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Up your sleeves for a dose of PRO- level Photograph! 3 Days to Go

SPARK 7 PRO  |  2021-5-22 08:09 102480

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Hey T-Fans,

Today we have a riddle for you. Don’t worry, we know you guys are smart enough to crack the code super soon!


So, what’s something we all have that can freeze whatever it sees? It has one eye that sees everything, whether near or far… And it shoots (but never kills) everything which is precious to us!

Mind-boggling, right? Think, think, you can solve this guys…
Yes, T-Fans, it’s a ‘Camera’!

For all you young, energetic, and ambitious T-fans, get ready to experience the splendour, we are launching a new device soon on Amazon this 25th of May 2021 that will take your photography to a pro-level.

Excited? So are we! This is a chance to elevate your photography skills and for that, you definitely need to upgrade the equipment as well.

With a slick triple rear camera, we’re here to tell you that TECNO’s latest gizmo will meet all your photography requirements, even in low-light conditions.

While we can’t let you in on all the secrets yet (top-secret, our lips are sealed), you can definitely take a guess on the specifications of the camera by letting us know in the comments section.

Register yourself to get notified of the new release now on- https://www.amazon.in/stores/page/8EA883B3-BC24-4BDB-8FC5-3E18AE3123AA?channel=TSpot
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