids do not access any content that you do not want.

This new SPARK model is powered with ZA-HOOC, based on Android and GSM ecology, which uses encryption technology to protect your data and device at both software and hardware levels. Examples of this technology include the Peak Proof feature, Anti Theft Alert, App Twin With Fingerprint, and Vault 2.0.

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#Sharad 28 #

very cool and smart working techno
2022-2-26 13:23 Like(1)

508849660 27 #

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8195968281 26 #

I love tecno
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Spark 8 (2/64GB), (3/32GB), and (4/64GB) is available on Amazon India, starting at ₹8,999/-. Follow this link: https://www.amazon.in/Tecno-Spar ... /dp/B09F9HLM79?th=1
Team TECNO India
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Monu saini 24 #

I want this
2022-2-2 17:12 Like(1)

8209360417 23 #

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7303107847 22 #

sar ham ko lena hai
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Hi, Thank you for getting in touch with us. In TECNO Spark 8T change the path for enabling virtual RAM features like: Go to settings>>Storage>>MemFusion from there can select Virtual RAM expansion in 1GB,2GB, or 3GB memory. Regards, Team TECNO India
love357 published in 2022-1-13 21:42
tecno spark 8t mobile ka 4gb ram jaada karane  ata hai kya sir?..
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love357 20 #

tecno spark 8t mobile ka 4gb ram jaada karane  ata hai kya sir?..
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9992181711 19 #

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