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Smart Gestures: which one do you use?

HIOS  |  2021-5-16 16:52 3547

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Hello T-fans!

I hope you all are doing great,

You wanna control your smartphone calls?

Gesture controls are popular, they are always gimmicky and can actually help smartphone users. Controlling an action on your smartphone by the flick of a hand, or by looking away from the screen are some of the common gesture controls available on TECNO smartphones.


Today, we will talk about 3 gestures you can easily use to answer or reject a call. Let's start the show!

1)- Flip Mute

You can mute incoming calls and alarms in a glance by turning your phone face down and it is much easier than putting your hand over the screen. If you are sleeping or in a meeting and you need to focus, flipping the phone to mute is a great solution for these tricky situation.

2)- Answer calls with a gesture

You probably know how frustrating it is when your hands are busy to pick up a call or reject it, like when cooking, eating, washing. That's where answer a call with a gesture comes into play. Show V gesture to answer phone calls, use the shown gesture about 20 cm above the front camera to answer the call, just extend your index and middle fingers with the palm facing the front camera.

3)-Receiving calls made easy with Raise To Ear gesture

This is another useful gesture control that can make answering calls easier. Developed by HiOS 7 for TECNO fans, it allows users to receive calls by simply lifting the phone and drawing it close to the ear. The user doesn't have to tap on the answer button on the phone before receiving the call. This feature uses the phone's proximity sensor which automatically turns the screen off when the user is talking on the phone to avoid accidental taps when the ear is touching the display.

To turn these features on follow the below steps:

(Please note: steps below are for HiOS version 7.0 and above)

1- Open Settings on the device

2- Select Action and Gesture

3- you will find all gestures we talked about, click the button to activate those gestures.

Now, look at the picture and tell us which gesture do you use? Comment below.

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