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Best 5 Tips to solve Hanging issue in Android Phone

After-sales  |  2021-5-21 16:38 0303

Today, every buddy is using Android Phone.


There are a large number of Android clients around the globe and it is expanding day by day. however, do you know each second Android clients are facing a Hanging issue in their Android phones? So, today I will share with you the top 5 Tips to solve the Hanging issue and take care of your Android Smartphone.
Android phone hanging problems occur due to several reasons so if you’re facing the same problem then follow these tips. Even the best android mobiles can suffer lag/ hang issues if these steps are not used regularly.
1. Uninstall the Apps that you rarely use in your Android Phone

After a big survey, it is found that 50% of people do not delete the unused application from their mobiles. They install the app as per their requirement and after using it one or two times they don’t use it and forget to uninstall it. So, it is very easy to uninstall the application, you just need to click and hold on the app icon and then drag the app in the uninstall menu. So always remember that if you are using the app rarely then immediately uninstall those apps to improve the performance of your android phone and resolve the hanging problem.
2. Games Lover-Use Light Weight Game and Uninstall Unwanted Games

It is found that lots of people love playing games on their android phones and they keeping installing lots of games one-by-one on their phones. That’s why their mobile phone starts hanging again and again. The gaming application takes lots of space and memory of our mobile phone, so if you are not playing that game that you have installed on your android phone then you should delete or uninstall it immediately. It will improve the performance of your android phone and resolve the hanging problem.
3. Delete Caches and Unwanted Data from your Android Phone

Whenever we use the internet or surfing a website, it creates lots of caches files on our mobile phone memory, these files are kept hidden in our phone. also, when we download any file from any website it saves in our phone memory. So, we should clear the cache memory of our phone regularly. Every mobile company is providing a cache-clear application. But, if there no app on your mobile you can download it from the play store by writing the “delete cache app” download it, and remove cache files. Also keep deleting regularly the unwanted data, files, photos & videos from your phone. It will improve the performance of your android phone and resolve the hanging problem.
4. Use Cloud Storage and External Memory

Most people use the internal storage of phones to save their songs, videos, and files. But now these days the internet is available everywhere so why don’t use cloud storage to save your data and files? Every mobile phone company is providing free cloud storage to their clients, also you can use google cloud storage that is totally free. If your files are saved in your mobile internal memory, you can use the external memory card to save your important data and use cloud storage space to save your normal files. It will improve the performance of your android phone and escape from the hanging problem.
5. Use Wipe Data or Factory Reset Options

Every mobile phone has the wipe data or factory reset option to boost the performance of the phone. when we use all the above options but still we are facing a hanging problem in our mobile then finally we can use this option to escape from the unexpected hanging problem. But before doing the factory reset you should take the backup of your important files in external memory or any other external storage then wipe your mobile phone. It will totally remove the hanging problem of your phone and will improve the performance perfectly. You can also contact your customer care for any help. For Example, if you are using a TECNO mobile then you can contact Carlcare that will help to wipe the data on your mobile phone.
So finally, if you are facing a hanging problem in your android phone then you should try these tips that I have explained above. I am sure that it will improve the performance of your phone and resolve the hanging problem permanently.

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