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STOP AT NOTHING - TECNO Unveils Its New Brand Slogan. Share your story and win

Announcement/News  |  2021-8-27 11:22 GM1901 68477

Dear T-fans,<br />

We have exciting news for you all. TECNO, today launched its new brand slogan of Stop At Nothing. The slogan “Stop At Nothing” pays tribute to those who continue to push forward against all odds. #StopAtNothing represents TECNO’s recognition of human progress and people’s pursuit for purpose, potential and excellence.<br />
#StopAtNothing is TECNO’s next step in delivering on a promise of unlocking the best of contemporary smartphone technologies and making it accessible for global emerging markets.<br />
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TECNO’s brand campaign celebrates “progressive mavericks” and those “young at heart”, the youth who admirably stayed resilient in the face of adversity. <br />
As a brand, TECNO has been chasing excellence since its inception. Breaking barriers to deliver the best to you is a daily affair here, and we “stop at nothing”. We believe in a customer-centric approach, and we have endeavoured to offer technology that empowers people and helps them connect with the best version of themselves. And as a testament to our spirit, our devices have delivered to your expectations every single time. In fact, TECNO Mobile has set the bar high for smartphone users and also the smartphone market. Now, everyone with a smartphone knows precisely what they want and at what price. <br />
The affable, tech-savvy Gen Z, who hustles every day to create a world of their dreams, is our inspiration. And hence, with our new brand logo, we aspire to capture this youthful attitude and energy to develop our latest devices that will be packed with the most advanced technology and cutting-edge design. Just like the new-age consumer of today, we promise to learn and progress every day, and we will “STOP AT NOTHING”. <br />
With this new slogan, we hope to forge a more authentic and intimate connection with our community, where we share our common ideals of growth and empowerment. Together let’s show the nay-sayers that with the combined power and passion of our community, we continue to chase excellence every day because we “STOP AT NOTHING”.

So Dear fans, head to https://tecnostopatnothing.com/ and tell us your story, tell us your dream.

We will select 3 lucky winners who have been persistence in their dream. Tecno Spot will guard the original dream with you.

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507385400 5 #

good evening
2021-11-22 16:08 Like(1)

506096120 4 #

good morning
2021-9-15 06:55 Like(1)

Rajiv kumar 3 #

Hi Team Tecno Mobile India, I am one of the Spark Go 2021 #EntertainmentReloaded Short Video Contest Winners! LEt me know how to claim my winning.
2021-8-29 13:14 Like(4)
  • TECNO SPOT IN : Hi Rajiv, Thanks for getting in touch. Please share your contact details with us as we are trying to reach out to you via DM. Regards, Team Tecno India

    2021-9-1 17:49

Satyavan 2 #

2021-8-27 12:14 Like(3)



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