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#AskCEO Upcoming Future Planning for Software & Products.

AskTheCEO  |  2021-6-12 12:14 XYZ 056


I wanted to ask few things.

1. Is there any upcoming plan for TV/Tablet/Laptop?

As Infinix and itel has already launched their TV and they are planning many more upcoming products in this category and these all 3 companies comes under one parent company.

2. Many companies are launching there lots of IoT products in different different categories but as of now tecno has launched only one earbuds after that we have not heard anything. Can we expect IoT products in upcoming time?

3. What are the future planning or promise for upcoming and existing software & security patches promise?

4. Can we expect Close to Android experience in upcoming HiOS update which would be based on Android 12?

5. Can we expect Mid Range powerful smartphones & Flagship Performance smartphones in future?
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