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Festivities  |  2021-11-10 14:50 299

1998, 23 June  
Mommy bought home a cute little puppy and called him, her "laal". That was the very first time when I got the best gifts of my lifetime.
We named him babu. Babu was my very  first and only enemy. Slowly I realised I have to be his guardian angel as my baby grew  too introvert and was shy to show up in public. From fighting for him with our colony friends to fighting for him in  school we grew up together and didn't even realised that we became best friends.
It's been 22 years now, and babu has filled that every void of my life be it be... #best friends
And everything and beyond every relations .
Can't thank you enough for existing♥️
I.L.O.U.U.U.U.Y.O.U BABEZU🖤 happy bhai dooj
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sk@Sri 3 #

very nice
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lost_prince 2 #

are bass bass 😭😍
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