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Home Quarantine plan

COVID  |  2021-5-15 20:04 RMX1801 2133

Hi T-fans


Anticipate at least seven to 10 days in isolation at home.

Try to have a two-week supply of non-perishable food items in the pantry. Stock long-life alternatives to perishable food items, such as powdered and UHT milk, tinned fruit and frozen vegetables.

Have a supply of disposable tissues, antibacterial wipes and latex gloves.

Check that your first aid kit includes a thermometer and paracetamol (to reduce fever).

Make sure you have enough of any prescription and non-prescription medication you need to last a couple of weeks.

Talk with friends and relatives who don’t live with you about supporting each other if one household has to be quarantined. For example, agree to drop groceries or other supplies at the front door.

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