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CAMON 17 Series: Professional Video Modes for Great Vlogging Experience

CAMON 17 Series  |  2021-7-17 15:24 4713947


Hey T-Fans,

TECNO has just launched the CAMON 17 Series. Check out the details here- https://bit.ly/3rbZUHU

The CAMON 17 Series will be going on sale on Amazon starting 26th July, click here to get notified on the sale- https://www.amazon.in/b?node=26413297031

While many of you already know about the Flagship-level 64 MP AI Ultra Quad Camera, we’re here to tell you more about its other stand out features such as professional video modes which is great for Vlogging or capturing those precious moments to make you stand out from the crowd.

The CAMON 17Pro & the CAMON 17 comes with professional video modes like Movie Master, 4K 30fps Clear Recording, 2K/ 4K Time Lapse Videos, Video Blur, Portrait Night Scene Video, AR (Augmented Reality) videos 3.5, Slow Motion videos & more...

A film and video making app, Movie Master is capable of creating custom movie, video templates, one-click recording, input background-scene music, provide an immersive audiovisual experience, provide easy video transitions, and offers a variety of shooting scenes.

For vlogging and social media enthusiasts, the CAMON 17 Series has the Video Blur feature which gives a natural blur effect using AI portrait technology for a more polished and professional effect. Also, thanks to TECNO’s trademark TAIVOS technology, users now get an unprecedented visual experience, especially in low-light environments.

TAIVOS can filter image noise better and optimize image clarity, thereby enhancing night photography effects. This includes a special portrait night scene video mode with and clearer night photography.

The CAMON 17 Series’ Augmented Reality features, AR Videos 3.5, lets you indulge your creative side. You can use AR filters and effects to create face and body customizations, including group photo support, and even add backdrop music and new innovative design elements. For those of you who are guilty of unsteady camera handling, worry not, because the Hybrid Image Stabilization (EIS+OIS+Gyroscope) feature means that you get the steadiest video shooting experience ever.

Yes, it is interesting to read, so imagine how awesome it will be to experience all these cool new features for yourself.

It’s you time to explore, it’s time to Stand Out with the all new CAMON 17 Series!


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