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Get Ready for Diwali Delight with Tecno-TECNO Wali Diwali

Festivities  |  2021-10-16 19:50 4213671

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Hey T-Fans,
Festivals have been made to reinforce strong bonds between families and friends, and Diwali the festival of lights is the best example. It is the season to celebrate with joy and cheer with your friends and family. And you dear T-fans have been our family with whom we have been celebrating the festival of lights to bring prosperity, wealth, and peace.
You all must remember how we at TECNO celebrated a Dhamakedar Diwali last year with you all where T-Boys made Diwali even more auspicious for the T-Fans with some interesting activities like Dhamakedar Diwali and  T-wali Race to perform.
If you think last Diwali was fun, wait till we add more Spark to your Diwali festival this year. This Diwali, get ready as we are taking the celebrations up a notch for all our T-Fans with a lot of exciting offers, gifts, and much more. This is no ordinary but a special TECNO wali Diwali since all the amusement and entertainment is coming your way.
Stay Tuned to find out what excitement we have in store for you in the coming days! Tell us in the comments what is it that you expect from Tecno Wali Diwali this year.
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Team TECNO India
Gopal Singh Chouhan published in 2021-11-14 20:31
I don't know its price and where to buy it
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507270680 26 #

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Gopal Singh Chouhan 25 #

9644542540 call me
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Gopal Singh Chouhan 24 #

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Gopal Singh Chouhan 23 #

I don't know its price and where to buy it
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8128334881 22 #

hi brother and sister
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8081737565 21 #

hi friends
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