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[Tips] You can ignore whatApp message without reply

General  |  2021-5-17 06:27 4356

Hello guys.... YOUR WELCOME
      As you know WhatsApp is constantly getting new features. For this reason, common users are unable to remember many features of WhatsApp. Do you know that there are many amazing features on WhatsApp, about which we do not go. Today we are telling you about one such feature. There is an amazing feature on WhatsApp, using which you can ignore someone's message.

# Due to this, it is difficult to ignore WhatsApp messages: -
     Replying to WhatsApp is sometimes necessary because after sending your message in WhatsApp, the sender sees two blue ticks. Which tells him that you have read that message.

But you will also see the message through a very special feature and the sender will not even have a blue tick. Let's know what this special feature is ....

# Follow this process and hide Blue Tick: -
>> To turn off the blue tick, first go into the settings of WhatsApp.
>> After going to Settings, now go to Account.
>> After doing so, you will see the option of Read Receipts by going to Privacy.
>> Now turn this option off. After doing so, the blue tick feature will stop.
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