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[Discussion] friendship is a precious gift! " HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY"

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Hey dear Friends…... YOUR WELCOME
   International Friendship Day is celebrated in India on the first Sunday of August every year.
  The relationship of friendship is considered to be the most precious in the world. It may not be a blood relation, but it is the most beautiful relationship in the world, which is done from the heart. This is the feeling in which a person never feels alone. Friendship is such a relationship, which is maintained from birth to death.
    Friendship is the most beautiful gift in the world, because friends are the companions of happiness and sorrow of our life along with making life pleasant. In this world, apart from parents, friendship is the only relationship in which we feel a sense of belonging.
     Someone has said that.... "Anything is possible when you have the right friends there to support you."
  In our  whole life there could be a lot of friends as like  mother,  father, brother, Smartphone, books, your pets and other more.
    Today I came with a small activity for you… "Tell us In the comments section that what is the connection of your with Tecno smartphones. And tell us How a Smartphone Helped You Stay Connected to Your Friends.And tell me how our T-SPOT became a source of entertainment for you when you were alone during the lockdown."
              THANK YOU.

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Hi freands
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hello guys
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Best gifts for friendship day  जिसमें कॉफी मग, पर्सनलाइज्ड फोटो फ्रेम, कुशन, की चेन, ब्रेसलेट, विंड चाइम्स, बार सेट, सिपर और चॉकलेट
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nitu hy❤
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yogi chohan
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